ChemCom: Policies and Procedures by P0n4yuCe


									  Physical, Earth, and Space Science                               Brooks/Goodwin/Smith                          2012 – 2013
                                       GUIDELINES FOR ACHIEVEMENT
* Arrive on time, ready and prepared to LEARN.
     Regular attendance is critical to your success in this class! Avoid Absences. - If you are absent, take care
      of your missed work promptly. Check the web-site for details.
     Come to class on time. Be ready to start class when the tardy bell rings. Leave yourself enough time to put
      away all lab equipment and clean up your lab area before the release bell rings.
      [Initial tardies (1-3) will result in extra duty assignments. Additional tardies will result in detentions and/or phone calls
      home. Excessive tardies will result in excessive disciplinary actions .]
     Have access to required materials* in class each day. [*pencil/pen; science notebook (composition book);
      positive attitude] Depending on the unit you may also need a calculator. You will keep your science notebook in
      the classroom. You will not check out an individual textbook; instead you will have access to resource books in
      the classroom.
     Your positive attitude towards your learning will make a big difference! Come to class with the attitude that
      you can learn science and you will learn science. As with most things, learning is sometimes frustrating...
      challenging. The effort you put into your studies now will bring rewards. Keep trying. Keep learning.

* RESPECT your right and the rights of others to LEARN - in a safe environment.
     Behave courteously at all times. Treat your teacher, your classmates, and visitors to the classroom (including
      substitutes) with respect.

     Refrain from actions that disrupt the learning environment.
     Respect your property & the property of others.
       Because this is a lab course, you are required to pay a $5 lab fee. The lab fee is due by September 7th, but
        sooner is better. Students who pay the lab fee during the first week of school will receive a free composition
        book to use in class.
       I will provide a number of office supplies to use in classroom activities, but we do go through a lot of them.
        You are expected to contribute to the classroom supplies by bringing ONE of the following to class by
        September 7th:
         One roll of paper towels, one box of Kleenex, one package of 4” X 6” index cards, one roll of clear tape
             (3/4” if a refill), two or more thin line black dry erase marker(s), one package of graph paper,
       Do not sit on tables or counter tops or put your feet on tables or chairs. Do not write on tables, lab tables, or
        in your textbooks.
     Investigate Safely. Lab Safety is a high priority in science. Failure to follow safe lab procedures will result in
      progressive disciplinary action. Minor infractions will result in (1) a warning, (2) loss of lab privileges (and grade)
      for that lab, (3) parent contact, (4) extended loss of lab privileges. Major infractions, those posing direct threats
      to anyone’s health and well being, including your own, may result in immediate loss of lab privileges. You will be
      required to pay for breakage due to negligence or horseplay.
     Leave your open food and/or drinks elsewhere; they are NOT permitted in the classroom or lab area.
      (Water in clear, colorless bottle with a lid is acceptable in the classroom area.) Gum will be tolerated - in the
      classroom area only (not in lab!) - only if it is not seen or heard.
     Know and follow the school policies on the Palmer website:           
 Have questions? Need extra help?                       Come and see me during 2nd or 3rd periods, lunch, or after school.
 e-mail (preferred): school phone: 328-5112

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