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					  About National Institute for International Education Development

National Institute for International Education Development(NIIED) is a government
agency affiliated with the Ministry of Education and Human Resources
Development, Republic of Korea, established for education of the Koreans residing
overseas and for international educational cooperation and exchange. The prototype
of the NIIED activities was based on the instruction for the overseas Koreans
conducted by the Student Advising Institute of the Seoul National University in
1962. In the following, it was reorganized into the University's Education Center for
Overseas Koreans, and then transformed to the current system of NIIED in 1992.
NIIED, designated Executive agency in 2001 for advance in Administration service,
functions as education center for Overseas Koreans with its diverse and specialized
programs as well as the central institution of exchange and cooperation of
international education in Korea.

            Long term and Short term Education Program

◦ Long-term Education Course(preparation course for university/graduate school)
  is designed to offer systematic instruction of the Korean language, so that those
  who complete the course can go on to universities and graduate schools in Korea.
  The course is also aimed at helping students to discover their Korean root and take
  pride in it through learning Korean culture and history and field experience, as

◦ Short-term Education Course is designed to nourish basic knowledge and
  understanding of Korea through courses in Korean language, culture, and history
  and field experience.

◦ Those who have completed the NIIED courses, if they meet the terms of the
  special admission of foreigners and overseas-residing Koreans to universities, can
  apply to the universities and graduate schools in Korea. Every year about 90
  students who completed the NIIED courses have been admitted to the excellent
  universities and graduate schools including the Seoul National University, Yonsei
  University, and Korea University.
◦ Specific Aspects of the Courses

       Classification      Long-term course         Short-term course    Eligibility
         Available                               App. 50 students perHigh school
                        App. 100 students
           seats                                 term                Graduate
                        - 9 months               - 3 months
                                                                         High school
         Course         (28 week course)         (12 week course)
         duration       - Term1: 2005.4.1- 7.1   -Period1:2005.4.1-6.23
                        -Term2:2005.9.1- 12.2    -Period2:2005.9.1-11.23
      Education fee - Tuition : 500,000 won (per semester)
                    - Dormitory fee (monthly)
       ※Fees are
                      -Room for 2 persons : 156,000 won
       subject to     -Room for 3 persons : 114,000 won
        change.       -Meals(per meal) : 2,300 won

◦ Application schedule

                               Recommendation by the
                    Submitting          Korean
     Classification                                               Remarks
                    application Ambassador/Consul-
      Long-term 2004.12.1 - Not later than Feb. 20,
        course       2005.1.31           2005                  - Student quota
      Short-term                                           - Only when the quota
                    2004.12.1 - Not later than Feb. 20,
        course,                                                is    not filled
                     2005.1.31           2005
       Period 1                                         additional application and
      Shot-term                                           recommendation will be
                     2005.5.1- Not later than June 20,
        course,                                                   available.
                       5.31              2005
       Period 2

∙ Distribution and submission of application form
  - Distribution : Korean embassy, consulate, Korean education institute, Korean
school, plus the Korean Residents Union in Japan
 - Submission : Korean diplomatic mission(the Korean Ambassador/Consul-
general) in residence country

∙ Application material
   ① 1 copy of application form (provided)

   ② 1 copy of documentary proof of the status as overseas-residing Korean
      (issued by Korean diplomatic mission Ambassador/Consul-general.)
     ③ 1 copy of the certificate of graduation from the final school one attended or a
        proof that he or she will graduate.

◦ Student Selection Method and Admission

 -  The Korean Ambassador/Consul-general reviews eligibility of all
   applicantsbased upon the documents submitted and through an interview, and
   then forward recommendation and the necessary documents to the President of
 - The president of NIIED, after scrutinizing the students' application forms
   and documents, will notify the confirmation of admission to the Korean

◦ Notice

 - Those admitted should complete registration including tuition payment by
   the date indicated at the time of admittance notice, and otherwise, admission
   will be revoked.
 - If the content of the application material is proven false at a later time, both
    admission or completion certificate will be revoked during course work or after
    completing the course, respectively.

◦ Scholarship

Classification          Long-term course                   Short-term course

     Amount                ₩200,000×6                         ₩160,000×3

                  Based on students' academic performance, activities and family
                 income level, home room instructors recommend the nominees, who
                 are then selected through review of the scholarship committee.

◦ Other Information

 ∙Teaching staff of the NIIED courses are experts holding teaching certificate for
   relevant fields (Korean language, culture, and history) and have extensive
   teaching experiences for educating foreigners or overseas Koreans either in
   Korea or overseas. They are capable of giving lectures and counseling in foreign
∙All students must stay at the dormitory. Those students who have special reasons
  to stay outside of the campus have to get the permission from the president of
∙The dormitory is a modern building equipped with heating and cooling system
  and can hold 240 persons. The building offers a convenient environment for
  students from overseas with its facilities including dining room, computer lab,
  fitness training room, health care office, seminar room, and laundry room.
                        Application Form for Long-Term and Short-Term Courses

    ※ * Indicate your choice with a check .

                                                                                 /       /
              Korean                               Date of birth
                                                                           yyy / mm / dd
                                                                         Male                               Photo
              English                                                    Female
                                                Telephone number                                            3 × 4cm
Country of birth                               (include country code)

                                                                                                                  
 Address                                                    Language
                                                                           Advanced/ Intermediate/ Beginner
  Type of        Long-term course                                               room for 2 persons
                                                            Apply to
                 Short-term course, first term            dormitory             room for 3 persons
   one)          Short-term course, second term                                 Not Applicable
                             Duration                                      Name of school

                                  ∼                                                                 Elementary school

                                  ∼                                                                          Middle school
  Record                          ∼                                                                            High school

                                  ∼                                                                               University

                                  ∼                                                                        Graduate school

                                       Long-term         Duration      yyy / mm / dd            ∼ yyy / mm / dd
   Record in the NIIED’s curse
                                       Short-term       of course          /        /       ∼         /      /

                 Name       Relationship Telephone No.                               Address
 Contact in

 I apply to NIIED's educational course of the 2003 year, which I verify with my and my legal
guardian's signatures.
                                               Year / Month / Day

                                Applicant's name                        Signature
                             Guardian's name                             Signature
I recommend the above person to the educational course of your institute.

                                      /         /

                                Year / Month / Day
                                                                               Official Seal
                               Korean Ambassador/Consul-general

To the President of the National Institute for International Education Development

   ※   This application form may be photocopied and used in multiple copies.

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