chapter 4 study guide by nUEV1No3


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                              Social Studies Study Guide
                                       Chapter 4

Know all vocabulary words as well as the following:

1. What did the 13th Amendment do?

2. What did black codes do?

3. How did the Freedmen’s Bureau help former slaves?

4. What did the steel plow do?

5. Which city grew at the end of the cattle trail?

6. What business activity took place at Pike’s Peak?

7. What happened at Little Bighorn River?
8. What was the transcontinental railroad?

9. What did George Westinghouse do?

10. What was the Great Migration?

11. What happened to Andrew Johnson?

12. How is a sharecropper paid?

13. What is the Bessemer Process?

14. Describe Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company.


1. Explain some of the challenges that South faced after the Civil War.

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