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									Healing After Undergoing Surgery
After surgery you may find that you are left with scars that you do not want. Even after an
electrosurgical procedure, you may want to find a way to minimize the visibility of the scar that
was a result of the surgery.

When you have a surgery that is not electrosurgical surgery, you may have a scar. Even if you
have a scar that is not related to a surgery, you may want to get rid of the scar and there are some
healthy ways to try and help your scar fade and become less stark.

Don’t Smoke

First, when you are smoking you will find that this habit often slows your healing process. The
healing process is often integral to ensuring that you can minimize the visibility of scars and it is
important that you stop smoking when you want to get rid of your scars.

Smoking can be a difficult habit to break and you may not be able to break the habit of smoking
on your own. Reaching out and getting the help that you need can be a great way to ensure that
you are able to quit smoking in a healthy manner and you can stick with this lifestyle change.

Avoid Alcohol

Second, you should avoid drinking alcohol. When you drink alcohol you dehydrate your body
and your skin which can inhibit your skins ability to reproduce and replace the skin around the
area that has been scarred.

Rather than drinking alcohol, try to keep your body hydrated by drinking enough water. When
you drink water you will be hydrating your body and your skin to ensure that your skin is able to
reproduce and help your scar diminish in color and texture.

Take Care of the Wound

                                                     Third, caring for the site of the incision can
                                                     also help you minimize your chances of
                                                     scarring. When you have an incision from an
                                                     electrosurgical procedure or any other type of
                                                     surgery, you should keep it sterilized and
                                                     follow your doctor’s orders concerning the
                                                     incision site.

                                                     Eat healthy

                                                     Fourth, eating healthy foods that provide
                                                     your body with the protein that it needs to
                                                     reproduce and heal itself is also important.
Your diet will make a difference in your body’s ability to bounce back from the surgical
procedure and start to heal itself.

When you find that you are worried about your scar, you should discuss this worry with your
doctor. Follow what your doctor says and ensure that you are keeping in touch with your doctor
about the progress that you and your scar are making.

As you continue to heal, meet with your doctor and discuss what you have been doing for your
scar. Talking with your doctor about your options and ensuring that your scars are taken care of
is a great way to be able to recover from your surgery.

Eventually, you may find that your scar is not very noticeable. Although some scars may never
leave completely, you may be able to find ways to make sure that it fades and that the
surrounding skin is always healthy.

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