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									                       INTERVIEW QUESTIONS – WRITTEN PORTION

Date of Interview:

1) During a shift, an individual experiences a seizure. During the seizure, the individual falls against his
   nightstand and sustains a laceration to his head. He is bleeding heavily. What actions would you take
   (or ask the other staff to take)?

2) Write a sample progress report for incident described in #1. John Brown is the name of the individual
   who fell. (attach a blank progress report)

3) Given a choice, which of the following would you MOST prefer to do? Place a star (*) by it. Rank
   the remaining job tasks in order of most preferred on a scale of 1-8, which 8 being the least preferred
              Work direct service with the individuals
              Assist the supervisor with writing outcomes
              Assist the supervisor with writing progress reviews
              Review and reconcile checking, savings, and cash accounts for the individuals
              Plan and coordinate recreational activities-home and community based
              Train and provide job-shadowing to new staff
              Assist the supervisor in scheduling staff
              Networking with staff, individuals, family members, other service providers
              Household duties – i.e. cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping

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