“Release Your Inner Badass” Highlights | David Sharpe’s Inspirational Speech Part 3 by SteveKallock


Part 3 of David Sharpe's Inspirational Speech in Austin Texas, at the "Release Your Inner Badass" Empower Network event.

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									“Release Your Inner Badass” Highlights | David Sharpe’s
Inspirational Speech Part 3
http://www.empowernetwork.com/powerkeg/david- sharpes- inspirational- speech- 3?id=powerkeg   February 8, 2013

Steve Kallock

Part 3 of David Sharpe’s Inspirational Speech opens with an exercise in

In part 3, of David Sharpe’s Inspirat ional Speech in Austin Texas,

he begins by talking about….

….a powerful exercise that was conducted in the leadership speaker’s training.

In this training, the purpose of the exercise, was to focus on what you wanted, and then ask
yourself the question….

“What is t hat going t o do f or you?”

The way you answer, is essentially the way you pin point exactly what you want.

The importance of this exercise is to provide ‘specific clarity’ of your purpose.
If you don’t know what you want how can you get there?

David, as you can tell in this segment of the video, gets frustrated.

He was tested, and pushed, which he admits.

And then finally, the revelation comes to him.

What he says next is powerf ul.

I won’t spoil it….click the video, and see it for yourself:

(David Sharpe’s Inspirational Speech, Part 3)

David Sharpe’s Inspirational Speech captures a moment when David talks
about the importance of friends in the industry
One of the powerful moments for me, during David Sharpe’s Inspirat ional speech, was when he
talks about ‘real friends’ that you will find in this industry.

Friends that will believe in you before, you believe in yourself.

David also talks about how:

        “your character is not built based on your successes, but on how you act during your

You can audibly hear me say “yeah” when he finishes this statement.

This resonated with me.

Your st ruggles are what make you grow.

There is very little growth at the top.

The growth happens in the journey, not in the destination.

And in David Sharpe’s Inspirational speech, we are reminded that you are not alone in these

That not only are you not alone, but you are surrounded by….

….people that believe in you.

Struggles are temporary.

As my friend Tony always says,

        We are, where we are, because we chose to be here.
So if you follow that same principle, we can choose to be prosperous.

What I learned f rom this portion of David Sharpe’s Inspirational Speech

So how do you change your circumstances?

It is very simple.

If you pay attention, to David Sharpe’s Inspirational speech:

      First , you need to find clarit y in what you want.
      Second, you surround yourself with friends who believe in you.
      Third, you find a system, that when followed, it is impossible not to create results.
      Fourt h, you take massive action like nothing else exists.

That is it.

It is that simple.

It is all laid out for you right here.

So this really just leads to this….

The moment when you have t o make a decision.

Standing at the crossroads:

Which way do you turn?

David Sharpe’s Inspirat ional speech in Austin Texas, simply shows us what happens if you
dream big.

If you aim high….

…And if you surround yourself with friends that are willing to lif t you up and help you reach your
pot ent ial.

I am so happy to be a part of something this amazing.

And we are just getting started.

Austin was the starting point.

David Sharpe’s Inspirational speech reminds us all to dream again.
What are your dreams?

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