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									A presentation on

LSCU Update
                    Chapter Leaders’ Retreat
                              April 19, 2012
LSCU Forums

• Overview
   – Quarterly forums to provide updates on recent LSCU and CUNA
     activities on your behalf
   – Schedule for upcoming updates
       • June 21st
       • October 10th
       • December 18th

LSCU Board Elections

• Two seats for each Membership Class
   – Class A: Credit unions with fewer than 2,000 members
   – Class B: Credit unions with not less than 2,000 members, but not more
     than 15,000 members
   – Class C: Credit unions with not less than 15,000 members, but not more
     than 40,000 members
   – Class D: Credit unions with 40,000 or more members
• Three Class A seats are open (two in FL; one in AL) with no
• One Class C seat open in AL with incumbent Bob Steensma,
  Five Star CU CEO, seeking re-election
• Official Nomination & Certification Form must be received by
  4pm CDT/5pm EDT on April 20

Governmental Affairs Update

• Member Business Lending
   – Vote expected in the Senate within the next two weeks
   – First time in 14 years for Senate vote on stand-alone credit union
   – Vote will be a make or break for the legislation and the grassroots
     advocacy reputation of credit unions in Washington
   – If we are successful, it will make us stronger in Washington; better
     able to move other parts of our legislative agenda forward
   – To those who ask when credit unions are going to get a legislative
     “win,” this is the time for every credit union to step up and make it
   – If we are defeated, be assured that it will embolden the banks even
     more and we can expect a heightened level of attack on other
     issues, including the credit union tax exemption

Governmental Affairs Update

• Supplemental Capital
   – Current law restricts credit unions to building their capital levels through
     retained earnings
   – Under the newly introduced bill, supplemental capital would be
     uninsured and subordinate to other claims against a credit union
• Financial Institutions Exam Fairness & Reform Act
   – The legislation would make available to financial institutions the
     information used by examiners to make decisions in their examination
   – It would also codify certain examination policy guidance and establish
     an ombudsman and appeals process at the Federal Financial
     Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC)
• More information at www.lscu.coop/Governmental-Affairs/LSCU-Action-

Governmental Affairs Update

• The League has developed a post-examination feedback
• The electronic survey, available on our website, allows credit
  unions the opportunity to provide immediate feedback on their
  federal and/or state examination
• The feedback you provide from this survey will ensure that the
  League has the best and most pertinent information when we
  talk with our regulators
•   www.lscu.coop/Governmental-Affairs/Compliance-Operational-

Education Update

• AC&E is June 13-16 at the JW Marriott in Orlando
• Game Change authors Mark Halperin and John Heilemann
  will provide the keynote address
• NCUA Chairman Debbie Matz is also scheduled to speak
• AC&E will feature 20 educational opportunities including CEO,
  Director and Executive’s track, one of the largest exhibit halls
  in the country and a dinner/entertainment show with 10-year-
  old piano sensation Ethan Bortnick performing
• Go to www.lscuconvention.com to learn more and to register

Education Update

• Upcoming educational events
   – Disaster Preparedness Workshops on April 24th in Miami and April 26th
     in Montgomery
   – Asset-Liability Management Workshop in Birmingham on May 15th and
   – Regional Bank Secrecy Act training opportunities
• Training opportunities are available at the chapter level
   – Bill Berg and Scott Morris are available to present training on
     compliance-related subjects
• Education calendar at www.lscu.coop/Education/Events-Calendar

Cooperative Initiatives Update

• Fundraising for “Leave Behind” project honoring the
  Republican National Convention in Tampa is under way
   – Credit unions will build a therapeutic playground at All Children’s
     Hospital, the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, in the Tampa area
   – It will take $300,000 to build the playground and the project gives credit
     unions an opportunity to showcase their cooperative spirit
   – For information on how you can participate, visit the Southeastern
     Credit Union Foundation website, www.supportourCUcommunity.org or
     contact Laura Vann at 866.231.0545, ext. 2181

Cooperative Initiatives Update

Cooperative Initiatives Update

• College Internship Program implementation under way
   – 10 paid internships available
   – Internship materials available in your binders
• High School Scholarship Program ends in 2012
   – Chapter leaders will be asked to present scholarships at awards
• Fundraising materials for Children’s Miracle Network
  Hospitals activities available on Southeastern Credit Union
  Foundation website
   – www.supportourCUcommunity.org
   – Encourage you to schedule tours or hold meetings at your local CMN

Chapters and LSCU

• Participation in chapter activities is an important value of
  affiliation and it is important to make chapter activities
  available only to LSCU affiliated credit unions
• Increased League affiliation not only strengthens the credit
  union movement in our states but also strengthens our
• We continue to work hard to grow affiliation but our efforts will
  not be successful if the benefits of affiliation are provided to
  those credit unions that have chosen not to become members
  of the League and CUNA

Affiliation Statistic

• Current affiliation rate of 79%
   – 228 of the 288 credit unions in AL and FL are members of the LSCU
   – 78% affiliation rate at 2011 Chapter Leaders’ Retreat
   – 74% affiliation rate at 2010 Chapter Leaders’ Retreat

Birmingham Chapter

Affiliates               Affiliates
• ACIPCO FCU             • Jefferson CU
• Alabama Central CU     • Legacy Community FCU
• Alabama Telco CU       • Marvel City FCU
• America’s First FCU    • Milestone CU
• APCO Employees CU      • Mutual Savings CU
• eCo CU                 • New Pilgrim FCU
• Energen CU             • NRS Community
• Federal Employees CU     Development FCU
• Health CU              • Secure First CU

Birmingham Chapter

• Sixth Avenue Baptist
• Social Security CU
• St. John’s AME FCU
• U.S. Pipe Bessemer
  Employees FCU
• State Farm FCU

Birmingham Chapter

Non-Affiliates           Non-Affiliates
• ANG FCU                • Landmark CU
• Alabama Postal CU      • O’Neal CU
• Birmingham Police CU   • People’s First FCU
• City of Birmingham     • Railroad CU
  General Employees CU   • SRI Employees FCU
• Fireman’s CU
• First Educators CU
• L & N Employees CU

Cheaha Chapter

Affiliates              Affiliates
• Alabama Teachers CU   • N.E.A.R.M.C. Employees
• Brassies CU             FCU
• Chem Family CU        • Northeast Alabama
• Community CU            Postal FCU
• Coosa Pines FCU       • NUCOR Employees FCU
• Family Savings FCU
• Fort McClellan CU
• Heritage South CU

Cheaha Chapter

• Sycamore FCU

Mobile Chapter

Affiliates                Affiliates
• Alabama River CU        • Mobile Postal Employees
• Azalea City CU            CU
• Blue Flame CU           • Monroe Education
• Chemco CU                 Employees FCU
• Clarke Educators FCU    • Naheola CU
• Demopolis FCU           • New Horizons CU
• Gulf Coast FCU          • Progressive FCU
• McIntosh Chemical FCU   • Shoreline CU
• Mobile Educators CU     • The Infirmary FCU

Mobile Chapter

• University of South
  Alabama FCU
• Navigator CU (associate)

Mobile Chapter

• Allied CU
• Baldwin County FCU
• Brewton Mill FCU
• Degussa Employees FCU
• Mobile Government
  Employees CU

Montgomery Chapter

Affiliates                 Affiliates
• Alabama Rural Electric   • Fedmont FCU
  FCU                      • First Kingdom Community
• Alabama State              Development FCU
  Employees CU             • Four Seasons FCU
• Auburn University FCU    • Guardian CU
• Chattahoochee FCU        • Mead Coated Board FCU
• Craig CU                 • Montgomery VA FCU
• Dixie Craft Employees    • Riverdale CU
  CU                       • Tri-Rivers FCU
• East Alabama             • TVH FCU
  Community FCU                                    22
Montgomery Chapter

• Employees Savings CU
• Phenix Pride FCU
• Tuskegee FCU

Muscle Shoals Chapter

Affiliates               Non-Affiliates
• Champion Community     • Electrical Workers No.
  CU                       588 FCU
• Florence FCU
• Lauderdale County
  Teachers CU
• Listerhill CU
• Railway Employees CU
• Tuscumbia FCU
• Valley CU
Northeast Alabama Chapter

Affiliates                  Non-Affiliates
• Councill FCU              • North Alabama
• Family Security CU          Papermakers FCU
• North Alabama Educators   • Postal Employees CU
• Redstone FCU
• Rocket City FCU
• Stevenson FCU
• Wolverine CU

Tuscaloosa Chapter

Affiliates                 Non-Affiliates
• Alabama CU               • Alabama One CU
• City CU
• Tuscaloosa CU
• Tuscaloosa County CU
• Tuscaloosa Teachers CU
• Tuscaloosa VA FCU

Wiregrass Chapter—100% Affiliation!

Affiliates                Affiliates
• Andalusia Mills         • Wiregrass FCU
  Employees CU
• Army Aviation Center
• Covington Schools FCU
• Five Star CU
• IAM Community FCU
• Opp-Micolas CU
• Pike Teachers CU

Broward Chapter

Affiliates                    Affiliates
• BrightStar CU               • Priority One Credit Union
• Broward HealthCare FCU        of Florida
• City County CU              • Sun CU
• Florida Transportation CU   • Tropical Financial CU
• Memorial Employees
• Peoples FCU
• Pompano Beach City
  Employees CU

Broward Chapter

• Coral Community FCU
• MacNeill Employees CU
• Power Financial CU

Central Florida Chapter

Affiliates                    Affiliates
• Central Florida Postal CU   • Insight CU
• CFE FCU                     • Local 606 Electrical
• Community CU of Florida       Workers FCU
• Darden Employees FCU        • Martin FCU
• FRSA CU                     • McCoy FCU
• Fairwinds CU                • Orlando FCU
• Financial Educators FCU     • Seminole Schools FCU
• Florida Hospital CU         • Space Coast CU
• Gulf States CU

Central Florida Chapter

Affiliates                   Non-Affiliates
• Partners FCU (associate)   • Community Trust FCU
• State Farm FCU             • Kennedy Space Center
  (associate)                  FCU
                             • Magnify CU
                             • MIDFLORIDA CU
                             • Publix Employees FCU

Gulf Coast Chapter

Affiliates                 Non-Affiliates
• Bay CU                   • Panhandle Educators FCU
• Calhoun-Liberty Emp. CU
• Community South CU
• Emerald Coast FCU
• Innovations FCU
• Jackson County Teachers CU
• Sunland CU
• Tyndall CU
• Walton County Teachers FCU

North Central Chapter

Affiliates                Non-Affiliates
• 1st Credit Union of     • First Coast Community CU
  Gainesville             • Ocala Community CU
• Campus USA CU
• Clay Electric Emp. CU
• Florida CU
• Madison Education
  Association CU
• SunState FCU
• Suwannee River FCU
Northeast Florida Chapter

Affiliates                 Affiliates
• 1-2-1 Financial CU       • First Coast FCU
• Anchor 7 FCU             • First Florida CU
• Coastline FCU            • Florida Baptist CU
• Community First Credit   • Healthcare’s Cooperative CU
  Union of Florida         • Jacksonville Fireman’s CU
• Container Mutual FCU     • Jacksonville Postal &
• DUCOTE FCU                 Professional CU
• Duval FCU
• Farmers FCU

Northeast Florida Chapter

Affiliates                 Non-Affiliates
• Jax FCU                  • City & Police FCU
• Jax Glidco Employees FCU • Country FCU
• Jax Metro FCU
• JM Associates FCU
• Metro North FCU
• State Employees CU
• VyStar CU
• American Eagle CU

Northwest Florida Chapter

Affiliates                  Non-Affiliates
• Central CU of Florida     • Baptist Regional Medical
• Florida State Employees     FCU
  FCU                       • ECCO CU
• GPCE CU                   • Eglin FCU
• Members First CU of       • Gulf Winds FCU
  Florida                   • Harvesters FCU
• Okaloosa County           • Pensacola FCU
  Teachers FCU              • Pensacola Government FCU
• Pen Air FCU

Northwest Florida Chapter

• Pensacola L&N
  Employees FCU
• Santa Rosa County FCU

Palm Beach Chapter

Affiliates                 Non-Affiliates
• Gold Coast FCU           • First Choice CU
• IBM Southeast            • South Atlantic FCU
  Employees FCU            • Town of Palm Beach FCU
• Indian River FCU
• Velocity Community FCU

Pinellas Chapter—100% Affiliation!

• Achieva CU
• Bay Pines FCU
• City County Employees CU
• Pinellas FCU
• West Coast FCU

Sara-Mana Chapter

Affiliates                Non-Affiliates
• Lee County Mosquito     • Everglades CU
  Control CU
• Manatee Community FCU
• Sarasota Municipal
  Employees CU
• West Coast Federal
  Employees CU

Southernmost Chapter

Affiliates                  Affiliates
• Baptist Health South      • Monroe County Teachers
  Florida FCU                 FCU
• Dade County FCU           • North Dade Community
• Hialeah Municipal FCU       Development FCU
  Employees FCU             • Shaw-Ross Emp. CU
• JetStream FCU             • South Florida Ed. FCU
• Keys FCU                  • Southernmost FCU
• Miami FCU                 • United Police FCU
• Miami Postal Service CU   • University CU

Southernmost Chapter

Affiliates               Non-Affiliates
• American Airlines CU   •   Compass Financial FCU
  (associate)            •   Electricians Local #349 FCU
                         •   Financial FCU
                         •   Mercy CU
                         •   Miami Firefighters FCU
                         •   Ryder System FCU
                         •   South Florida FCU
                         •   St. James AME Church FCU

Tallahassee Chapter—100% Affiliation!

Affiliates                    Affiliates
• Buckeye Community FCU       • Florida State University
• Envision CU                   FCU
• F.C.A.M.E.C. FCU            • FOCUS CU
• Flag CU                     • Jefferson County
• Florida A & M University      Teachers CU
  FCU                         • SCORE FCU
• Florida Commerce CU         • Tallahassee FCU
• Florida Department of       • Tallahassee-Leon FCU
  Transportation CU           • TMH FCU
• Florida Rural Electric CU
Tampa Chapter

Affiliates                    Affiliates
• Florida Central CU          • Service 1st CU
• Florida Customs FCU         • Suncoast Schools FCU
• Florida West Coast CU       • SWC CU
• Grow Financial FCU          • Tampa Bay FCU
• GTE FCU                     • Tampa Postal FCU
• PowerNet FCU                • USF FCU
• Railroad & Industrial FCU   • American Eagle CU
• San Antonio Citizens FCU      (associate)

Tampa Chapter

• St. Joseph’s Hospital FCU
• Tampa Longshoreman’s FCU

Chapters and LSCU

A strong chapter system makes credit unions—and the

   – Our goal for 2012 is 80% affiliation in Alabama and 82% affiliation in

   – Long-term, we’d like to maintain an affiliation rate of at least 95%

Chapters and LSCU

How can we work together to improve affiliation?

   – Do any of you have a good relationship with a non-affiliate?

   – Are you willing to help us get an appointment ?

   – Are you willing to call on an non-affiliate?

   – Any ideas about how we can improve our outreach to non-affiliates?

Cooperative Initiatives Team

• Laura Vann, VP Cooperative Initiatives, 866.231.0545 x2181
  or laura.vann@lscu.coop
• Adena Whitman, Director of Member Relations, 866.231.0545
  x2134 or adena.whitman@lscu.coop
• April Ales, Member Relations Specialist, 866.231.0545 x1038
  or april.ales@lscu.coop
• David LeNoir, Member Relations Specialist, 866.231.0545
  x2158 or david.lenoir@lscu.coop
• Judy Scott, Member Relations Specialist, 866.231.0545
  x1062 or judy.scott@lscu.coop
• Leonard Parkhurst will join us on May 7th as Executive
  Director, Southeastern Credit Union Foundation

               THANK YOU!

We appreciate your dedication to your credit
 union, your community and your chapter.
A presentation on

LSCU Image Campaign

                      April 19, 2012
Cooperative Image Campaign

• Cooperative Image campaign managed by the
  League for credit unions
• The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness about
  credit unions
• Gen X is the target audience. Research shows it’s
  the largest segment of the population that is looking
  for a financial institution
2011 Cooperative Image Campaign
• 1st flight – $1.3 million campaign
• 100 credit unions and the Central Florida Chapter
• First flight ran Sept. 7 – Oct. 14 in most markets
  across Alabama and Florida
• Creative included TV, radio, online, billboard and a
  website – www.betternameforbanking.com
• Contracted for pre- and post-campaign research,
  Google analytics and Call Report data to measure
2012 Cooperative Image Campaign
• 2nd flight – $679,000 contributed ($415,000 more
  committed but haven’t received)
• 90 credit unions have contributed, with 25 being
• Flight is set to run in May
• Creative includes TV, radio, online, billboard and a
  website – www.betternameforbanking.com
• Second TV spot being produced next week
• Will conduct post-campaign research, along with
  Google analytics and Call Report data to measure
Image Campaign - Creative
                   Second ad will
                   once again use
                   the actor from the
                   first commercial.
                   Billboards will
                   have a slightly
                   different look with
                   more color. Some
                   online ads will
                   push people
                   toward loans.
Image Campaign - Creative
                website homepage will feature
                picture banners to warm up the
                Website will continue to show the
                credit union difference through
                savings buttons.
                Consumers will still search for a
                credit union with the ones that
                contribute having all of their
                information displayed and be on
                the website first.
Cooperative Image Campaign – Does it work?
                  For Credit Unions in General
     During the LSCU Campaign Period, There Was a Small Lift
  in the Number of Target Audience Members Who Recall Seeing
      Communications/Advertising for Credit Unions in General

          Alabama                    Florida

       29% pre-campaign         19% pre-campaign

      35% post-campaign        27% post-campaign

           6%                       8%
             Lift                    Lift
 Cooperative Image Campaign – Does it work?
• Research also found that 14% of those surveyed
  with a secondary relationship with a CU moved
  their money to a CU from a bank
• Google analytics show that 65,000 consumers
  visited the website during the campaign and 64%
  typed the URL in directly
• Call Report data for 3Q shows 48,000 new
  members joined in Alabama and Florida. 1Q/2Q
  averaged 20,000 new members in Alabama and
    How do Chapters fit into the campaign?
• We need you to help us inform the credit unions
  about the campaign
• Help the League to speak at the chapter a couple
  of times a year about the campaign
• Provide credit union feedback to the League about
  the campaign
• We hope you champion the idea of a Cooperative
  Image Campaign for credit unions
LSCU Communications Contacts

    Mike Bridges, VP, Marketing and Communications
    mike.bridges@lscu.coop, 866.231.0545 ext. 1022

      Amy Jowers, Director of Information Services
          amy.jowers@lscu.coop, ext. 1020

      Joseph Davis, Communications Coordinator
          joseph.davis@lscu.coop, ext. 1014
A presentation on
How LSCU Councils and Chapters Can
Work Together Successfully
                           April 19, 2012
The LSCU Councils Are:

An Individual Membership Organization
Councils provide resources, information, networking and professional development to
credit union professionals in Alabama and Florida. The Councils are open to credit
union employees who have responsibilities related to six key areas of credit union
management. Councils are about helping individuals handle the day-to-day challenges
as well as planning for future successes.
Targeted & Relevant to Credit Union Management
Programs are focused on specific management disciplines. Each Council has its own
conference, dedicated website and targeted resources. That means members can rely
on a community based upon similar interests, people who talk their lingo and a network
that’s not only willing to share expertise and experiences, but resources and contacts
that are actually relate to their specific responsibilities.
Executive Focused
Members are senior or mid-management level employees in their credit union.
Members are paid credit union employees --no vendor members, no credit union board
members. While those people play their own important role, the Councils are meant to
be a place where credit union executives can openly share in a tightly focused
community of peers.
Ideas & Topics Generated by Credit Union Executives
The Council Advisory Committee is made up of a dedicated community of credit union
professionals who care about the success of their peers, their credit unions, and the
industry as a whole. These leaders contribute ideas and agenda topics in support of
professional development and the overall credit union movement.

For more information on how you can join the LSCU Councils, contact Lisa Hammock at
866.231.0545 x1146.

       “Like” us on Facebook for updated information and topic details: LSCU Councils
Upcoming Summer Council Meeting
June 13, 2012
JW Marriott Grande Lakes | Orlando, FL
11:30am – 3:45pm
$195/Person (Includes Lunch)
The LSCU Councils, in collaboration with Alabama and Florida CUES, will be providing
these stimulating sessions led by dynamic speakers at the 2012 LSCU Annual
Convention & Exposition.
Credit Unions Are Increasing the Use of Alternative Delivery
Channels to Meet Member Demands; What You Need to Also Look at for Required
Investments to Maintain Profitability
Speaker: Terrence Roche, Cornerstone Advisors, Inc.

HR/Training & Development
The Bleeding Edge & The Leading Edge: Using Innovation to Move Your Credit Union
Ahead of the Curve
Speaker: Jackson Hataway, PhD, associate consultant, Strategic Arts & Sciences
Finding & Maximizing Loan Opportunities
Speaker: Mike Bartoo, regional manager, MARQUIS

Marketing & Business Development
Organic Marketing: Good Purpose, Good Will, & Good Ideas
Speaker: Josh Allison, CUDE, relationship development manager, Horizon Credit Union
Operations, Sales, & Service
Member Loyalty: Guaranteed. How to Out Smart, Out Market,
Out Serve, Out Sell, & Flat Out Do What Your Competitors Can’t
Speaker: Jeff Rendel, CSP, president, Rising Above Enterprises

Creating Exceptional Member and Employee Experiences Through
Seamless Data Integration
Speaker: Brian Scott, vice president of sales, The Members Group (TMG)

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