RESIDENT SCRUTINY PANEL
                    MONDAY 5TH NOVEMBER 2012, 11AM
                    HELD AT MERCIAN OFFICES, ASTON

           Monika Kasnickas - Chair                                (MK)
           Chris Fokes                                             (CF)
           Christine Bate                                          (CB)
           Tracy Sowden                                            (TS)

              Jess Woodley (Sustainable Communities Assistant)     (JW)
                 - Minutes
              Katy Sara (Customer Involvement Officer)             (KS)

1.0   Welcome
      MK welcomed the RSP

2.0   Apologies
      There were no apologies for this meeting

3.0   Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising

      The RSP reviewed the minutes from the previous meeting on 01/11/12, MK asked
      for any amendments and updates.
      MK asked that it be noted in the minutes that additional dates for RSP meetings for
      the week commencing 12/11/12 are yet to be decided and that the details of the
      documents requested by TS also be noted.
      Action: JW to amend minutes                                                           JW

      MK informed the RSP that 3 more questionnaires we received today, making the
      total now 72.
      JW handed out a list of schemes where Neighborhood Officers delivered
      questionnaires to. JW confirmed where these schemes were (Birmingham, Coventry
      or Walsall)

      KS gave an update on a number of matters:
      KS clarified that JW was never nominated to do all RSP minutes as noted in the
      minutes from 22/10/12 and that it was going to be an independent member of
      Mercian. KS stated that JW is happy to continue to do the minutes for the RSP
      when needed from this point onwards. The RSP discussed this and felt it be better
      to have a member of the Customer Involvement team as this is the team they have
      liaised with this team from the beginning.

      KS confirmed that the RSP could bring in their own laptops and have access to the
      wi-fi at Mercian if they wanted. The RSP agreed this would be the easiest option at
      this moment in time.

      KS understood that CF and CB were looking into venues in their local area, which
      we may have to use for the meeting on 3rd December. JW confirmed that Nechells

      baths is fully booked until the new year and we are unable to use it. TS stated she
      can also look into using the church or library near to her.
      Action: TS, CB and CF to look into venues near them for 3rd December meeting            CB,TS,CF

      KS updated the RSP on where they are with creating the SNAP survey. KS
      informed the group that Andrew would be back off leave today and she would call
      him this afternoon for an update on when he would have this done by. KS stated
      they would try their best to get it done in time for their next meeting.
      Action: KS to update and arrange with TS to demonstrate how to upload the               KS
      questionnaire results once this has been set up

      KS left the meeting.

      Any other Business (A.o.B)

      MK suggested the RSP move on to A.o.B due to the fact that some issues had
      already arisen. The RSP agreed.

      TS stated she had noticed some additional files missing from the General needs,
      stock managed KPI reports she was reviewing. TS stated she only had data for
      August 2012. The group agreed this was the case. MK suggested that this may be
      relating to some training the RSP did where they requested some data. TS
      suggested that the group request the KPI information for January through to June in
      order to be able to compare it with the other information they have. The RSP agreed
      and TS filled in the information request form for this information.

      MK suggested that having looked through some of the KPI reports the RSP had
      received it was clear there were a lot of KPIs and that it might be useful to request
      list of all KPIs and LPIs that Mercian reports on so that the RSP could request the
      most relevant information to their project. The RSP agreed and TS filled out the
      information request form for this information.

      MK noticed some irregularities between some of the KPI reports which meant that
      there were different KPI numbers for the same KPI. JW left the room to find out why
      this was. JW returned and explained to the RSP that the April KPI report had
      different numbers due to an error. This was the first report under a new system and
      the error had been corrected for subsequent reports. JW also confirmed that the KPI
      was the same, it was just the number that was different and wouldn’t have an impact
      on the accuracy of the data.

      Review of Evidence
4.0   The RSP agreed to carry on with the review of evidence. JW left the room at this
      point as minutes were not needed for this activity.

      Date of next meeting
5.0   Thursday 8th November, 10:30-4:30pm, at TS’s home

                                  The meeting closed at 4pm


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