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					                 Report                                          Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
                                                                 February 2009 ■ Vol. 22 No. 8

              INSIDE                   ANR Strategic Vision draft released
2    Advocacy advisory council
     meets                             Colleagues:
                                            I am very pleased to provide the              I will be holding
                                       draft “Strategic Vision for the Division of   two town-hall meet-
3    Nominate UCCE colleagues for
     Distinguished Service Awards      Agriculture and Natural Resources.” The       ings using Adobe Con-
                                       process which led to the development of       nect to step through the
4    Employment opportunities          this draft was coordinated by a ten-person
                                       Steering Committee appointed by former
                                                                                     general process that
                                                                                     resulted in this docu-
                                       Provost Rory Hume which I co-chair            ment and highlight
5    Call for proposals: Desert REC,
     Sierra Foothill REC               with UC Regent Fred Ruiz. Our goal was        some of the key find-
                                       to develop a demand-based vision for          ings. These hour-long
     Names in the news
                                       ANR, which will guide future resource         sessions are scheduled
                                       allocation and planning by our campus         on Tuesday, Feb. 24, 11 a.m.-12 noon and
6    CAES opens Contained
     Research Facility                 and county components of ANR.                 Thursday, Feb. 26, 3 p.m.-4 p.m.
                                            This draft was developed from                 Following these town-hall meetings, the
     UC experts to participate in
     22nd California Small Farm
                                       excellent background analysis of the          deans/associate deans, regional directors,
     Conference                        trends facing the state by five working       and program leaders will be organizing a
                                       groups of your colleagues and partners.       variety of opportunities to provide input
7    Communication Services update
     Oak Regeneration Field Day set
                                       The working groups identified a broad
                                       range of agricultural, natural resource,
                                                                                     to this strategic vision document. We will
                                                                                     concurrently obtain input from the diverse
     for April 22                      human health and nutrition, and human         array of stakeholders that we serve.
                                       development issues that will be facing             Our goal is to complete this strategic
8    In memoriam: Dugger, Rush         the state in the year 2025. The Program
                                       Council worked closely with the chairs
                                                                                     vision in time for our ANR Statewide
                                                                                     Conference, scheduled for April 27 to 30
     Advanced advocacy workshops
     scheduled                         of the five working groups to produce         in Sacramento. We will devote time at the
                                       a rough draft of the strategic vision for     meeting to discuss implementing this vision
                                       ANR which I shared with the Steering          in our future planning efforts. I am hopeful
                                       Committee several weeks ago.                  that all of you will attend the statewide
                                            We are now ready to share this widely    conference.
    ANR Statewide                      with all members of our ANR community              We look forward to your ideas and input
                                       to make sure that we have adequately          on this exciting new look at California’s
    Conference link is                 covered the range of topics that will be      future and our role in keeping California
    now on your portal                 facing the state. The document can be         healthy, productive and sustainable. Thanks
    The conference Web site link       viewed via the following link:                for all your work in making ANR such
    can now be found on every-                                                       a vibrant and stimulating place to work,
    one’s ANR portal under My                                                        and for your dedication to the people of
    Links in the left column. It                                                     this state.
    should appear at the top of                                                                                Daniel M. Dooley
    the list as 2009 Statewide Con-                                                                                Vice President
    ference. The site features an
    introductory video from Dan
    Dooley, the agenda, location         Governor signs state budget
    and directions, and registra-
    tion information.                    On Feb. 20, Gov. Schwarzenegger signed a state budget for the rest of 2008-09 and
         The site features     the 2009-10 fiscal year that contains $115 million in new permanent funding reduc-
    the link to the conference as        tions for the UC system. ANR’s allocation of the cuts has not been determined.
    soon as one clicks on For ANR
    Employees.                           ANR Report will provide details when they become available.

                   Advocacy advisory council meets
The ANR Advocacy and Strategic Com-         university as well as the Division. In his        He added, "It will be important to
munications Advisory Council met for        role as UC interim senior VP for external    listen and be responsive to legislators and
two hours on Feb. 13 in Davis to begin      relations, Dooley said he is exploring how   their staffers, in order to build credibility
discussing how to build recognition and     to mobilize employees, students, friends     that ANR provides unbiased, science-
support for ANR among policymakers.         of the university and others to get them     based information to help solve prob-
     The council’s goal is to advise VP     involved effectively in advocacy efforts.    lems, inform public policy, and improve
Dooley on the implementation of an               Dooley said he is looking to the        the lives of their constituents." Dooley
“advocacy through education” initiative     council to help formulate an action plan     pointed out that a recent UC Davis study
that engages the entire ANR community       and identify strategies for building a       on the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta
(county-based and campus-based) and         sustained, coordinated ANR advocacy          helped shape public policy because it
ANR stakeholders in building long-term      and strategic communications program.        was an independent analysis. “Part of
relationships with members of Congress,     One of the first priorities will be to       the process is to hear what the issues
the state Legislature, county boards of     develop guidelines for ANR personnel         are,” Dooley said. “We are providing a
supervisors, and their staffs.              and stakeholders who wish to engage          public service to legislators.”
     Formation of the council (see below)   in advocacy efforts, and create a web-            Nation noted several actions under
was a recommendation in the ANR Ad-         based database with profiles on state and    way in ANR to build a statewide advocacy
vocacy and Strategic Communications         federal elected officials and information    program, including launching “Advocacy
Task Force Report, which was released       on ANR programs under way in every           Through Education” training for academics
in June 2008 (      legislative district.                        and staff and the creation of a user-friendly
advocacy2009/Task_Force_Reports), to             Steve Nation, executive director        advocacy Web site (see page 8).
advise VP Dooley on setting priorities,     of ANR Governmental and External                  Dooley added that the ANR Strategic
mobilizing ANR stakeholders, identifying    Relations, reviewed the task force’s key     Plan, a draft of which is being circulated in
key decisionmakers, creating messaging      findings, recommendations and actions         ANR for comment, will link to the advocacy
materials, and measuring success.           taken since the report was released. “With   and strategic communications plan.
     In giving the council its charge, VP   the efforts going on at UC to involve the         The council outlined a list of activities
Dooley said, “We need to build on our       entire ANR community to further our          and priorities to be addressed over the
relationships and use them to our ad-       image and relevance, whether it’s three      next several months, with the goal of fully
vantage.” He noted that ANR is uniquely     or five years down the road, we’ll see an     implementing an ANR advocacy through
positioned around the state so that its     increase in public and private support for   education initiative by early summer. The
advocacy efforts can work for the broader   our programs,” Nation predicted.             council will meet next in May.

   ANR Advocacy and Strategic Communications Advisory Council
     Dan Dooley, Vice President (chair), Agriculture & Natural Resources, Oakland
     Tom Baldwin, Dean, College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences, UC Riverside
     Mick Canevari, County Director, UCCE San Joaquin County, Stockton
     Susan Donohue, County Director, UCCE Butte County, Oroville
     Corny Gallagher, Senior Vice President, Bank of America, Roseville
     Pam Geisel, Academic Coordinator, ANR Statewide Master Gardener Program, Davis
     Keith Gilless, Dean, College of Natural Resources, UC Berkeley
     Pete Goodell, IPM Area Advisor, ANR Statewide IPM Program, Kearney Agricultural Center, Parlier
     Sharon Junge, Interim Director, ANR Statewide 4-H/Youth Development Program, Davis
     Mark Kramer, Federal Governmental Relations Director, The Nature Conservancy of California, San Francisco
     Susan McKee, Director of State Relations, Chancellor’s Office, UC Riverside
     Bennie Osburn, Dean, School of Veterinary Medicine, UC Davis
     Kim Rodrigues, Regional Director, UCCE North Coast & Mountain Region, Davis
     Terrell Salmon, County Director, UCCE San Diego County, San Diego
     Richard Smith, President and CEO, Paraiso Springs Winery, Soledad
     Rachel Surls, County Director, UCCE Los Angeles County, Los Angeles
     Neal Van Alfen, Dean, College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences, UC Davis
   Ex-Officio Members
     Cynthia Barber, Director, ANR Office of Development Services, Oakland
     Steve Nation, Executive Director, ANR Office of Governmental & External Relations, Oakland
     Bob Sams, Director, ANR Office of Communication Services & Information Technology, Davis
   Staff to Advisory Council
     Lorrie Mandoriao, Administrative Assistant, ANR Office of Governmental & External Relations, Oakland

   Nominate UCCE colleagues for Distinguished Service Awards
ANR and Academic Assembly Council are             5. Letters (3) of recommendation/support            • impact of research on clientele and
seeking nominations for the Distinguished              from peers/faculty, clientele, and             level of adoption.
Service Awards. The awards recognize and               supervisor – if not the one serving as         • incorporation of research into exten-
reward outstanding accomplishments by                  nominator                                      sion programs.
UCCE academics in five areas:
    • Outstanding Research                            The deadline for submitting the                 2) Outstanding Extension
    • Outstanding Extension                       nomination packet to Jeanette Sutherlin             Activities shall be those eligible
    • Outstanding New Professional                at is March 9,          to be included in the section of the
    • Outstanding Team Work                       5 p.m.                                          2008 E-Book on Extension, Research
    • And new for 2009 – Outstanding                                                              and Creative Activity (with a focus on
    Leader                                        Evaluation Criteria
                                                                                                  extension). The committee will evaluate
     The Distinguished Service Awards are         In general, adherence to the Mission of         the record for:
meant to recognize service and academic           ANR and Core Issues shall be of utmost              • academic excellence.
excellence in UC Cooperative Extension            importance in evaluating nominations.               • impact and level of adoption by
over a significant period of time. Awards          Nominees must cite specific means of hav-            targeted clientele.
are meant to highlight the use of innovative      ing evaluated the impact of their work.             • usefulness as an extension model of
methods and the integration of research,              Selection will be based on the fol-             how to plan/conduct/evaluate and
extension and leadership by UCCE aca-             lowing:                                             share information.
demic advisors, specialists and academic              • Criteria established for each award           • level of innovation/creativity.
coordinators. Only individuals in these               category (see below).                           • outreach to under-served audiences/
academic title series are eligible for these          • Programmatic quality and balance.             clientele.
awards. Self-nomination is encouraged.                • Demonstrated recognition by fellow             3) Outstanding New Professional
     The award is presented to the top                academics, clientele & professional
                                                                                                       Candidates for the Outstanding
applicant in each of the five categories.              groups.
                                                                                                  New Professional Award are restricted to
The winners will receive a certificate                • Demonstrated activities that embrace
                                                                                                  Academic Assembly members (advisors,
and $4,000, except for outstanding team               the spirit and goals of Affirmative
work, for which academic team members                                                             specialists or academic coordinators)
will share $8,000. The award is given as a                                                        who have worked in UC Cooperative
                                                      • Nomination letter.
personal monetary amount and is subject               • Recommendation/support letters.           Extension less than 10 years at the time
to taxation.                                                                                      of their nomination. Criteria for selection
     Each nomination packet must include          Evaluation process and award                    for this award are the same criteria for the
the following items:                              announcement                                    Outstanding Research and/or Extension
1. Cover page stating name of person(s)                A committee reviews all eligible ap-       awards.
     being nominated along with their             plications and makes a recommendation                This award is meant to recognize
     unit address, telephone number, fax          to the Associate Vice President, who makes      outstanding beginnings in UC Cooperative
     number, e-mail address, the award            the final decision. Award recipients will be     Extension.
     category desired for consideration,          notified upon decision by the Assembly
     and length of service the individual(s)                                                           4) Outstanding Teamwork
                                                  Council Program Committee.
     has/have with UC.                                                                                 Activities shall include interdisci-
                                                       The Distinguished Service Award
2. Letter of nomination: One page (self                                                           plinary and multi-institutional teams
                                                  presentation will take place at the Statewide
     nomination encouraged).                      Conference April 27–30.                         working on applied research or extension
3. Summary of achievements: 3 to 5 pages               Recipients of the 2009 awards will         activities. The committee will evaluate
     tailored to the criteria of the particular   be expected to serve on the next selection      the record for:
     award category, the Mission of ANR           committee.                                           • academic excellence.
     and the Core Issues.                                                                              • impact of activities on target audi-
4. Complete bibliography of relevant              Award description and criteria                       ence/clientele.
     work authored by nominee(s): follow               1) Outstanding Research                         • evidence that the combined effort
     guidelines designated for the Program             Activities shall be those eligible to be        resulted in contributions greater than
     Review Dossier. For Outstanding              included in the section of the 2008 E-Book           an individual member.
     Team Work nominations: only selected         on Extension, Research and Creative Activ-           • cross-disciplinary integration among
     highlights from each applicant’s bib-        ity (with a focus on research). The commit-          UCCE and appropriate faculty,
     liography should be included. In the         tee will evaluate the record for:                    workgroup members, and others as
     case of publications with multiple au-            • academic excellence.                          appropriate.
     thors, the role played by the nominee             • innovative methods of obtaining
     should be noted.                                  new knowledge.                                                — continued on page 4

Distinguished Service Awards
— continued from page 3                           Employment opportunities
     5) Outstanding Leader
     This is the first year for this category.     Tehama, Glenn and Colusa counties:                   UC Riverside: Assistant Professor/
This award is to recognize academics              Livestock, rangeland and natural                     Assistant Water Specialist
in ANR that have provided leadership              resources advisor                                    The UCR Department of Environmental
in their program area or discipline. The          UCCE is seeking a career-track academic              Sciences is accepting applications for a ten-
purpose is to foster leadership within our        advisor to conduct a county-based                    ure track, assistant professor/assistant CE
organization. It is designed to recognize an      extension, educational and applied                   specialist in water resource management.
individual. The committee will evaluate           research program in livestock manage-                Closing date for applications is March 1.
the record for effectiveness, inspiration,        ment, rangeland and natural resources                     This 11-month, tenure-track position
innovation, coaching and personal self-           serving Tehama, Glenn, and Colusa                    (75% Cooperative Extension/25% Instruc-
knowledge.                                        counties (headquartered in Red Bluff).               tion & Research) will start July 1. Applied
     • Effectiveness: Description of breadth      To assure full consideration, application            research areas may include economic
     and depth of significant leadership           packets must be received by March 6                  analysis of water resource management
     contributions the nominee has made to        (open until filled).                                 and policy in California; water rights and
     ANR. His /her work identifies a mea-               These programs will address is-                 transfers, conjunctive management, and
     surable record of accomplishment.            sues such as watershed management,                   water conservation and reuse; public policy
     • Inspiration: Examples of how the           environmental quality, soil and resource             analyses of water quality/quantity issues;
     nominee has inspired a shared vision,        conservation, efficient and sustainable               and water resource management issues
     developed long term objectives and           production and marketing of livestock,               related to land use. Outreach responsibili-
     enabled other academics.                     safe and nutritious food for consumers,              ties include information transfer between
     • Innovation: Examples of how the            and sound stewardship of the natural                 researchers and regulators, irrigation
     nominee advanced an innovative strat-        resources in the range and wildland                  districts, municipal water purveyors,
     egy that directly addressed an issue.        areas.                                               county-based CE advisors, and growers.
     The work represents creativity and/or             A ma s t e r ’ s d e g re e i n n a t u r a l        The teaching load is anticipated to
     a departure from usual practice.             resources, animal science, range man-                be one quarter-length course per year
     • Coaching: Examples of how the              agement, ecology or watershed man-                   in environmental, natural, and water
     nominee has fostered leadership              agement, or closely related discipline,              resources management. There may be
     development in others and helped             is required. Candidates with advanced                participation and supervision of graduate
     them achieve.                                degrees in other related fields may be               students in the Environmental Sciences
     • Personal self-knowledge: Descrip-          considered. The candidate should have                program and in other campus Ph.D. pro-
     tion of how the nominee’s personal           a working knowledge of and familiar-                 grams (e.g., Economics, Public Policy).
     accomplishments contributed to their         ity with emerging issues in livestock                There will be an opportunity to be a
     development as a leader.                     and/or natural resource management.                  part of the newly formed Water Science
                                                  This would include upland watershed                  and Policy Center that is housed in the
    For further information, contact
                                                  management; water quality and down-                  department.
Jeanette Sutherlin, jmsutherlin@ucdavis.
                                                  stream pollution (non-source point                        Criteria for appointment include a
edu or Max Moritz, mmoritz@nature.
                                                  pollution), production economics of                  Ph.D. in an applicable social or policy
                                                  variable production systems, food                    science discipline with demonstrated
                                                  safety, ranch management (including                  expertise in water resource management .
                                                  small producers), watershed restora-                 Graduate-level training in environmental
          World Ag Expo                           tion, animal health, herd/flock manage-              economics and/or public policy analysis
                                                  ment, exotic species, and knowledge                  is desirable. The candidate must exhibit
                                                  of market development and resource                   strong quantitative and analytical skills
                                                  management. Field experience is highly               and possess a strong commitment to
                                                  desired, along with demonstrated                     teaching excellence at both undergradu-
                                                  familiarity in conducting research and               ate and graduate levels, and teaching
                                                  educational programs.                                experience is highly desirable.
                                                       Beginning salary will be in the CE                   Salary is commensurate with educa-
                                                  Assistant Advisor rank, dependent upon               tion and experience.
                                                  applicable experience and professional                    The complete position description
                                                  qualifications.                                       and application process can be viewed
                                                       The full announcement for #ACV 08-02            by going to the department Web site at
Brian Brandt of American Farmland Trust’s         and required academic application form are  For more informa-
Ohio office, left, joins Jeff Mitchell and Carol
Frate at their booth at the World Ag Expo in      available at           tion, contact Search Committee Chair Kurt
Tulare.                                           ing; or e-mail               Schwabe at

 Call for proposals                            for visiting researchers. Approximately           Yuba River frontage along the southern
                                               10,500 hours of labor will be awarded to          edge, offering opportunities for wild-
                                               support approved projects.                        life, water-quality and riparian-habitat
Desert REC
                                                     To obtain proposal forms, go to http://     studies. There are 160 acres of irrigated
The Desert Research & Extension Center              pasture, with a herd of 350 beef cows and
(DREC) is soliciting proposals for new         Call_for_2008-2009_Research_Proposal_             100 yearling calves.
and continuing research and demonstra-         Forms.htm. All proposals must be e-mailed              Other resources include a weather
tion projects for the period July 1, 2009      to by April 10.            station, GIS database, and other long-
- June 30, 2010.                                     For information on submission of            term databases related to hardwoods
      Located in the Imperial Valley, DREC’s   forms, contact Debra Driskill at (760) 356-       and annual rangeland pasture use by
primary research areas are desert agricul-     3061 or For more          cattle; beef cattle fertility, disease and
ture, bio-energy crops, vegetable crops,       information regarding research opportuni-         production levels; stream hydrology in
field crops, alfalfa breeding, livestock,       ties, contact Jose DeSoto, center director, at    managed watersheds; climate and range
environmental and feedlot management,          (760) 356-3065 or           forage yields. Facilities include a labora-
irrigation and drainage management, plant                                                        tory for chemical and biological analyses,
nutrition and pest management.                 Sierra Foothill REC
                                                                                                 meeting rooms, a 13-bed dormitory and
      The center is comprised of 193 acres     The Sierra Foothill Research and Exten-           six cattle-working areas.
of irrigated land, five greenhouses with        sion Center (SFREC) is soliciting propos-              To obtain proposal forms, go to
1,600 square feet of year-round growing        als for new and continuing research for 
needs and laboratories capable of animal,      the period May 1, 2009 - April 30, 2010.          hill/Research/.
plant, soil and water analyses with space           Proposals are due at SFREC by                     For information on electronic
for visiting scientists.                       March 6. The center expects to award ap-          submission of forms contact Chris
      Other resources include a weather sta-   proximately 2,300 hours of labor to assist        Feddersen at (530) 639-8800 or
tion, pressurized underground irrigation       continuing and new research projects.    For more
system with filters, research feedlot cattle         The center comprises 5,721 acres of          information regarding research op-
facility with 116 pens and 700-head capac-     northern Sierra foothill oak woodland-            portunities, contact Art Craigmill,
ity, furnished dormitories for graduate stu-   annual grass rangeland. Several water-            center director, at (530) 639-8800 or
dents and a furnished two-bedroom house        sheds fall within its boundaries, with  

  Names in the news                            the California 4-H YDP SET plan. He will          and the California
                                               also create and oversee 4-H SET curriculum        Agricultural Lead-
                                               development and dissemination; and coor-          ership Foundation
Worker named 4-H SET coordinator
                                               dinate 4-H SET marketing, communication           (CALF).
Steven Worker has                              and outreach with county-based programs                The other Com-
been named 4-H                                 to increase visibility and public relations for   mon Threads award
Science, Engineer-                             the California 4-H YDP SET Program.               recipients include
ing and Technology                                  For more information about SET, go           Molly Watkins, a
(SET) Coordina-                                to              rancher and family
tor, effective Feb.                            SET/. Worker can be reached at (530) 754-                                   Barbara Ohlendorf
                                                                                                 farmer from San Joa-
1. In collaboration                            8519 or                     quin County; Eloise
with the 4-H SET
                                                                                                 Fischer Spence, a
leadership team of                             Ohlendorf, Bradley honored by Common
Richard Mahacek,                               Threads                                           rancher from Ca-
Martin Smith, Lynn Schmitt-McQuitty, and       Barbara Ohlendorf, UC Statewide                   laveras County;
Sharon Junge, Worker is responsible for        Integrated Pest Management Program                Caroline Vann, a
creating and implementing major program        publications coordinator, and Francine            cattle rancher from
development, volunteer development and         Bradley, UC Davis poultry specialist,             Colusa County; and
curriculum delivery strategies for the 4-H     are among six northern California                 Ann Silva, a dairy
SET program plan.                              women who will be honored for their               farmer from San
                                                                                                                            Francine Bradley
     A member of the 4-H staff since 2001,     contributions to agriculture and their            Joaquin County.
Worker had been the State 4-H Program          communities.                                           In addition to
Representative coordinating older youth            The women will be honored on                  distinguishing themselves in their ca-
programs, recognition and technology.          March 5 during a luncheon and “Com-               reers, these women have all lived lives
     In his new role, Worker will develop,     mon Threads” award ceremony at UC                 of giving back to their communities by
implement, and provide staff and volunteer     Davis. The program is sponsored jointly           educating the public about agriculture.
development training for the 4-H SET           by the UC Davis College of Agricultural                To register for the event, go to http://
programs throughout the state, based on        and Environmental Sciences (CA&ES)      

   CAES opens Contained Research Facility                                                          UC experts to
                                                                                                   participate in 22nd
The College of Agricultural and Environ-         tomato apex necrosis virus, and cucurbit
mental Sciences has opened a state-of-the-       yellow stunting disorder virus.”
                                                                                                   California Small Farm
art Contained Research Facility for invasive          The Contained Research Facility con-         Conference
and exotic plant pests.                          sists of greenhouses, growth chambers, and
                                                                                                   More than 20 academics from through-
     Located west of campus on Hopkins           laboratories. Each of the six greenhouses
                                                                                                   out ANR will be sharing their expertise
Road in Davis, the facility is designed for      has its own environmental and air system.
                                                                                                   with hundreds of participants at the
research on finding effective and envi-           The facility meets federal safeguards to
                                                                                                   California Small Farm Conference,
ronmentally sound strategies to prevent,         ensure that organisms being studied are
                                                                                                   March 1-3 in Sacramento.
detect, eradicate, and/or control plant          not released to the outside; safety measures
                                                                                                        Farm advisors and specialists from
pests that pose risks to California’s rich and   address specialized procedures for disposal
                                                                                                   nine counties, three campuses, one
diverse agriculture and ecosystems.              of liquid and solid wastes, ventilation and
                                                                                                   REC and two statewide programs will
     “The Contained Research Facility            air filtration, building access, and other
                                                                                                   present on an array of topics relevant
offers researchers a unique and impor-           unique containment features.
                                                                                                   to small-scale farmers and farmers
tant opportunity to support California                The U.S. Department of Agriculture
                                                                                                   market managers.
agriculture,” noted Bryce Falk, UC Davis         has inspected and approved the facility
                                                                                                        “The Small Farm Conference con-
professor of plant pathology and faculty         as a biological safety level 3 plant (BSL3-
                                                                                                   sistently gathers more than 400 farmers
director of the facility.                        Plant) facility.
                                                                                                   and other agriculture professionals
     “The Contained Research Facility is              Primary users will be UC scientists and
                                                                                                   each year,” said Shermain Hardesty,
designed for research on potentially inva-       other researchers affiliated with private
                                                                                                   director of the UC Small Farm Program
sive or non-indigenous plant pests, as well      companies and governmental agencies
                                                                                                   and a member of the conference’s board
as identified quarantined pests already in        such as the California Department of Food
                                                                                                   of directors. “This is an important outlet
California,” said Michael Parrella, profes-      and Agriculture and the U.S. Department
                                                                                                   for ANR professionals to connect with
sor of entomology and associate dean of the      of Agriculture.
                                                                                                   small-scale farming communities, and
College of Agricultural and Environmental             Space in the facility is shared on a
                                                                                                   I’m proud of the widespread coopera-
Sciences. “These pests include weeds,            project-by-project, recharge basis. For infor-
                                                                                                   tion this year from throughout UC.”
insects, mites, fungi, nematodes, proto-         mation on using the facility, contact Sandy
                                                                                                        Day-long tours on March 1 will
zoa, viruses, and bacteria. Examples that        Kelley, Contained Research Facility man-
                                                                                                   address the topics of urban agriculture
are currently being studied at the facility      ager, (530) 754-2104,
                                                                                                   (led by Kristin Reynolds, UC Small
include light brown apple moth, glassy-          or visit the facility’s Web site at http://crf.
                                                                                                   Farm Program), small-scale livestock
winged sharpshooter and Pierce’s disease,                     – Ann Filmer
                                                                                                   and niche meat marketing (led by
                                                                                                   Roger Ingram, UCCE Placer), and
                                                                                                   cherry production and marketing (led
                                                                                                   by Shermain Hardesty, UC Small Farm
                                                                                                   Program; Joe Grant, UCCE San Joaquin;
                                                                                                   and Beth Mitcham, UC Davis).
                                                                                                        Participants will have the chance
                                                                                                   to hear from 10 different Cooperative
                                                                                                   Extension experts on production of
                                                                                                   various specialty crops, including
                                                                                                   pomegranates, dry beans, olives and ol-
                                                                                                   ive oil, and specialty root vegetables.
                                                                                                        UC experts will also be speaking on
                                                                                                   issues related to farm stands, farmers
Above, Officiating and speaking at the                                                              markets, and regional food–as well
Contained Research Facility opening
were (left to right): Michael Parrella,                                                            as small farm equipment and natural
CA&ES associate dean; Rick Standiford,                                                             resources conservation.
ANR associate vice president; Andrew                                                                    The UC Small Farm Program is an
Hammond, Pacific west area director
for USDA-ARS; Neal Van Alfen, CA&ES                                                                organizing sponsor of California Small
dean; Robert Tse, CDFA deputy secre-                                                               Farm Conference, the state’s premier
tary; and David Pegos, CDFA assistant                                                              gathering of small farmers and those
secretary for legislation.
                                                                                                   who support them. For more informa-
Right, More than 100 people from UC                                                                tion about the California Small Farm
Davis, ANR, government agencies, and                                                               Conference, visit www.californiafarm-
private companies turned out for the
opening of the Contained Research                                                        

Communication Services update                                                                Oak Regeneration Field
ANR associate editors needed                   program with UCCE San Diego County
                                                                                             Day set for April 22
Recruitment is now under way for ANR           for several months, Communication Ser-        On April 22 the IHRMP will host
associate editors in three subject areas:      vices is now ready to roll out the program    Oak Regeneration Field Day at the
environmental horticulture, natural            statewide.                                    Sierra Foothill Research and Exten-
resources and pomology, viticulture &                                                        sion Center (SFREC) in Yuba County.
                                                   Here are the details:
subtropical horticulture.                                                                    These field days have been held
                                                   •Counties or programs that conduct
    Associate editors are nominated                                                          every two to three years since 1989
                                                   sales of publications can be issued a     and provide an opportunity to share
by the Communications Advisory
                                                   promotion code for use by customers       information about the most effective
Board and appointed by Associate Vice
                                                   in the online catalog only. Telephone,    procedures for artificially establishing
President Rick Standiford to manage the
content peer-review process for ANR                fax, or mail orders are not eligible.     native California oaks and to view oak
educational materials. In doing so, as-            •The codes do not expire.                 research trials at the SFREC. Some of
sociate editors ensure that the content            •In order to encourage customers to use   the oak plantings have now been in
of ANR publications and videos is as               your promotion code, customers using      place for over 20 years, providing an
scientifically accurate as possible.               a promotion code will receive a 10%       opportunity for participants to view
    Associate editors also encourage               discount on their order. (Discounts       older oak plantings and observe how
authors to write new and revise older                                                        trees mature.
                                                   cannot be combined. So for example,
publications, and they serve as a link                                                            This year’s field day will feature
                                                   Master Gardeners cannot combine
between ANR Communication Services                                                           a variety of research trials including
                                                   their standard discount and a promo-
and the Division’s programs. With their                                                      a study comparing livestock impacts
                                                   tion code to get a 50% discount.)         to varying sizes of oak seedlings, the
efforts, associate editors significantly
                                                   •Participating counties or programs       causes of variability in acorn crops,
contribute to the quality of extension
                                                   will receive 30% of the net sales         how treeshelters affect seedling
and outreach programs statewide. ANR
associate editors’ terms are four years,           (product totals excluding taxes and       growth, and comparisons of planting
beginning July 1, 2009.                            shipping) generated by customers          seedlings vs. acorns.
    To nominate yourself or a colleague            using their codes.                             The field day will consist of
for associate editor in one of the above           •Carol Lopez in our Oakland ware-         indoor and outdoor sessions and is
subject areas, please provide the fol-             house will run quarterly reports to       designated for restoration profes-
lowing information by April 17 to Joe              determine any sales revenue due           sionals, arborists, woodland owners
Connell, chair of the Communications                                                         and managers, professional forest-
                                                   participating counties. Revenues less
Advisory Board’s recruitment subcom-                                                         ers, nursery operators and others
                                                   than $50.00 will roll over to the next
mittee: candidate’s name, address,                                                           interested in the ecology, manage-
                                                   reporting period.
phone number, e-mail address, areas of                                                       ment and restoration of California’s
expertise, length of service with ANR,                                                       oak woodlands. The workshop fee
                                                    To get started, simply e-mail Cyn-
workgroup or continuing conferences to                                                       is $35 and will cover the morning
                                               thia Kintigh at
which candidate belongs, and descrip-                                                        refreshments, handouts, and a
                                               with a request. Your promotion code
tion of candidate’s prior involvement                                                        catered lunch.
                                               will be set up in the system and e-mailed          For further information, contact
with both Communication Services
                                               back to you along with suggested              Sherry Cooper at (530) 224-4902 or
and with ANR and other peer review
                                               wording for use of the codes in event         Doug McCreary at (530) 639-8807, or
processes. E-mail nominations to Con-
nell at or mail          flyers and other promotional materials.       look at the announcement and regis-
to UCCE Butte County, 2279-B Del Oro           Once received, you can start using it         tration form on the IHRMP Web page
Avenue, Oroville, CA 95965.                    right away.                                   (
    If you have questions about the                 Keep in mind that there are pros and     Registration is limited and will be on
responsibilities of ANR associate editors,     cons to using the code – it’s easier on you   a first-come, first-served basis and will
contact Joe Grant, associate editor chair,     and your staff when schlepping publica-       close on April 15.
(209) 953-6100,; or        tions to events; but you do lose out on
Ann Senuta, Communication Services             impulse purchases that are more likely
publications manager, (530) 754-3908,          to occur at events. People are often more                          likely to buy publications at an event;
Online catalog publication promotion           once they go home they can forget, or
codes                                          change their mind.
One of the features of the online catalog           Contact Kintigh if you have ques-
software is the ability to issue promotion     tions about the promotion codes at
codes for tracking sales. After testing this or (530) 754-3911.

                                                                                                Advanced advocacy
  In memoriam                                                                                   workshops scheduled
W. Mack Dugger                                                                                ANR members who are interested in
                                                                                              further developing their advocacy skills
W. Mack Dugger                                      Dugger is survived by his son,
                                                                                              may sign up for the small group Ad-
Jr., former dean and                            Thomas, and daughter, Lucinda, and
                                                                                              vanced Advocacy Through Education
professor emeritus                              three granddaughters. Donations in his
                                                                                              workshops (Advocacy 301).
of UCR’s College of                             memory may be sent to the UCR Botanic
                                                                                                  To make more effective use of
Natural and Agricul-                            Gardens.                 – Sara Clausen
                                                                                              your time, we have combined the
tural Sciences, died at
his Riverside home                                                                            messaging training with in-person,
on Dec. 26, 2008. He                            Gary Rush                                     on-camera training. Mike Miller and
was 90.                                         Gary A. Rush,                                 Paula Hamilton of Brown-Miller Com-
      A plant physi-                            farm advisor                                  munications will conduct workshops
ologist, Dugger came                            emeritus, died                                across the state in March and April
to UCR’s statewide Air Pollution Research       on Jan. 24 in Red-                            where participants will practice hon-
Center in 1960 from the University of           ding. He was 73.                              ing and delivering messages about
Florida. Three years later he became pro-            Rush grew                                the University of California, ANR and
fessor of botany and, in 1964, chair of the     up on a ranch in                              their programs in mock meetings with
then-Department of Life Sciences in the         eastern Oregon                                decisionmakers. The role-playing ses-
College of Letters and Sciences.                and was active                                sions are video taped, then played back
      In 1968, Life Sciences was renamed        in 4-H as a child.                            and reviewed so that participants can
the Department of Biology and combined          He earned his                                 observe their effectiveness at convey-
with the Citrus Experiment Station and          bachelor’s degree                             ing their messages.
the Agriculture Research Center to create a     in animal science                                 The one-day workshops (10
single college of Biological and Agricultural   in 1957 from Oregon State University, 4:30 p.m.) will be limited to
Sciences. Named the first dean of this col-      studied education from 1960 to 1961 at        six participants per session, so be
lege, Dugger guided the difficult merger         Sacramento State University, then earned      sure to sign up early. To register, go
of an academic faculty and research and         a master’s in agriculture and resource        to
outreach personnel of the Citrus Experi-        economics in 1972 from University of              For more information about Ad-
ment Station. Rapid expansion followed,         Nevada.
                                                                                              vocacy Through Education training,
with the new college seeing its enrollment           In 1973, Rush was appointed to a
                                                                                              go to
tripling in the first three years.               joint University of Nevada and Univer-
                                                                                              cacy2009 or contact Pam Kan-Rice at
      In 1974, physical science depart-         sity of California farm advisor position in
                                                                                              (510) 987-0043, pamela.kan-rice@ucop.
ments were added to create the College          Community Resource Development and
                                                                                              edu, or Lorrie Mandoriao at (510) 987-
of Natural and Agricultural Sciences. This      assigned to Modoc, Lassen and Washoe
                                                counties. Rush served in this position        0063,
unique blending of agricultural, life, and
physical sciences was a bold new step for       until he transferred to Plumas-Sierra
the campus, and one that required all of
Dugger’s considerable administrative and
                                                counties as the UC Cooperative Extension
                                                agriculture/4-H advisor in 1983.
                                                                                                   ANR REPORT
diplomatic skills to accomplish.                     Rush moved to Hayfork in 1987 to
      Dugger served as dean from 1968           become the county director and “jack of         UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA
                                                all trades” in Trinity County. In 1990 he            Division of Agriculture
until 1981, when he returned to teaching
                                                                                                   and Natural Resources (ANR)
and research in the Dept. of Botany and         was appointed county director for both
                                                                                               Serving California through the creation, devel-
Plant Sciences. He will be remembered           Shasta and Trinity counties. He also had       opment and application of knowledge in agri-
particularly for his work with plant irriga-    programmatic responsibility in 4-H Youth      cultural, natural and human resources. We invite
tion systems and his research on the subject    Development and Community Economic                        you to visit ANR’s Web site:
of boron. Dugger, who retired in 1990, was      Development. He retired in 1993 and was
honored with UCR’s prestigious Emeritus         immediately granted emeritus status.                To access back issues of ANR Report,
                                                                                                 log on to
Faculty Award for 1996-97.                           “Gary is remembered for being fair
                                                                                                     Send news items and comments to
      A native of Georgia, Dugger received      in his dealings, his practical approach to                      ANR Report,
his B.S. in soil botany at the University of    problem solving and his willingness to          Office of Governmental & External Relations,
Georgia in 1941 and an M.S. in plant physi-     pitch in and get the job done,” said Larry              1111 Franklin St., 6th Floor,
                                                                                                         Oakland, CA 94607-5200.
ology from the University of Wisconsin          Forero, livestock advisor for Shasta and       Telephone: (510) 987-0043; fax: (510) 465-2659;
in 1942. After service in World War II, he      Trinity counties.                                      e-mail:
received his Ph.D. in plant physiology from          Rush is survived by his sons, Michael
                                                                                                       For nondiscrimination policy,
North Carolina State College in Raleigh         and Patrick, and two sisters, Marcia and                        click here.
in 1950.                                        Debra Rush.                  – Larry Forero


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