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									                                                                  District 5650
                                                                                                 Issue Number 5 - November, 2005
                                     GOVERNOR’S MESSAGE

                            We are approaching the holiday season.
   DISTRICT OFFICERS        Beginning with Thanksgiving, followed by
                            the celebration of some Religious
   James A. Mastera
                            Holydays/Holidays and concluding with
 District Governor Elect
                            New Years. It seems as though our
        Cheryl Blue         families play a major role in celebration
District Governor Nominee   these special days. In fact, it would be
                            difficult for me to imagine not having
  James A. “Jim” Blue       some family to celebrate these days with.
Chair, Governor’s Council   Yet there are people who do not have
                            families with whom to spend these special
    Alan E. Schenck         occasions.
    District Secretary
                            The Family of Rotary is the focus for the
    Earl Sonnemaker         month of December. I invite you to give
    District Treasurer      some consideration to volunteering to do
                            something for an organization that helps                            DIRECTORY UPDATES
       Dan J. Rose
                            individuals at this time of year or perhaps
     District Trainer
                            you know someone who would appreciate                       Please make the following changes to
   John W. Herdman          your presence. I know a lot of our clubs                    your District Directory. If you have any
  Asst. District Trainer    throughout the district already provide                     changes in your contact information,
                            special holiday service to those who are in                 contact Vickie Backman - 402-571-3500
                            need.                                                       or rotary5650@cox.net.
 ASSISTANT GOVERNORS        Or look around your club, perhaps there is                  Beatrice - Robert Schafer, President
                            a member who would really appreciate a                          Elect - rob@johnwcarlsonlaw.com
       Dan J. Rose                                                                      Council Bluffs Centennial - meeting
                            special loving touch this season, perhaps
     Carol Thomas           recently widowed, change of life style, or                      location effective November 30th -
                            perhaps family who live out of town and                         Hy-Vee in Mall of the Bluffs, I-80
   Richard W. Hughes                                                                        Exit 5
                            not able to be with them.
     Brian Volkmer                                                                      Wilber - New meeting location - Hotel
                            Many of us enjoy such abundance that it is                      Wilber, 203 South Wilson
Charles “Chuck” Millburg    good for us to share, with our families and                 District Awards Committee Co-Chairs
                            with the family of Rotary.                                      - New Co-chairs are Jim Fahrnbruch
       Paul Cohen
                                                                                            & Cody Vance;
     Sharon Wherry                                                                          Jim Fahrnbruch, 435 Westridge
                                                                                            Road, Crete, NE 68333;
   Elizabeth W. “Eli”                                                                       402.826.5811; jfahrnb@alltel.net;
       McNichols                     DECEMBER IS                                            Cody Vance, 1335 Boswell Ave,
    C. Roger Carrell               FAMILY OF ROTARY                                         Apt. 105, Crete, NE 68333;
                                                                                            402.564.0343; cvance@doane.edu
       June Seitz                       MONTH
   Debra B. “Debbie”
                            Nicolette S. “Nicki” Klein, Editor; nicki.klein@tieronebank.com; 402-473-6422
                            www.rotarydistrict5650.org                                     www.rotary.org

 Club Officer elections for the 2006-2007 Rotary Year                 The 2006 Rotary International convention will be held in
 should be held by December 31st. The Club Officer                    Beautiful Malmo and Wonderful Copenhagen June 11-14,
 Information Form for the District and the Official                   2006! This, the first convention in Rotary’s new century,
 Directory Data Form for Rotary International are due no              promises to be not only a wonderful site to visit, but a
 later than December 31, 2005.                                        great opportunity to meet Rotarians from around the
 To report to the District, a copy of the required form has
 been included in the newsletter. This form may also be               Registration information for the convention as well as
 found on the District website www.rotarydistrict5650.org.            hotel accommodations can be found in the Rotarian, or by
                                                                      visiting the Rotary International website www.rotary.org.
 Rotary International sent each Club Secretary the Official           DGE Jim Mastera also has registration forms available.
 Directory Data Form at the end of October. Club
 Secretaries using Member Access on the Rotary                        We have also been informed that a Rotarian from
 International website www.rotary.org may make the                    Alabama has arranged for a cruise on Crystal Cruise Lines
 Official Directory Data Form updates in Member Access.               after the convention. It is an 11-day cruise entitled
 You also have the options of emailing the completed                  Kingdoms of the Baltic. If you have an interest in this
 Official Directory Data Form to data@rotaryintl.org or               cruise DGE Mastera will also provide contact information
 faxing the form to Data Services at 1-847-733-9340. For              to you.
 those of you that work with the full Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or
 higher program (not just the Adobe Acrobat Reader) there             Attendance at the convention in Malmo and Copenhagen
 is a writable version of the Official Directory Data Form            promises to be an exciting time! Not only will you have
 available on the RI website www.rotary.org in the                    the opportunity to meet new friends, but also the
 ‘Download Area’ then go to ‘Club District Support’ and               opportunity to learn about the Nordic region, its people
 then ‘Club Administration’. With the full Adobe program              and customs. The convention itself will feature a variety
 you can write and save this document to be emailed as a              of sessions on membership, youth activities, The Rotary
 PDF file to RI at data@rotaryintl.org . For those using              Foundation, presidential emphases and Rotary’s public
 only the Adobe Acrobat Reader program you can use the                image several times a day for more opportunities to
 writable file, print it and then fax or scan it for faxing or        attend.
 emailing, but you cannot save your changes in the writable
                                                                                          HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
 Officer information for the President, President-Elect and
 Secretary is required.      Officer information for the              December 4, 1967..................Omaha Suburban.............38
 Treasurer and Sgt. at Arms is also requested. Please                 December 27, 2955................Omaha West....................50
 remember to provide an email address as well as phone
 and mailing address. A photo of the President is
 required and due January 15, 2006. The contact                                UPCOMING NEWSLETTER ISSUES
 information and photo provided will be included in the
 District Directory.                                                  A complete listing of article assignments is available on
                                                                      the Rotary District website – www.rotarydistrict5650.org.
 Send the District Club Officer Information Form and photo
                                                                      Following are Clubs and Assistant Governors with articles
 of the Club President to Mary Buckley – Rotary District
                                                                      due in the next two months:
 5650 Exec. Asst., PO Box 83843, Lincoln, NE 68501;
 Phone/Fax 402.796.2505, Email direx@inebraska.com.                   December, 2005 Newsletter (due 12-1):
 Club Secretaries, please continue to send your Club                  Aurora               Friend              Bellevue
 Profiles to Vickie Backman, Rotary District 5650 Exec.               Nebraska City        Western Douglas County
 Asst. for the rest of this 2005-2006 Rotary year.                    Sharon Wherry, Area 7

                                                                      January, 2006 Newsletter (due 1-1):
                 CADWALLADER AWARD                                    Humboldt             Omaha Suburban                Shenandoah
                                                                      Beatrice             Lincoln Sunrise
 Submit your Club’s Cadwallader Nominations before                    Carol Thomas – Area 2
 January 6, 2006 to:
                                                                      Submit articles electronically to lloydg@stpiusxomaha.org
                                                                      (Lloyd Gnirk) and Nicki Klein (nklein@tieronebank.com).
                  PDG Mary Garrison
                                                                      If you have photos to go with the articles, or other photos
                  2295 Co. Rd. TT
                                                                      of your club, submit along with your article.
                  DeWitt, NE 68341

www.rotary.org                                                   Page 2                                         www.rotarydistrict5650.org
                      COLUMBUS MORNING                                                   OMAHA NORTHWEST

                                                                          Omaha Northwest Rotary is actively working on
                                                                          membership, with an ongoing challenge to members to
                                                                          bring prospective guests to our meeting. In November
                                                                          we will hold an after hours event designed to allow
                                                                          prospective members an opportunity to have questions
                                                                          answered about Rotary as they mingle and visit with
                                                                          current club members in an informal setting.

                                                                          The District has awarded Northwest Rotary a simplified
                                                                          grant that will be used for a Literacy Project. Rotarians
                                                                          and non-Rotarians are being recruited to meet weekly for
                                                                          an hour session with 8 – 10 year old students that have
                                                                          been identified as not meeting the Federal reading
Columbus Morning Rotary meets Thursdays at 7:00 A.M. We                   standards required to meet the third grade reading level
have 14 energetic members who have been involved in a variety             at Indian Hills and Kennedy Public Schools where a
of activities over the last five months.                                  majority of the children are classified as minorities. The
                                                                          club is purchasing books with the grant monies that will
We kicked off our year with a July 7th visit from District                be used during the reading sessions. When the student
Governor Lloyd Gnirk. Besides the usual club banner gift and a            has completed reading the book with the volunteers and
jug of brew from our local “Gottberg” microbrewery, we                    then reads the book at home with parents they will
presented Lloyd with a ceremonial $1400 check to the Rotary               receive a second book for their home library.
Foundation representing $100 per capita and 100% participation
in The Rotary Foundation, meeting our club’s Foundation goal.             Thanksgiving day, the staff of the 911 Center will
A great start to the Rotary year!                                         receive snack trays from Northwest Rotary, as an
                                                                          expression of thanks for their 24/7 schedule to serve our
In August, the club handled logistics for the United Way “Duck            community.       This year the club will be supporting
Derby”. Each year, local service clubs assist the United Way in           “Toys for Tots” with donations. Other Community
selling plastic ducks, which are numbered and released by                 Service club projects include ringing bells for the
Rotarians into the Loup River along a controlled course. The              Salvation Army and assisting the City of Omaha with the
first duck crossing the finish line wins a vehicle for its owner.         Christmas Tree Recycling project in December and
This year, over 11,000 ducks were sold, which really created a            January. Donations will also be collected in December
“mad dash” for the finish line and a formidable task for the              for the Open Door Mission and the Stephen Center.
Rotarians in charge of capturing them as they escaped downriver
toward Schuyler.                                                          Planning for the 26th annual Bicycle Ride Across
                                                                          Nebraska is underway. This family event draws riders
This fall, Rotarians from both Columbus Rotary Clubs held a               from across the country. There is an average of 26 states
raffle to support literacy and low-income immunization programs           represented and on occasion the ride has hosted riders
in the community. Over $2000 was raised by raffling off tickets           from England, Germany, France, and Canada. BRAN 26
to Husker Volleyball and Football games (there was some debate            will travel 445 miles across Nebraska during June 4 -
on whether the Grand Prize should be the Volleyball or the                June 10, 2006. Riders will check-in on June 3rd in
Football tickets!)                                                        Broken Bow, Nebraska. Overnight stops during the rest
                                                                          of the week include Eustis, Maywood, Cambridge,
Other activities include highway clean-up and watering drought-           Minden, Geneva and Tecumseh. The ride will end
stricken trees in our local parks. Next month we will have our            Saturday morning in Springfield with the annual Omaha
annual Christmas caroling party to area nursing homes and                 Northwest Rotary reception serving hot dogs from the
assisted living centers. We are sponsoring a local girl as a Rotary       grill. Proceeds from this ride fund Annual Scholarships
Exchange student to Austria in January, and look forward to               totaling $27,250.00 awarded to Nebraska high school
hosting a student from Austria in our community at the same               graduates attending Nebraska Universities and Colleges
time.                                                                     across the state.

In April we will sponsor our annual “Service Above Self” award            College students interested in a BRAN Scholarship
to a Non-Rotarian in the community active in volunteer work.              should contact the Financial Aid office at their college or
This is a local award our club initiated that has been well               university. For registration information about this year’s
publicized in the local press. Columbus Morning is having a               ride contact: Vickie Backman, BRAN, Inc., 10730
great year and we wish the same to all the District Clubs!                Pacific Street, Ste. 218, Omaha, NE 68114-4780,
                                         -Paul Canaday, President         402.397.9785, brantour@radiks.net.

Lloyd A. Gnirk, District Governor                                Page 3                                              Service Above Self
                         GENEVA                                                            LINCOLN 14

 We started off the Rotary year with a Pancake Feed at            Four months into our Rotary year Lincoln Rotary Club 14 is off
 Geneva’s Q125 Celebration and donated half of the                to a great start. We have funded two international projects with
 proceeds to the Q125 Committee. We also hosted                   our partner club in San Pedro De Macoris, Dominican Republic.
 District Governor Lloyd Gnirk in August.                         The first facilitated moving a dental exam room to the clinic we
                                                                  have been helping establish and also purchased supplies for this
 On November 1st, we held our 47th Annual Charter                 room. The second one provides a cistern in the same poor barrio
 Banquet. The guest speaker was Marisa Montalvo from              that will allow a reverse osmosis water purification system to
 Quito, Ecuador. She is a senior at Aurora High School            function.
 and is participating in the youth exchange program. She
 is a member of the Rotaract Club of Los Chillos, District        November 4th was the date of our annual fund raising auction.
 4400 in Quito. She gave a very entertaining talk about           This year we are partnering with the Lancaster Chapter of the
 her country and her favorite things about the United             American Red Cross to help support local victims of home fires -
 States. She also talked about the three main projects            particularly appropriate to choose the Red Cross this year as
 sponsored by her Rotaract Club.                                  extensive hurricane relief has resulted in fund raising challenges
                                                                  for local chapters.
 The two main projects that we are involved in are the
 WHALE (We Have A Little Emergency) Program and                   In November we will begin our third housing project. We
 Rotary Good Fellows. The WHALE program provides                  partner with NeighborWorks who provide financing and
 stickers for children’s car seats that list the personal and     construction management expertise. This year we are joined by
 contact information of the child and their parents. This         the University of Nebraska College of Architecture who has
 can be used by authorities to contact family members             designed and is also involved in constructing this low income
 when the child’s parents are hurt in an accident. There is       home.
 also a sticker for the window so authorities know there is
 information on the car seat.                                     We are also involved in many other local projects as we attempt
                                                                  to exemplify our Rotary motto of “Service Above Self.” I begin
 We provide coats for between 100 and 150 children in             each of our weekly meetings with a quote from our founder Paul
 Fillmore County that may not have winter coats through           Harris so I will close this article with one of his quotes.
 our Rotary Good Fellows program. We are also going to
 donate books to Fillmore County New Beginnings so                “We need in this world a much better and clearer understanding
 they can give them out to mothers of newborns. This is           of the worth of some things and of the worthlessness of others.”
 our Literacy Project.                                            (The Rotarian, February 1915),
                              - - Jim Donovan, President                                                  - - Jim Dyck, President

                                                       FAMILY OF ROTARY

 The season of family is upon us---Thanksgiving is the most traveled time of the year as millions make pilgrimages to see family.
 Then comes Christmas when families gather to exchange gifts and good cheer. The holiday season is recognized by most of us
 with our relatives, neighbors and of course, our church family, but don’t forget your Rotary family. Especially at this is the time
 of the year you should include your rotary family . Throughout the community and the entire nation we need to be aware that we
 have a growing lack of values and family involvement.

 Your Rotary Family can make changes and improve your club while conducting family activities. Do you have a Family of
 Rotary Committee or Chair within your club? Some of the many ways this committee can make an impact:

 1. Help each Rotarian feel like family within the club         4. Get the Rotarian’s families involved in club activities
 2. Do something for families as community service              5. Include widows of Rotarians in your activities
 3. Remember the sick and elderly Rotarians                     6. Value your Rotary friends—tell them!

 Rotary family activities allow young members to include their children thus not taking time away from them. Sharing activities &
 charitable involvement with spouses provides good role models for children. They are never too young to learn about sharing and
 service to others.

 FRIENDSHIP is the FOUNDATION upon which ROTARY was BUILT. We continue to SEARCH FOR PEACE and
 UNDERSTANDING. At this time of the year we often say “PEACE TO YOU”. This peace and understanding begins with the
 family—Your rotary family also begins at home—With so many challenges facing families today, it is imperative that Rotarians
 do whatever they can to strengthen the family—this in turn will strengthen the community and beyond.
                                                                         - - Mary Linn Sonnemaker, Chair District Family of Rotary

www.rotary.org                                                  Page 4                                       ww.rotarydistrict5650.org
DISTRICT 5650 2006-2007 CLUB OFFICER INFORMATION FORM                                                              DEADLINE: December 31, 2005
ROTARY CLUB OF                                          MEETING LOCATION                                                        DAY/TIME

PRESIDENT (Photo Needed *) 2006-07                                    PRESIDENT 2007-08
NAME:                                                                 NAME:
Call Name:                                  Spouse:                   Call Name:                                               Spouse:
Address:                                         Birth Mo/Day:        Address:                                                      Birth Mo/Day:

City/Town State Zip Code                                              City/Town State Zip Code
Phone - Home:                        Work:                            Phone - Home:                                     Work:
E-mail:                              Fax:                             E-mail:                                           Fax:

SECRETARY 2006-07                                                     TREASURER 2006-07
NAME:                                                                 NAME:
Call Name:                                  Spouse:                   Call Name:                                               Spouse:
Address:                                         Birth Mo/Day:        Address:                                                      Birth Mo/Day:

City/Town State Zip Code                                              City/Town State Zip Code
Phone - Home:                        Work:                            Phone - Home:                                     Work:
E-mail:                              Fax:                             E-mail:                                           Fax:

SGT-AT-ARMS 2006-07                                                                       INSTRUCTIONS FOR CLUB SECRETARY
                                                                      Mail by December 31, 2005 to:
Call Name:                                  Spouse:
Address:                                         Birth Mo/Day:                          Mary Buckley
                                                                                        Rotary Dist. 5650 Exec. Asst.
                                                                                        PO Box 83843
City/Town State Zip Code                                                                Lincoln, Nebraska 68501
                                                                                        phone/fax 402.796.2505
Phone - Home:                        Work:                                              direx@inebraska.com
E-mail:                              Fax:
                                                                      *Photo of President 2006-2007 needed by January 15, 2006.

                                                                   Contact nklein@tieronebank.com for a writable version of this form in Microsoft Word,


Alan Hersch
Aquila, Inc.
PO Box 83008
Lincoln, NE 68516


 Lincoln, Nebraska, November, 2005---The Rotary Clubs of District 5650 are seeking four
 outstanding professionals to visit Venezuela in May 2006 as part of the Group Study Exchange
 program of the Rotary Foundation.

 The program involves a four-week visit, during which team members share personal knowledge
 of their own country and experience the customs, vocations and lifestyles of another. A Rotarian
 Team Leader will accompany the group of four non-Rotarians.

 The purpose of a Group Study Exchange is to promote international understanding and goodwill
 through person-to-person contact. While abroad, team members stay in Rotarians’ homes and
 have the opportunity to meet their professional counterparts. They will also give presentations to
 Rotary clubs and other groups about their home country.

 The Rotary Foundation provides a round-trip air ticket, and local Rotarians in the host country
 provide meals, lodging and group travel in their district. Team members pay for personal and
 incidental expenses.

 People interested in applying should be employed full-time in a recognized business or
 profession, and must be within the age range of 25 to 40 years of age. Applicants must live or be
 employed in Rotary District 5650 of Eastern Nebraska-Western Iowa area.

 For a GSE Team Member Application, which includes information about the qualifications and
 duties, please contact any local Rotarian or Alan Hersch, Aquila, Inc, P.O. Box 83008, Lincoln,
 NE 68501 or call at 402-437-1865. The forms and information can be accessed at the Rotary
 International website: http://www.rotary.org/foundation/educational/gse/index.html.
 Applications are due December 15, 2005.
         THE ROTARY LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE                                              WELCOME NEW MEMBERS

    IMPORTANT UPDATE: Saturday, December 10                          Beatrice ............................................... James Curry
    there is a meeting scheduled for all facilitator                 Beatrice ............................................... Jeff Herzberg
    applicants. If you are interested, contact Jim Blue as           Bellevue .............................................. Del Madson
    soon as possible.                                                Blair .................................................... Dr. Janet Phillip
                                                                     Clarinda............................................... Cheryl Farrell
    Wanted: Course Leaders                                           Columbus ............................................ Christopher Degn
                                                                     Columbus ............................................ Dr. Paul Hillyer
    If you are interested in Leadership and Developing               Columbus ............................................ Matthew Gottschall
    Leaders, this may be for you!                                    Columbus ............................................ Ryan Schimke
                                                                     Council Bluffs..................................... Barbara Todd
    District 5650 has contracted with The Rotary Leadership          Council Bluffs..................................... Roger Todd
    Institute to offer the program in our District. This is a        Council Bluffs Centennial................... Tom Umphreys
    unique opportunity for us to provide a needed resource           Lincoln #14 ......................................... Barbara Echtenkamp
    in our District – the development of leaders.                    Lincoln #14 ......................................... Chad Doehring
                                                                     Lincoln East ........................................ Paul Perske
    Michael Rabasca, International Executive Director was            Omaha Downtown .............................. Jim McKernan
    one of the presenters as the Rotary District 5650                Omaha Downtown .............................. Ken Broman
    Conference and Assembly in April, 2005. Many of us               Omaha Downtown .............................. Ryan Shoemaker
    learned about the program, the courses, and the                  Omaha Millard .................................... Patrick Cash
    successes during Michael’s program.                              Omaha Morning .................................. Donald Waggoner
                                                                     Omaha Morning .................................. Jennifer Skala
    Now we have a chance to bring it to District 5650.               Omaha Suburban................................. Gil Kettelhut
                                                                     Omaha Suburban................................. Justin Horn
    PDG Jim Blue is coordinating the effort and is looking           Omaha West........................................ Jane Tonniges
    for applicants interested in becoming course leaders.            Schuyler .............................................. Bruce Coffey
    Applicants will be reviewed by District Leaders and              Schuyler .............................................. Rodrigo Amaya
    those most qualified will be invited to become course            Shenandoah ......................................... Julie O'Hara
    leaders.                                                         York .................................................... Lee Pfeifer

    Course leaders are given the course materials and are            Names of new members must be included on the Monthly
    trained in what to present and how to present it. The            Profile Report or copies of new member forms sent to
    work of creating the curriculum and materials is already         Vickie Backman, District Executive Director or the
    done – now we just need implementers.                            Newsletter Editor, Nicki Klein.

    It is hoped that we can have a training session for course
    leaders soon. So, if you are interested in applying to
    become a course leader please contact Jim as soon as                  (continued from previous column)
                                                                          selected from among Rotarians with outstanding leadership
    About the Rotary Leadership                                           abilities and prepared to conduct innovative and
                                                                          participatory course sessions.
    You are welcome to view their website                   at
    http://www.rotaryleadershipinstitute.org/index.htm.                   Leadership development programs are critical for the
                                                                          continued success of Rotary clubs and the achievement of
    Briefly, The Rotary Leadership Institute is designed for              Rotary International goals. All Rotary clubs depend on
    Clubs and districts looking to train Rotarians as leaders             outstanding leadership but annual turnover of club officers
    at local levels. Established in 1994 to assist in                     makes it difficult to maintain a high level of leadership
    improving the Rotary knowledge and leadership skills of               every year. It is the responsibility of the District to help
    the future leaders of clubs and districts, the Rotary                 clubs be successful. And, in turn, it is the responsibility of
    Leadership Institute is a multi-district program already              the District to develop future District Leaders.
    functional in Zones 31 and 32 in the United States, and
    is forming divisions around the world. The institute                  Be a part of the success of Rotary District 5650. Apply
    offers a training program in three full-day sessions,                 today. Contact:         PDG Jim Blue
    followed by graduate seminars. Trainers are carefully                                         402-296-6916
    (continued in next column)

Lloyd A. Gnirk, District Governor                                Page 5                                                         Service Above Self
          ROTARY PARTNERS WITH NET                                         GROUP STUDY EXCHANGE TEAM

Rx for Kids: A Nebraska Connects Special is part of a           Applications are now being accepted for team members for
national campaign to increase awareness and action for          District 5650’s next Group Study Exchange Team traveling to
global health.     This initiative was spearheaded in           Venezuela in April – May, 2006.
Nebraska by NET Television. For more details you can
view      information      on      the   Internet     -         Young professionals (25-40 years of age), non-Rotarians, are
http://mynptv.org/ne_connects/RXforsurvival/index.html          eligible to apply for the team. While on the exchange, team
;     or   http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/rxforsurvival/about-         members will have an opportunity to learn about their
project.html.                                                   professions in Venezuela. (The team leader must be a Rotarian –
                                                                those applications were received earlier.)
The project started with a live 60- minute town hall
forum designed to create an understanding of the                A news release is included with this newsletter. Please forward
importance of global health issues in our lives and inspire     it to your local media.
a statewide dialogue about the role of Nebraskans in
addressing serious global health issues here at home.
                                                                              YOUTH EXCHANGE CORNER

                                                               District 5650 is sponsoring seven students abroad this school
                                                               year in our Youth Exchange Program. Outbound students are in
                                                               Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Equador, France, Germany and

                                                               After more than two months in their host country, we have
                                                               asked them for their observations. Here are some excerpts from
                                                               some items received:

                                                               Rachel studying in France:

                                                               “During the application process for this exchange, we were told
The panel of experts (pictured above) for the Nebraska         we may not come back to the same friends we left for a year. At
project included Valda Boyd Ford, director, Community          the moment, I am finding I have become closer to friends from
and Multicultural Affairs at the University of Nebraska        school and have actually gotten to know them better through
Medical Center; Dr. Sade Kosoko-Lasaki, associate              asking for their help and opinions in explaining cultural and
professor of Ophthalmology, Preventive Medicine &              political issues I am asked about here in France.
Public Health at Creighton University; Dr. Magda G.
Peck, professor and associate chair for Community              . . . allowing me to explain to French people differences between
Health Department of Pediatrics UNMC; Dr. José R.              their culture and the American culture- the word "culture"
Romero, Chief, Section of Pediatric Infectious Diseases,       including more than differences in the schools . . . The English
Douglas County Health Department. Nancy Finken was             teacher asked me to explain to her class why it wasn't totally
the moderator for the program.                                 bizarre for President Bush to be out on the streets with common
                                                               people hugging children who lost everything in the hurricane in
Rotary is primarily an outreach partner. However,              Louisiana. Other than for political gain, French students
Rotarians helped with the forum on October 27 by               couldn't imagine their president doing such a thing . . . I had to
participating as studio audience members, manning the          convince my host mother that the small, decorative scarecrow I
phone bank and routing questions to the panel, and             put out for autumn and Thanksgiving was NOT a voodoo doll!”
providing taped testimonials. Pictured below are Wilber
Rotarians who took responsibility for manning the              Olga is studying in Chile:
phones for the program.
                                                               “. . . have put my best effort into adapting to living in a new and
                                                               different environment. I love the fact that here in Chilean their
                                                               formal greeting is a kiss on the cheek. I love how everything is
                                                               centered >around the family and the parents work long, and hard
                                                               to provide for their children. I love that the typical dance is
                                                               Cuaca, and when Chileans here the music start, they have to get
                                                               up and dance!!!

                                                               But most of all I love >the fact that I am spending a year in Chile
                                                               experiencing a new life and never knowing what I will be doing
                                                               in this magnificent country next!”

www.rotary.org                                                Page 6                                     www.rotarydistrict5650.org
                                            Membership                 Attendance                                                                               OVERALL
Club                     President     Goal 7/1/05 10/31/05 +/- Oct Pct          RANK       A    B    C       C1-IN$        D     E      F     G     H      I       TOTAL RANK
Ashland (NE)             Gerdes         21    20       19    -1  65.70              20     20   20    0          $0.00      0     75    20     0    15      0         150    4t
Auburn (NE)              Kelsay         31    32       30    -2  68.00             16t      5   10    0        $110.00      0     20     0     0     0      0          35  28t
Aurora (NE)              Keller         51    50       50     0     dnr            dnr      0    0    0        $100.00      0     60     0     0     0      0          60  22t
Avoca (IA)               Knutson        14    13       13     0     dnr            dnr      0    0    0          $0.00      0      5     0     0     0      0           5   30
Beatrice (NE)            Wiest          83    82       84     2     dnr            dnr     15   10    0      $1,120.00      4     45    20     0     0      0          94   16
Bellevue (NE)            Scahill        31    30       33     3  53.00             26t     20    0    0      $2,520.00     12    105    20     0     0      0         157     2
Blair (NE)               Nelson         35    34       35     1  64.00             22t     20    0    0        $796.00      4     45    20     0     0      0          89   18
Clarinda (IA)            Lowrie         11    10       12     2  88.64               4     15   15    0          $0.00     10     35    20     0     0      0          95  15t
Columbus (NE)            Puls           52    51       55     4  53.00             26t     10    0    0          $0.00     12     20     0     0     0      0          42   26
Columbus Morning (NE)    Canaday        14    13       13     0  90.00               2t    20   20    0      $1,400.00      0     40    20    20    15      0         135    8t
Council Bluffs (IA)      Slevin         95    94       94     0  64.00             22t     20    5    0        $173.36      0    105    20     0     0      0         150    4t
C. Bluffs Centennnial    Dreismeier     21    20       23     3  85.90                5    15   15    0        $200.00     15     80    20     0     0      0         145    5t
Crete (NE)               Lothrop        24    23       23     0  65.00              21     15   10    0       $140.00       0     40    20     0     0      0          85  19t
David City (NE)          Kahler         44    43       45     2  71.73              12     20   20    0         $32.00      8     70    20     0     0      0         138     7
Fairbury (NE)            Pfaff          25    24       24     0  90.00               2t    20   20    0      $1,860.00      0     35    20    20     0      0         115  10t
Falls City (NE)          Yoesel         11    10       10     0 100.00                1    20   20    0        $102.00      0     15     0     0     0      0          55   24
Fremont (NE)             Hale          128   127      124    -3     dnr            dnr     10    0    0         $25.00      0     75     0     0     0      0          85  19t
Friend (NE)              Stokes          9      8      11     3  80.00               8t    15   10    0          $0.00     15     45    20     0     0      0         105  12t
Geneva (NE)              Donovan        32    31       31     0     dnr            dnr      0    0    0         $25.00      0     60     0     0     0      0          60  22t
Glenwood (IA)            Bird-Sell      26    25       28     3  85.00                6    20   15    0          $0.00     15     30     0     0     0      0          80  20t
Hebron (NE)              Fink           19    18       17    -1     dnr            dnr      5    0    0          $0.00      0      0    20    20     0      0          45   25
Humboldt (NE)            Dierberger     11    10       10     0     dnr            dnr      0    0    0          $0.00      0     20     0     0     0      0          20   29
Lincoln #14 (NE)         Dyck          292   291      295     4  67.40              17     20   15    0      $3,791.00      4    105     0     0     0      0         144    6
Lincoln East (NE)        Sorensen       54    53       55     2  73.00              10     15   20    0      $1,637.50      6     70    20    20     0      0         151    3t
Lincoln South (NE)       Carter         41    40       40     0  72.56              11     20   20    0        $708.00      0    105    20     0    15      0         180     1
Lincoln Sunrise (NE)     McHargue       14    13       12    -1  54.00              25     20    0    0          $0.00      0     55    20    20     0      0         115  10t
Nebraska City (NE)       Kelley         59    58       58     0  63.79              23     20   10    0          $0.00      0     50     0     0     0      0          80  20t
Norfolk (NE)             Johnson        65    64       61    -3     n/a            n/a     20   15    0      $2,710.24      0     45    20     0     0      0         100   14
Omaha Downtown (NE)      Schmad        327   326      280   -46  44.00              27     15    0    0     $21,484.00      0     90     0     0     0      0         105  12t
Omaha Millard (NE)       Johnson        69    68       64    -4  77.00                9    20   20    0         $25.00      0     70     0     0     0      0         110   11
Omaha Morning (NE)       Wendt          46    45       47     2  89.00               3t    10   20    0          $0.00      8     65     0     0     0      0         103   13
Omaha North (NE)         Mansfield      19    18       18     0     dnr            dnr      0    0    0      $2,467.00      0     80     0     0     0      0          80  20t
Omaha Northwest (NE)     Lerner         46    45       45     0  84.00               7     20   20    0      $2,561.00      0     75     0     0     0      0         115  10t
Omaha Suburban (NE)      Rowland       188   187      193     6  80.00               8t    20   20    0      $2,250.50      6    105     0     0     0      0         151    3t
Omaha West (NE)          Lane          153   152      152     0  70.00              14     20   20    0        $400.00      0     95     0     0     0      0         135    8t
Papillion-LaVista (NE)   Mahoney        11    10         7   -3     dnr            dnr      5    0    0          $0.00      0     35     0     0     0      0          40   27
Pawnee City (NE)         Davis          20    19       19     0  69.00              15     20   10    0          $0.00      0     25    20    20     0      0          95  15t
Plattsmouth (NE)         Wehrbein       36    35       38     3      71             13      5    5    0          $0.00     12     80    20     0     0      0         122    9
Red Oak (IA)             Vial           18    17       17     0      68            16t     10   10    0        $408.00      0     55    20    20     0      0         115  10t
Schuyler (NE)            Stevens        45    42       43     1  58.00              24     15   10    0        $412.00      4     10    20     0     0      0          59   23
Seward (NE)              Baldwin        46    45       47     2  53.00             26t     20    0    0          $0.00      8     25    20     0     0      0          73   21
Shenandoah (IA)          Bash           54    53       55     2      89              3t    15   15    0      $2,708.00      6     55     0     0     0      0          91   17
Wayne (NE)               Peschel        47    46       46     0  67.39              18     20   10    0        $120.00      0     75    20    20     0      0         145    5t
West. Douglas Co. (NE)   Schurr         45    44       44     0     dnr            dnr      0    0    0         $50.00      0     35     0     0     0      0          35  28t
Wilber (NE)              Kozeal         15    14       13    -1  64.00             22t     15    5    0      $2,000.00      0     70    20    20    15      0         145    5t
York (NE)                Ott            64    63       59    -4  67.00              19     20   15    0          $0.00      0     25     0     0     0      0          60  22t
TOTALS                                2562 2516      2492   -24                                             $52,335.60
 A      Attendance Reports received by the 10th of the month = 5 points per month          E    Attendance at District and R. I. Events:
                                                                                                2005-2006 Pres. and/or Sec. attends 2005 PETS = 15 points each up to 30;
 B      Monthly club attendance of 65 % or more = 5 points per month                            2005 District Assembly/Conference = 5 points each up to 30 points;
                                                                                                Foundation Seminar = 5 points each up to 25 points;
 C      R. I. Foundation support-average annual giving per member by Apr.1, 2006                Other Dist. or RI events prior to 2006 Dist. Assembly/Conf. = 5 points each
           $30-45 = 10 points;              $46-74 = 15 points;                                  up to 20 points
           $75-99 = 20 points;              $100 or more = 30 points
                                                                                           F    Club Community Service Projects – 20 points per club based on club size *
 C1     R. I Foundation Contributions since July 1, 2005. (Annual Giving Only – does not
        include Polio Eradication)                                                         G    Club Vocational Service Projects – 20 points per club based on club size *

 D    Club Membership Growth (based on July 1, 2005 membership) – points per net new       H    International Service Projects/Programs – 15 points per club based
      member based on club size;                                                                on club size *
          Under 25 members = 5 points;    26-50 members = 4 points;
          51-75 members = 3 points;
                                          76-100 members = 2 points;                       I    Qualified for Presidential Citation by April 1, 2006 = 25 points.
          over 100 members = 1 point
 *Minimum number of projects required to qualify for points              Note: Points for columns E, F, G, & H are recorded on an April 1 – March 31 year.
 Under 25 members – 1 project;    26-50 members –2 projects;      51-75 members – 3 projects;  76-100 members – 4 projects;       over 100 members – 5 projects
                ATTENTION SECRETARIES: Please send your monthly membership/attendance reports, no later than the 10th of the month,
                to Vickie Backman at 4205 N. 101st St. Omaha, NE 68134-3730 or Ph/Fax: (402) 571-3500 or E-mail: rotary5650@cox.net

Lloyd A. Gnirk, District Governor                                                      Page 7                                                                   Service Above Self
                      Rev. Lloyd A. Gnirk
                      Governor District 5650
                      Work Phone: (402) 558-8446
                      Fax: (402) 558-4986
                      Home Phone: (402)-558-5554
                      Email: lloydg@stpiusxomaha.org
                      6905 Blondo
                      Omaha, NE 68104 USA

 District Governor’s Newsletter

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                                           DISTRICT 5650 CALENDAR OF EVENTS
                                    (For the complete calendar, visit www.rotarydistrict5650.org)
   DECEMBER 2005          FAMILY MONTH
         1                District Governor 2008-2009 Rotary Year Applications Due
        31                Deadline for Club Officer 2006-2007 Elections
          6               Cadwallader Award Nominations Due
         14               Simplified Grant Application Deadline
     MARCH 2006
        11                District Team Training – Country Inn and Suites – North 27th – Lincoln
      APRIL 2006          MAGAZINE MONTH
          1               President-Elect / Secretary-Elect Training – Country Inn and Suites – North 27th – Lincoln
        21-22             District Leadership Assembly and Conference – Harrah’s – Council Bluffs
         26               District 5650 Foundation Seminar – Harrah’s – Council Bluffs

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