8th Grade Language Arts by YgRO1z


									                                   7th Grade Language Arts Syllabus
                                        J.J. Daniell Middle School

Teachers: Anita Sartin & Rita Mohrmann
Email: anita.sartin@cobbk12.org, rita.mohrmann@cobbk12.org
Blog: Ms. Sartin will send home blog information once it is up and running. The blog will be updated at
least once a week.

Course Guide
This year, the state of Georgia has implemented the Common Core Curriculum, which provides for an increased
focus on complex texts and rigorous writing. Please visit http://www.cobbk12.org/commoncore/ for more

                              First             Second               Third                 Fourth
                          Nine Weeks          Nine Weeks          Nine Weeks            Nine Weeks
           Reading           Literary        Informational          Literary           Informational
            Focus        ELACC7RL1-10        ELACC7RI1-10        ELACC7RL1-10          ELACC7RI1-10
                          Informative/                                                  Informative/
           Writing         Explanatory                Argumentative                      Explanatory
           Focus         ELACC7W2, 4,              ELACC7W1, 4, 5, 6, 10              ELACC7W2, 4, 5,
                             5, 6, 10                                                       6, 10
                                                    Language (ELACC7L1-6)
                                             Speaking and Listening (ELACC7SL1-6)

Textbook Information
In 7th grade language arts, textbooks are not issued to students to take home. A literature anthology as
well as other resources will be used in class. Cobb County’s currently adopted textbook is McDougal
Littell’s Literature. Online access information is available to all students.

Grading Guidelines
Tests, Essays, Projects, Performance Tasks        50%
Classwork, Quizzes                                40%
Homework                                          10%

Make Up Work
When a student is absent from school, he or she should ask a classmate what needs to be completed and
check the make-up work area in the classroom for handouts and assignments. Students may also check
with the teacher for additional instruction. Students who miss a test or a quiz need to meet with the
teacher and find a time to make it up. Usually this is done in the mornings before school. Students who
fail to make up a test or quiz within one week of an absence will receive a zero. Seventh grade students
are responsible for obtaining their make-up work when an absence occurs.

Late Work
Late assignments will be accepted the first nine weeks only for half credit. Late homework will not be
accepted at any time throughout the year. Students are responsible for keeping up with their missing
assignments; they will not receive teacher notification.
School-Wide Behavior Plan
Appropriate and focused behavior is critical to every student’s success in this class. Therefore, behavior
will be monitored using the conduct card as described in the agenda. Please review your child’s card with
him or her frequently and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Additional Information
   Students are expected to maintain a language arts 3-ring binder or language arts section in a large
      binder and bring it to class every day.
   Students are expected to bring a book to read every day.
   All major writing assignments will be completed during class time.
   Quizzes may be given at any time. Tests or other forms of assessment will be given at the
      completion of each unit.
   Help sessions will be held before or after school as needed to ensure the success of each student.
      Please do not wait until it’s too late to ask for help!
   The 2012-2013 seventh grade class will be held accountable for meeting state standards in order
      to be promoted to eighth.

Special Education
Student accommodations listed in 504 plans and other special education or ESOL plans will be taken into
account for testing and assignments. The teachers will be using differentiation within the classroom to
support all students in their learning goals.

English as a Second Language
Students will acquire English skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. They will also learn
American culture skills. These skills will allow for increased success, in the regular classroom.
Instruction is customized to meet the individual needs of the student. The course is intended to provide
instruction and support for developing English Proficiency for the student speaking English as a Second
language. The instructors will use WIDA, English Language Proficiency Standards, as the foundation for
instruction and assessment.

 *This syllabus is subject to change as needed to accommodate the progress of the class.

7th Grade Language Arts Syllabus

I acknowledge that I have received the 7th grade Language Arts syllabus. My student and I have read the
syllabus. If my student or I have questions about the policies or procedures of this class we will contact
the teacher by email, phone, or in person.

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