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					 1                                                                  Press Release
 2                                                                                 2012-147
 3   Schmitz Cargobull AG
 4   Schmitz Cargobull AG forms joint-venture with China’s
 5   Dongfeng
 7   Münster / Wuhan 16.11.2012: Schmitz Cargobull AG, the Europe’s largest
 8   trailer manufacturer, has signed a joint-venture contract with Dongfeng
 9   Motor Group, one of the three giant truck makers in China, to cooperate in
10   the semitrailer production in the Chinese market, in Wuhan, on November
11   16th.
13   The management, represented by Xu Ping (Chairman of the Board,
14   Secretary of DFM Party Committee) and Zhu Fushou (General Manager,
15   vice Secretary of DFM Party Committee), along with Ulrich Schümer, CEO
16   of Schmitz Cargobull and the board members, Andreas Schmitz and
17   Ulrich Schöpker have attended the signing ceremony.
19   Known as the world leading truck and trailer manufacturers in the industry,
20   the two partners see the joint-venture as an opportunity for major
21   synergies and further expansion in the growing global transport market by
22   providing the customers with a combined solution of towing tuck and
23   innovative semitrailer. The first-phase of construction of a manufacturing
24   facility with state-of-the-art industry standards is scheduled to build in
25   Wuhan, which offers an annual capacity of up to 40,000 semitrailers. A
26   40,000 m2 production facility on land area of 150,000 m2 will be
27   constructed and equipped with innovative manufacturing technology. The
28   total investment of approximately 100 million Euros is planned over the
29   course of 5 years.
30   With the objective to produce newly developed semitrailers specially
31   designed for the Asian market, Schmitz Cargobull is currently building the
32   prototypes in Germany, which will be subjected to comprehensive tests at
33   the Cargobull Validation Centre later. The first products are expected to
34   roll off the line in 2014.
35   Dongfeng, through its extensive nationwide network of dealerships and
36   service partners, will be engaged in the product sales of the joint-venture
37   in China’s domestic market, as well as the in the after-sales maintenance
38   and services.
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44   "As the leading truck manufacturer in China, our goal is to win over
45   customers with our outstanding "one-stop shopping concept". We want to
46   provide customers with comprehensive advice and offer them the optimal
47   truck and trailer transport solution. This also includes service covering
48   every aspect of the tractor-trailer. With Schmitz Cargobull, we have
49   gained Europe's leading semitrailer manufacturer as a partner. For more
50   than 120 years, Schmitz Cargobull has satisfied its customers through
51   innovative transport vehicles with high value retention,” stated Huang
52   Gang, General Manager of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles Co., Ltd. and
53   future Chairman of the joint-venture.
55   Ulrich Schümer, CEO of Schmitz Cargobull AG, emphasised: "Together
56   with our partner, Dongfeng, Schmitz Cargobull will continue its
57   globalisation strategy on the Chinese market. We see enormous potential
58   for growth here and we intend to utilise this together, thanks to the
59   expertise of both companies in truck and trailer production."
61   “With Dongfeng, we have an experienced transport partner in the
62   prospering Chinese market. The knowledge of the market, vehicles and
63   customers represent a great opportunity to develop a successful market
64   with the combination of the best truck with the best semitrailer.” Andreas
65   Schmitz, Schmitz Cargobull AG Board Member expanded.
68   Dongfeng, as the world famous commercial vehicle enterprise, is focusing
69   on the strategic goal of “making Dongfeng the strongest auto maker in
70   China and a first-class auto maker in the world” and strives to develop
71   and sustain its status of an enterprise capable of sustainable growth,
72   world oriented and capable of development in all relevant sectors.
73   Schmitz Cargobull AG is the leading semitrailer manufacturer in Europe
74   with more than one hundred years’ tradition and known for both its
75   engineering achievements in the field of transport vehicles as well as its
76   global cost and volume leadership. With such attainments and its
77   international reach Schmitz Cargobull generates outstanding value for its
78   customers and serves as the benchmark for quality and profitability.


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 85   Background:
 87   About Dongfeng Motor Corporation:

 88   Founded in 1969, Dongfeng Motor Corporation, formerly named Second
 89   Automobile Works Co., is one of the three giant automakers in China. Its main
 90   businesses include passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, engines, auto parts
 91   & components and equipment. Through over 40 years of development, a set of
 92   R&D and manufacturing facilities have been established as well as an extensive
 93   distribution and after-sales network, which unfolds a business display footed in
 94   Hubei while radiating the whole nation. The major business facilities are located
 95   in Shiyan, Xiangfan, Wuhan and Guangzhou. In addition, several branches are
 96   placed in Shanghai, Liuzhou (Guangxi), Yancheng (Guangxi), Nanchong
 97   (Sichuan), Zhengzhou (Henan), Urumchi (Xinjiang), Chaoyang (liangning),
 98   Hangzhou (Zhejiang),Kunming (Yunnan), etc. Dongfeng Motor Company,
 99   established in 2003 by Dongfeng Motor Corporation and Nissan Motor Company
100   with a 50:50 equity structure, is the largest automobile joint venture in China up to
101   date. Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company is a medium and heavy-duty
102   commercial vehicle business division under Dongfeng Motor Company and has
103   43 years history in manufacturing vehicles. Its sales volume of 2010 is 313
104   thousand vehicles, among which 249 thousand are middle and heavy trucks.
105   After 9 years joint operation, the company has now developed to the largest
106   medium and heavy truck manufacturer of China.

108   About Schmitz Cargobull AG:
110   The German company, Schmitz Cargobull AG was established in 1892 as a
111   forge. Today the company has developed into the European trailer and body
112   manufacturers with the highest turnover in the commercial vehicle branch.
113   Schmitz Cargobull produces its products at six industrial manufacturing sites in
114   Europe. It serves all of the sales markets in Europe, the near and Middle East
115   with its own sales structure and an authorised service partner network. Employing
116   more than 4,400 people and with a turnover of approx. 1.638 billion Euros for the
117   2011/2012 business year (01.04. - 31.03.), Schmitz Cargobull is the European
118   market leader. Schmitz Cargobull produced more than 43,000 vehicles during the
119   2012/2013 business year.
121   The commercial vehicle product range covers:
122   - Box trailers, trailers and bodies for foodstuffs and valuable goods in the dry
123     freight and refrigerated transport sector,
124   - Platform semitrailers and curtainsider semitrailers for general cargo and finished
125     commercial products (beverages, paper, steel),
126   - Tipper semitrailers for bulk goods in the commercial and agricultural sectors,
127   - Container semitrailer chassis and swap-body trailers for intermodal transport
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132   A complete package of services rounds out the company's portfolio:
133   - Cargobull Finance – leasing and hire-purchase, insurance
134   - Cargobull Parts & Services – service and spare parts, Full Service contracts
135   - Cargobull Service Partners – repairs and maintenance,
136   - Cargobull Telematics – trailer telematics
137   - Cargobull Trailer Store – used-vehicles
139   End of the Press Release.
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144   The Schmitz Cargobull Press-Team:
146   Gerd Rohrsen: Tel. : +49/2558/ 81-1323        
147   Andrea Ewering:                  -1321        
148   Silke Hesener                    -1501        
149                 Fax: +49/2558/ 81-1287

152   From left:
153   Front line:
154   Ulrich Schümer      CEO of Schmitz Cargobull
155   Zhu Fushou          General Manager of DFG, Vice-secretary of the CPC of DFMC,
156                       Execute Board Member
157   Rear line:
158   1.Tong Dongcheng (Vice General Manager of DFG)
159   2. Guo Shengwei (Secretary General of Wuhan Government)
160   3. Zhu Yi (Member of Standing Committee, CPC Wuhan Committee and Party Secretary of
161      Wuhan Economic & Technological Development Zone)
162   4. Ouyang Wankun (Director of Economic & Information Committee, Hubei Province)
163   5. Tang Liangzhi (Mayor of Wuhan)
164   6. Xu Kezhen (Vice Governor of Hubei Province)
165   7. Xu Ping (Chairman, Secretary of the CPC of DFG)
166   8. Andreas Schmitz (Shareholder, Member of the Board, Schmitz Cargobull)
167   9. Ulrich Schöpker (Member of the Board, Schmitz Cargobull)
168   10. Bernhard Schmitz (Shareholder, Schmitz Cargobull)
169   11. Chen Xinwu, Deputy Secretary General of Hubei Province
170   12. Wang Xiaohui (Igeo)
171   13. Maik Beckmann (Schmitz Cargobull)
172   14. Gem Shi (Schmitz Cargobull)

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