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									                                 Paul Lambotte, PhD
                                                                              Tel: 858-353-0361
San Diego, CA 92122                                                   Email: Plambotte@me.com

                                     PROFILE SUMMARY


Over 30 years with a consistent record of planning highly successful Clinical Diagnostic
product strategies and developing innovative products and platforms with established and
start-up companies.
Successful leader and facilitator of development teams, matrix organizations and
collaborative projects between companies.
Ability to identify industry trends, to use broad scientific background and deep
understanding of the in vitro diagnostic market to create innovative platform and product
strategies, opening access to new markets, to long-term contracts with new customers,
generating multimillion dollars in new revenues.

Experienced as an entrepreneur in successfully planning and executing the strategy of a
medical device company.

                              SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS

   Leverage scientific background, business acumen and understanding of the IVD market
    needs to craft innovative platform and product strategies for large and small companies
   Expert in scouting for new In Vitro Diagnostic technologies, for new fields of applications
    and for innovative companies
   Abreast of the latest progress in rapid nucleic acid diagnostic and immuno-diagnostic
    technologies in a changing environment
   Experienced, enthusiastic and motivated leader of R&D organizations, multidisciplinary
    projects and joint collaborations between companies
   Successful entrepreneurial record of planning and executing the strategy of a start-up
   Consulting practice in the areas of In Vitro Diagnostic, Point of Care Diagnostic, clinical
    diagnostic product development and instrumented platforms


AXXIN Pty Ltd – Compact, cutting edge instrumentation for Point-of-Care Testing
                                                                Apr 2009-Dec 2012
Chief Scientific Officer
Crafted company strategy by selecting innovative technologies and product lines. Identified
key clients and initiated business negotiations that lead to multimillion-dollar contracts with
major players in the field. Supported the successful development of cutting edge instruments
from concept to market.

    Used keen understanding of the Clinical Diagnostic Market needs and trends, and of
     the capabilities and skills of the start-up team to select the most promising instrument
     lines to develop. Initiated the development of a cutting edge rapid nucleic acid
     molecular amplification platform for the point of care.
    Highly successful introduction of the molecular amplification platform on the
     marketplace is being followed by other instruments based on the same technology
    Identified potential clients from wide network of relationships. Initiated discussions
     and contract building negotiations, resulting in highly profitable business deals with
     several key players in the In Vitro Diagnostic market both in human and non-human
    Wrote successful grant applications, obtaining $1.5 M dollar funding to support the
     development of an innovative instrumented platform for rapid and accurate detection
     of drugs of abuse at the point of collection
    Participated in crafting an exit strategy for the company that will provide good return
     to the shareholders

QUIDEL CORPORATION – Rapid Diagnostic Tests for the Point-of-Care
                                                             Jan 2000- Mar 2009
Director, Strategic Technology Initiatives (2005- 2009)
Developed a strategy to increase market leadership and penetration by introducing a new
rapid molecular diagnostic technology platform and expanding the strength of a proprietary
immunoassay platform. The company has successfully adopted the strategy in 2009 and is still
executing it.

    Performed a comprehensive study of the IVD market, players, companies, users and of
     the requirements of the changing healthcare industry
    Identified the elements required to develop an innovative rapid diagnostic strategy
     for the point of care, including both improved immunoassay and novel nucleic acid
     rapid amplification technologies
    Identified, evaluated and recommended technologies and companies required to
     bring such new rapid in vitro diagnostic platforms to market
    Conducted due diligence of potential acquisitions or collaborations, participated in
     the financial modeling and presented recommendations to the Board of Directors
    Proposed a comprehensive strategic plan to transition from the current to the new
     technology platforms, including financial and market analyses.
    The plan has been adopted and is being executed with significant expansion of the
     company’s market footprint and financial revenues

Director, Joint Project Development (2003-2005)
Built business relationships with major players in the Over-the-Counter (OTC) diagnostic
product field with the purpose of evaluating opportunities to bring rapid diagnostic tests to
the consumer market.
Studied the consumer market, initiated contact and exploratory conversations with major
OTC companies. With them, designed and conducted users’ requirement studies, focus
groups, market studies and financial analyses.

VP of R&D (2000-2003)
Restructured R&D. Led and completed major product and process development projects
including two products that became today’s company flagship products. Led improvement
projects that generated multi-million dollars in savings and allowed keeping manufacturing
in the USA

    Reorganized and energized the R&D and Process Development groups to develop
     highly successful new products while improving efficiencies, reducing manufacturing
     costs, resulting in multimillion dollar cost reduction and eliminating backlogs
    Recommended and led the development of a rapid diagnostic test for the differential
     diagnosis of Influenza A and B. The test was first on the market and became the
     company’s flagship product thanks to its exceptional quality and reliability
    Led a major project for automating the manufacturing of rapid lateral flow tests,
     resulting in the launch of a key product with a significant increase in performance,
     quality, productivity and gross margin. Initiated the conversion of Quidel’s product
     line to the new manufacturing process, eliminating the need for moving
     manufacturing to countries with lower manufacturing costs.

HYBRITECH/BECKMAN-COULTER CORPORATION. – Diagnostic product development
Director, Process Development
Led the improvement of the production process of Hybritech’s lead product (PSA test),
resulting in a better and more consistent product with higher gross margin. Led the
relocation and integration of the point of care products manufacturing facility following the
acquisition of Hybritech by Beckman-Coulter

Product Development Manager, R&D
Responsible for leading several new rapid diagnostic product development projects and
managed a development team located out of state, in a joint development project with a top
player in the clinical diagnostic industry

HYBRITECH-BELGIUM                                                               1984-1988
Senior Scientist, Group Leader
Actively participated in setting up the R&D facility; led multiple product development projects
on a innovative rapid diagnostic platform, leading to my transfer to the San Diego
headquarters to lead development projects
                     BS, MS in Chemistry, University of Mons, Belgium
                    Ph.D. in Biochemistry, University of Mons, Belgium
             Post Doc: Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Brussels, Belgium
                                   Teaching Credentials


     Multiple courses in diverse areas of business management and in vitro diagnostic
technologies including Global Business Management, Auditing, Finance, Quality, Teamwork,
  Process Optimization, Design of Experiments, Nucleic acid Methods, Infectious Diseases,
                              trends in diagnostic testing etc.



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