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                  Making It Work
             About MIW
        How to use MIW Online

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Slide 1                                                                              Welcome to the “How To” Section for the Making
Duration: 00:00:14                                                                   It Work Modules. This section will help you
Advance mode: Auto                      Making It Work                               navigate the Making It Work modules and
                                                                                     activities and will hopefully help answer any
                                          About MIW                                  questions you may have about how to complete
                                                                                     the modules.
                                     How to use MIW Online

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Welcome to ECI                                      Welcome to ECI                   Hello. I’m Kim Wedel, Assistant Commissioner
Duration: 00:01:04                                                                   for DARS-ECI. On behalf of all the staff at the
Advance mode: Auto                           Kim Wedel                               ECI state office, I’d like to welcome you to what I
                                             Assistant Commissioner, DARS-ECI        hope will be an enjoyable and meaningful career
                                                                                     with Texas ECI. You are joining a system that
                                                                                     has been helping young children in Texas reach
                                                                                     their developmental potential for over 30 years.
                                                                                     The work you will do with children and families
                                                                                     will impact their lives long past the few months or
                                                                                     years they are enrolled in early intervention
                                                                                     services. In addition to helping babies and
                                                                    DARS-ECI, 2011   toddlers reach important milestones, you will be
                                                                                     helping their parents and other caregivers feel
                                                                                     confident and competent to deal with the
                                                                                     challenges of raising a child with special needs.
                                                                                     This series of training modules, Making It Work,
                                                                                     is designed to give you the basic skills and
                                                                                     knowledge you will need to be successful in that
                                                                                     work. Each section includes not only
                                                                                     information, but a variety of activities to give you
                                                                                     a chance to practice the skills you will use every
                                                                                     day in your work with families.

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What is Making It Work?                           What is Making It Work?                      As a new staff person, you may be asking
Duration: 00:00:52
                                                                                               yourself, “What is Making It Work”? Making it
Advance mode: Auto                   Making It Work (MIW) is designed to:
                                      Provide basic information about state and               Work or MIW is the foundation of the ECI
                                       federal requirements for ECI programs and               Comprehensive System of Personnel
                                       staff.                                                  Development (CSPD). The Making it Work
                                      Enhance your ability to provide services                modules are designed to:
                                       throughout the ECI process, from referral
                                       through transition.                                     Provide basic information about state and federal
                                      Provide consistent information to all ECI               requirements for ECI programs and staff.
                                       providers across the state.                             Enhance your ability to provide services
                                                                                               throughout the ECI process, from referral
                                                                              DARS-ECI, 2011
                                                                                               through transition. And,
                                                                                               Provide consistent information to all ECI
                                                                                               providers across the state.
                                                                                               Your supervisor will provide more information
                                                                                               about the ECI CSPD. In fact, if you haven't
                                                                                               already completed them, you will soon complete
                                                                                               another component of the CSPD, your staff
                                                                                               assessment and your Individualized Professional
                                                                                               Development Plan, IPDP.

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Eight Modules in MIW                                  Eight Modules in MIW                     There are eight modules in Making It Work. They
Duration: 00:00:29                                                                             include:
Advance mode: Auto                    Mission, Philosophy and 7 Key Principles                Mission, Philosophy and 7 Key Principles
                                      Case Management                                         Case Management
                                      Service Delivery                                        Service Delivery
                                      Pre-Enrollment                                          Pre-Enrollment
                                      Evaluation and Assessment                               Evaluation and Assessment
                                      IFSP Development                                        IFSP Development
                                      Transition                                              Transition And,
                                      Referral and Public Outreach                            Referral and Public Outreach
                                                                                               Many of these modules are broken down further
                                                                              DARS-ECI, 2011   into sections. Each section takes approximately
                                                                                               45 minutes to complete.

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Each MIW section may contain:             Each MIW section may contain:                            Before you get started in a section, you must first
Duration: 00:01:01
                                                                                                   determine if there are handouts, or prerequisites
Advance mode: Auto                    Prerequisites:
                                        • These must be completed before beginning the
                                                                                                   for that section. If a prerequisite is required,
                                          section.                                                 there will be a link for that activity on the website
                                      Handouts:                                                   with the section training presentation. The
                                        • If the section has handouts, print them before
                                          starting the PowerPoint. You will need them for          handouts for each section will also be linked on
                                          activities and instructions.                             the website with the corresponding training
                                        • It is suggested you make a notebook and
                                          include these handouts as a reference for later          presentations.
                                          use and for discussion with your supervisor.
                                                                                                   Don’t forget to complete the prerequisites before
                                                                                  DARS-ECI, 2011
                                                                                                   starting the section. The section will build on,
                                                                                                   and not necessarily repeat, the information that
                                                                                                   you learn in the prerequisite activity.

                                                                                                   Also, print your handouts before starting the
                                                                                                   section presentations. You will be asked to
                                                                                                   interact with the handouts during the modules. It
                                                                                                   will save you time to print them up front instead
                                                                                                   of having to pause the presentation, go back to
                                                                                                   the handouts and then print them during the
                                                                                                   middle of the training. It is also a good idea to
                                                                                                   save these handouts because you may be asked
                                                                                                   to share them with your supervisor and they will
                                                                                                   serve as useful reference tools for you in the

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Each MIW section may contain (cont):   Each MIW section may contain (cont):                                  The PowerPoint's for all of the Making It Work
Duration: 00:00:42                                                                                           sections have been designed to provide
Advance mode: Auto                      Each section’s PowerPoint contains:                                 consistent information. Each section’s
                                          • Rule and Requirements                                            PowerPoint contains information about the Rules
                                          • Performance Measures                                             and requirements that relate to that section’s
                                          • Examples of “what it looks like” and “what it                    topic, examples of what this topic looks like and
                                            doesn’t look like”                                               doesn’t look like in real life and activities that
                                          • Activities                                                       must be completed in order to receive credit for
                                            o   You must complete the activities on the handout              finishing the section. At the end of most of the
                                                provided and review with your supervisor.                    sections you’ll be asked to demonstrate that
                                                                                                             you’ve met the section’s performance measures
                                                                                            DARS-ECI, 2011   by completing a quiz, completing a scenario
                                                                                                             activity, or having a reflective discussion with
                                                                                                             your supervisor. The performance measures
                                                                                                             must be met in order to receive credit for
                                                                                                             completing each section.

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Each MIW section may contain (cont):   Each MIW section may contain (cont):                                  In addition to the learning activities embedded in
Duration: 00:00:27                                                                                           the training presentations, some of the sections
Advance mode: Auto                      Observation                                                         may require that you observe and demonstrate
                                                                                                             the activities discussed in that section. For
                                        Demonstration                                                       example, every new staff person is required to
                                                                                                             complete the Service Delivery Module. This
                                                                                                             module requires that you observe 3 different
                                                                                                             service delivery visits and that you also
                                                                                                             demonstrate a service delivery visit before
                                                                                                             receiving your own caseload.

                                                                                            DARS-ECI, 2011

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How to use MIW online                               How to use MIW online                      Here are some more tips to help you make the
Duration: 00:00:57
                                                                                               most of your Making It Work training experience:
Advance mode: Auto                    Take each module in the order it appears
                                                                                               Complete the modules in the order they appear
                                      You can stop the presentation at any time.              on the website. The courses build on one
                                                                                               another. It’s ok to take an individual section for
                                      You can pause the presentation at any time.             review or as directed by your supervisor, but
                                                                                               staff new to ECI must take each module in order.

                                                                                               These modules are developed in Articulate.
                                                                              DARS-ECI, 2011
                                                                                               Therefore, you can stop the presentation at any
                                                                                               time and Articulate will save the place where you
                                                                                               stopped. However, if you are sharing a
                                                                                               computer and someone else is also taking the
                                                                                               same course, you will need to start over. It’s
                                                                                               recommended to use a separate computer if you
                                                                                               are taking the same course as someone else at
                                                                                               the same time.

                                                                                               You can also pause the presentation at any time.
                                                                                               For example, you might want to pause the
                                                                                               presentation to review a website or to complete
                                                                                               one of the activities. We will show you how to do
                                                                                               that on the next slide.

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Slide 9
Slide 9                                                                     This is a sample of what the Making It Work
Duration: 00:00:34
                                                                            articulate modules will look like. The yellow
Advance mode: Auto
                                                                            arrow is showing how you can change the view
                                                                            from “outline”, “thumbnail”, or “notes” during the
                                                                            presentation. The tab on your screen where the
                                                                            yellow arrow is pointing will change that view.

                                                                            The pink arrow is showing where you can
                                                                            change the audio volume.

                                                                            The green arrow is showing the pause, play,
                                                                            rewind, and fast-forward buttons. You can go
                                                                            backward during the presentation, but you
                                                                            cannot move forward. You must complete each
                                                                            slide, activity, and quiz along the way.

Slide 10
Conclusion                                           Conclusion             Good luck as you move forward with your
Duration: 00:00:32                                                          training and begin to work with children and
Advance mode: Auto                                                          families. Remember that Making It Work is not
                                                                            your only resource. In addition to information
                                                                            and training available at the ECI website, your
                                     Welcome to Making It Work              supervisor and local team members can also
                                               and                          offer support and advice as you learn your job
                                                                            responsibilities. Using all the resources
                                       Welcome to Texas ECI.                available will enhance your learning and the
                                                                            services you provide.
                                                                            I hope you find Making It Work both enjoyable
                                                           DARS-ECI, 2011   and practical. Once again, welcome to Making It
                                                                            Work and welcome to Texas ECI.

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