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									      Notes for using the Competency Job Profiling template

    A competency job profile is a list of the competencies that a person needs to effectively
     perform a job. Competency job profiling is an important component of individual and
     organisational development used to underpin learning and development plans,
     performance management, job descriptions, and succession planning.

    A competency job profile for occupations within the security sector is developed using units
     of competency from the CPP07 Property Services Training Package. These can be grouped
     and customised to suit your organisation’s specific work needs and circumstances and the
     profile of a specific job.

    Each competency job profile should include a suggested set of units needed to perform the
     role. Each profile will include a job title and recommended units of competency that are
     defined by the unit code, descriptor and elements.

    The competency job profile template can be used to create your own competency job
     profile. Follow each of the steps which link to job descriptions, to identify an appropriate
     competency profile. The table within the template can be modified as needed with rows
     added or deleted depending on the number of units and elements they contain.

Step 1

Review the documented job description for a listing of duties and tasks, and skills, knowledge and
abilities required by the job. Then review appropriate units of competency which cover the job
functions. The Career and Learning Pathways section of this guide can help you to find an
occupation that is similar to the job you wish to profile based on the job description.

Step 2

Assess each unit of competency listed against the occupation to identify the skills, knowledge and
abilities required by the person who will be doing the job. Use the table in the template to list the
code, title and elements of each unit.

Step 3

The third column of the table allows you to match (or ‘map’) as many of the elements from the
units, to the duties and tasks identified in Step 1 (from the job description). Look carefully at each
element of each unit, and decide if the element is relevant to the tasks and responsibilities of the
job. If so, then the unit should be included in your competency job profile.

You may choose to use the unit of competency as it is. Or you may choose to make some
alterations to make it fit in better with the requirements of the job. This process is called
‘customisation. Units can be customised to meet the specific needs of the job. In essence, this
means adding to a unit (eg selecting specific items of equipment from the Range of Variables),
rather than taking aspects away.

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     Notes for using the Competency Job Profiling template

Every unit of competency that is fully matched will naturally become part of the competency job
profile. Remaining units need to be further examined to decide if these will remain in the
competency profile, or be removed. Remember that occupations within the security sector are
closely aligned to full qualifications from the CPP07 Property Services Training Package. These
qualifications contain a number of core (or mandatory) units as well as electives. You will need to
carefully consider how core units of competency are dealt with in line with the specific
requirements of the job. If there are a number of unmatched core units, different units may need
to be investigated.

If there are outstanding duties or tasks from the job description which have not been matched to
units, visit the NTIS website at to identify units of competency from nationally
endorsed Training Packages that match the remaining duties and tasks. These can be imported if
the packaging rules for the relevant qualification allow so.

Step 4

Use the final column of the table to record your decisions about the units of competency, for
example whether it is to be kept or discarded and why, whether it should be core or elective, and
aspects that will need to be customised.

The second page of the template also then provides a space for you to record decisions about
additional units which may need to be incorporated into your competency job profile, ie units
which were not included in the original selection for the occupation.

Document your completed competency job profile and gather feedback from others who
understand the requirements of the job (staff, managers etc).

           Commonwealth of Australia 2009

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