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									                           Hayat MohammedSharada

Personal Information
        Address: 58A Mohammed Farid Abo-Hadid street, Naser city, Egypt
        Phone: +2024050379
        Fax:    +2025552468
        Email: -

                B.Sc.     in   Chemistry,    Faculty   of     Science,   Ain   shams
                M.Sc., Ain ShamsUniversity, (1974).
                Ph.D., in Biochemistry, Al-Azhar University ,(1981)

Appointments At Helwan University
        1969-1974 Demonstrator, Chemistry department, Helwan University.
        1979-1977 Assistant lecturer, Chemistry department, Helwan University.
        1977-1989 lecturer, Chemistry department, Helwan University
        1989-2002 Assistant Proff., Chemistry department, Helwan University
        2002-till now Proff., Chemistry department, Helwan University.
        2005-till now Head of Chemistry Department.


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10- Dr. Hayat Mohamed Sharada, Effect of Inositol Hexaphosphate (IP6)
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11- Dr. Salah Shoman (Internal Medicine) Dr. Hayat Mohamed Sharada
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12- Dr. Hayat Mohamed Sharada, Temporary Treatment of
    Experimentally Induced Uremia in Rats via Converting W^stp
    Metabolites into Glutamate, Egyptian  Journal of Biomedical
    Sciences. Faculty of Pharmacy, Al-Azhar University. Accepted at

13- Amr Mohamed Shaaban, Magdy Mahmoud. Mohamed, Hayat
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            18- Sharada, H.M.1, Abo EI-Dahab, M.2, Megahed, Y. M., Ayad,
                S.K and -f, R, Role Of Certain Trace Elements and Ceruloplasmin
                in Patients With Different Grades Of Prostate And Liver Cancers

Research Interests
             Clinical Biochemistry
             Diabetes
             Errors in metabolism and diseases associated with this defects

Teaching Experience
             Originating and teaching courses in the field of biochemistry
             Director and supervisor for post graduate students at helwan university,
              faculty of science and Faculty of home Economics

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