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									                                                       Guanajuato Where People Hopping For Their
                                                       Home land
                                                       I live in Guanajuato. I guess by now, I can call it my
                                                       home. I left the US, four years ago and have no
                                                       desire to go back. I miss a few things like super
                                                       restaurants with Thai cuisine or Victorian homes
                                                       with wood floors and beautiful woodwork. We have
                                                       settled in nicely here though, and I think if I were to
                                                       leave, I would say I miss the authentic lifestyle. A
                                                       step back in time, where the wheels stand still and
                                                       people ride on donkeys and kids ride horse’s back
                                                       to run errands and see their friends. Likely too, I
                                                       would definitely miss walking two blocks from my
                                                       house and being in the wide-open expanse of
                                                       desert, mountains, big, blue skies and sunshine

The Wild West of Central Mexico is our new home. And in our new home, we have nestled a B&B
called Dos Suites. Two lovely suites and a mix of American and Mexican antiques, designer wrought-iron
beds, Persian rugs over tile floors, on a backdrop of clean white walls, white hand-made tiled bathrooms,
dark woodwork, ceiling fans, gas fireplaces and a private patio overlooking the lap pool. Our first bed and
breakfast in Guanajuato keep us alone anywhere. We work as a family and prepare our home-made
breakfast of traditional English scones, a variety of egg dishes, organic coffee and tea, and fresh fruit.
This is a fabulous way to meet interesting people. People use to visits our place to have a enjoyment of
our bed and breakfast services. We enjoy with our guests. They capture their memories with us in their
cameras and they hope to come again and again to the lovely Guanajuato city in central Mexico

 We love to see our guests come back in the late afternoon having walked for miles and exhilarated by
the fresh air and the magic of Mineral de Pozos. Some even bring their own beautiful mountain bikes and
tackle the hills or dirt roads to the antique gold mines and ruins. It is usual to see them carrying artifacts
like gemstones and hand-made art, wearing necklaces made by the locals, and unusual trinkets
indigenous this town and the area. Some like to take a bistro dinner in our Tres Mesas (Three Tables)
Cafe with meals like home-made pasta and Italian sausage or Asian beef sandwiches, all in front of the
fire in candlelight. I am always of the opinion; a way to anyone’s heart is with great food and a relaxed
and elegant vibe. They end the night in private with the firelight and a beautiful bedroom.

Another part of our international living is selling Guanajuato Real Estate. Many of the guests find the
terrain and town intriguing and inevitably ask about real estate in the area. They do not come with this
mindset but they always say they will be back to see possibilities. When people feel the magic and
experience a tranquil setting in a gorgeous outback with authentic Mexico at their feet, I believe they will
be back. The hustle and bustle goes away and the romance and fresh air take over.

Author :

Sarah Higgins is a 36-years old mom of two, working in real estate sector.She has more then 10 years of
experience in Real Estate, which she likes to share with others through her writing. She has done
research to explore international living and she wants to share her experience with the people through her
writings. Her other interests include travelling around the globe. She stays with her family of husband and
two daughters.

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