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                               Immigration Diary
       You are about to embark on a journey as an immigrant. As your journey
progresses you will record what you see, hear, and feel in (4) four separate stages of
the journey. They are as follows:

       Homeland/ Old country
       Traveling to the United States (land and sea)
       Ellis/ Angel Island Experience
       Life in America

      In order to help you organize your thoughts you will be required to complete a
graphic organizer. The organizer is divided into several categories.

       1. Date and Place- Choose a date and a place when you want you journey to
begin. The ìplaceî should be a city, town, or village from a specific country.

       2. Setting- For each of the four stages of the journey you are required to give a
detailed description of the setting. Be sure to use all of your senses in your description.

       3. Historical Facts- You must include (2) two historical facts per stage of your
journey. These fact will be obtained through the numerous books and magazines youíve
read at school and any accurate information youíve gained from the internet. Be sure to
include the source from which you obtained the information.

       4. Additional Supporting Information- This is where you are able to begin using
your imagination and place yourself into the journey. Each additional information block
should correspond with the historical fact located directly above it. The entries in these
blocks can be used as a rough draft for your diary.

The Graphic organizer must be completely filled out before you begin your diary.
Helpful Hints:

1. Choose a time period for your immigrant that coincides with the events, technology,
and social attitudes of that era.

2. For each historical fact you must have an historically accurate setting. (What did the
area/ village, ship, immigration station look like).

3. Your diary must include a minimum of 12 entries. Each stage should refer to/ include
2 historical facts with additional information.

4. Place yourself in an immigrantís shoes. The more you read about immigration and
immigrants the more information you will have to write your diary.

5. Historical accuracy is paramount. Imagination and presentation are a close second.

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