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                      JOB DESCRIPTION for the following vacancy:

VACANCY REF No:                              G024.13

VACANCY (Post Title):                        Newly Qualified Podiatrist
                                             NHS Dumfries & Galloway

GRADE:                                       Band 5

SALARY:                                      £21,176 to 27,625 pro rata

HOURS:                                       37.5hpw

                                             Fixed Term until 31st March 2014

The successful candidates must be HCPC registered with sound clinical and
interpersonal skills and be committed to offering a full range of Podiatry services.
Base maybe rotational according to need and the successful candidate maybe asked to
travel independently in the Dumfries and Galloway region Car owner/ driver essential.
Interviews are scheduled to take place on 26 February 2013

Informal enquiries to Mr. Allister Kelly Head of Service Nithbank Hospital 01387 244414

Closing Date:                                Thursday 7th February 2013 at 5.00pm
Dumfries & Galloway NHS

Criminal Record Check

With effect from 28th February, 2011 posts considered to be within "Regulated
Work" with Children and/or "Regulated Work" with Protected Adults will require
membership of the Disclosure Scotland Protection of Vulnerable Groups Scheme
(PVG Scheme) as a condition of employment.

The cost of PVG Scheme membership is £59.00 and may be recovered as a
deduction from the successful candidate’s salary and is applicable to both EEA and
Non EEA applicants

It was agreed at the Joint Negotiating Committee on 25 th October 2012 that for all
employees who commence with the Board from 1 st November 2012 in Band 5 or
above (including all medical, dental and senior managers) will be responsible for the
payment of their membership to the PVG scheme. This is a one off payment of £59.
PVG updates will continue to be paid for by the Board.

Please note:

You do not have to do anything about PVG Membership when submitting your
application form for the post. Candidates selected for appointment will be advised on
how to become a PVG Scheme Member prior to taking up the position.

Further information on the PVG Scheme Membership can be found at the
following:- http://www.disclosurescotland.co.uk/pvg

Standard Disclosure Check

For other roles not considered to be within "Regulated Work with Children" and/or
"Regulated Work with Protected Adults", a Standard Disclosure Check may be
required and the cost of this will be met by NHS Dumfries & Galloway.

Applicants who have lived outside the UK within the last five years, if offered a
position, in addition to a Disclosure Scotland Check, will be required to provide a
completed police record check (Certificate of Good Conduct) from the police
authority in the country or countries in which they were resident.
Dumfries & Galloway NHS


 Job Title:           Podiatrist


 Job Holder Reference:      AHP015

 No of Job Holders:


To provide professional, high quality planned programmes of Podiatric
care to patients who have an assessed need.

To work as part of the podiatry team and the wider organisation, to
contribute to the development, and to adhere to the podiatry service and
organisational policies, strategies and objectives.

To work as part of a multidisciplinary team and to act as a source of
advice to patients, carers, general practitioners and other healthcare

To maintain and improve assessment and treatment knowledge and skills
based upon best practice through a programme of decreasing level of
Dumfries & Galloway NHS


                              Clinical Operations Officer

                                LHP General Manager
                                (PCCD) East)

                                   Podiatry Manager
                                Head of Service

                                  Deputy Podiatry

                                                            Specialist Podiatrists
     Senior Podiatrists                                     Biomechanics
     (Band 6)                                               Diabetes /Wound/ Triage

                                  Junior Podiatrist
                                   (Band 5)

                                  (This post)


                             Administrative Assistant
                             Higher Level Officer

                             Administrative Assistant

    The Postholder will:-

    To work as a practitioner with supervision from senior staff members

    Be responsible for practicing within the legal and ethical
    framework as established by the Health professions Council (HPC)
Dumfries & Galloway NHS

    Be responsible for the effective management of a defined caseload of
    patients within NHS Dumfries & Galloway Podiatry Service

   To provide podiatry assessment including the development of
   care plans for patients in NHS Dumfries and Galloway

   Knowing when to refer onto specialist and highly specialist clinicians when
   care plans indicate this requirement

   Outpatient clinics
   In-patient clinics

   Responsibility for own delegated clinical caseload under the supervision of
   a Senior Podiatrist

   Be responsible for the ongoing organisation of clinical appointments

   Be responsible for organising the reallocation of clinical,
   domiciliary visits/residential homes/nursing homes as delegated by senior


    To comply with regulations and instructions regarding own and
    others Health and Safety
    Work under close supervision whilst completing New Graduate
    Programme in Flying Starts

    Responsibility for own defined clinical caseload:

    patient assessment and diagnosis
    create programmes of care
    medical history taking and transcribing
    ongoing review of treatment programme
    plan care in partnership with patient, family and carers. implement care
    prioritise patients according to clinical requirement

    To participate in research when required.
    Maintain adequate records according to service standards, protocols and
Dumfries & Galloway NHS

    The provision of statistical information as required by Podiatry Managers
    To maintain equipment and surgeries to professional standards, protocol
    and guidelines.
    To maintain stock and provision of supplies and to be responsible for their
    safe storage and use
    To participate in post graduate studies, research and development audits
    when required..
    To participate in foot health promotion initiatives
    Participate in clinical supervision and peer review

   General Treatments

   Advice to patients, carers and family
   Provide nail care for pathological and non-pathological nails
   Callus reduction
   Enucleation and reduction of lesions
   Padding and strapping
   Application of wound dressings
   General diabetic screening
   Continuing reassessment of agreed treatment plan

   High Risk Treatments

   Under the guidance of supervisor/mentor use risk assessment skill in
   order to identify actual and potential risks and implement appropriate
   interventions for the following groups:

    Rheumatoid Arthritis
    Systemic disease
    Mental health
    Tissue viability
    Peripheral Vascular disease
    Administration of Local Anaesthetic
    Administration of Adrenalin under the authorisation of Patient Group
    Directive in the management of Anaphylaxis

   Biomechanics Under the Guidance of Biomechanics Specialists

   Be able to perform
   Patient assessments
   Compile Treatment plans
   Manufacture, supply, fit and review prescribed orthotics
   Liaise with other departments when required
Dumfries & Galloway NHS

   Discharge of patients when treatment programmes are complete

   Nail Surgery Under the Guidance of Designated Senior Podiatrist

   Assessment of patient and forward referral for appropriate procedure
   Administration of local anaesthetic
   Application of tourniquet ensuring time limit for application is within safe
   Removal/partial removal of nail ensuring speed and accuracy within time
   limit for tourniquet application
   Avulsion of nail bed with/without phenolisation
   Wound dressing after surgery
    Follow up wound dressings
   Advice and education
   Liaising with General Practitioner, nursing staff, carers and family

   Wound Care Under the Guidance of Designated Senior Podiatrist

   Assessment of presenting wounds
   Appropriate choice of wound management procedures and products
   Debridement of ulceration
   Swabbing for investigations
   Liaise with health professionals
   Evidence based dressings utilised
   Review appointments
   Pressure relief padding and strapping
   Referral to other health professionals to instigate further treatment

                         Policy Procedures and Guidelines

   Adhere to NHS Dumfries and Galloway Policy, procedures and guidelines
   Adhere to Departmental Standards/Protocols/Guidelines
   Adhere to Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists minimum standards to
   clinical practice
   Plan, develop and implement policies and service changes under the
   guidance of professional body and management


     Dumfries and Galloway IT Systems
     Digital camera
     Adobe photoshop
     Manual record cards
     Daily sheets/monthly sheets
     Telephones/mobile telephones
Dumfries & Galloway NHS

     Daily, monthly, annual statistic collection
     Trust policies – NHS Dumfries and Galloway

     Patients plinth - to enable assessment of patient prone and Supine
     Digital Camera - to record digital images for Information/teaching
     PC/Laptop        -     for presentations using powerpoint software
     Projector        -      "     "     "     "    "
     Doppler          -     for vascular assessment
     Monofilament -         for neuro assessment

     Routine and Supplementary Instruments

     Nail Surgery Equipment

     Operators chair
     Work Unit
     Unit lamp

     Nail drill, masks, goggles
     Domiciliary case

     Wax baths/ultrasound equipment
     Cleaning equipment
     Personal protective equipment


     Demonstrate knowledge of factors, which impact on physical, mental or
     emotional health based on sound clinical judgement.

     Practitioners Work under close supervision whilst completing New
     Graduate Programme in Flying Starts

     Work within scope of practice and department guidelines.

     Under the guidance of supervisor/mentor use risk assessment skill
     in order to identify actual and potential risks and implement

     Knowledge for diagnosis and treatment under the guidance of

     Knowledge of when to use evidence based dressings specific to
Dumfries & Galloway NHS

      each individual needs under the guidance of supervisor/mentor

      Has ability to deal with a medical emergency effectively

     Has the ability to justify a programme of care when challenged by
     mentor/supervisor or referrer

      Risk assessment

      Assess patients needs, plan/implement and evaluate a programme of
      care which is evidence based utilising all available resources
      taking into consideration the lifestyle, gender and cultural
      background and ensure involvement with:

            Family Carers
            Significant others

     How to take samples for analysis (biochemistry)
     How to organise antibiotics / specialist footwear
     How to organise x-rays

     To participate in Appraisal, CPD accepting ownership of own
     development and performance review, being aware of the latest
     developments in the field of Podiatry locally and nationally


    The postholder will:-

    Communicate and liaise effectively with other agencies and health

                     receiving referrals from health professionals
                     receiving additional/sensitive information from

    Effectively refer onto other health professionals for additional care

    Negotiate care plan and communicate foot health education and
    advice with patient/carer/family/advocate

    Will possess effective negotiation skills and demonstrate a non-
    judgemental, empathetic approach at all times

    Communicate complex information whilst exhibiting empathy, sensitivity
Dumfries & Galloway NHS

      & reassurance

      Develop and sustain key links with the multi-disciplinary team
      to ensure integrated patient care

      Face to face and telephone contact with a wide range of
      patients/carers/advocate/family who may be aggressive, agitated
      and/or confused

      Recognising potentially dangerous situations & how to de-escalate

      verbal/physical abuse

      Dealing with clerical duties – telephone calls, rebooking of
      patients, dealing with enquiries, filing

      Participate in sector and full staff meetings/educational component

      Long term dependent relationships with patients


        Need for good hand/eye co-ordination, as use of scalpels on each patient
        requires speed, accuracy, dexterity and fine manipulation along with the
        need to provide appropriate skin tension.

       Good hand/eye co-ordination speed and dexterity essential while
       performing nail surgery, as physical application of tourniquet
       means treatment is limited by time factor-max 20 minutes.

       Perform intricate clinical procedures as appropriate to improve or eradicate
       foot disorders, using specialised podiatric instruments and equipment e.g.
       Nail Surgery (removal of nails), wound care, ulcer debridement.

       Need for sustained concentration during each treatment.

       To be aware of health and safety issues and actively promote good
       working position and Risk Assessment skills to identify actual and
       potential risks and action appropriate management e.g. repetitive strain

      To be aware of risks of lone working- within clinics and domiciliary setting
      e.g. aggressive behaviour from patients or others, either verbal or
      physical, on a weekly basis.

       On a daily basis deal directly with exposure to poor foot hygiene, wounds,
       foul odours, nail dust, infection, blood and the possibility of
       sharps/needlestick injury (scalpels, hypodermic needles)
Dumfries & Galloway NHS

     Need to work on domiciliary visits where the environment is not clinically
     sound, and carries a greater clinical risk e.g. poor lighting, inappropriate
     seating, poor household hygiene, and pets.

     Be aware of risks of moving and handling patients, such as a) assisting
     patient on/off treatment plinth b) escorting patients to/from waiting area c)
     carrying equipment and domiciliary cases and drills (on average
     combined weight of 18kg).

     To work in a variety of locations e.g. clinics, health centres, hospitals,
     mobile surgeries, HM Prison, schools, residential and nursing homes as
     well as patients own homes. Postholder is required to carry domiciliary
     equipment and cases. There is a requirement to adapt physical working
     positions to the surrounding non-clinical environment.


     Working under close supervision whilst completing New Graduate
     Programme in Flying Starts

    Challenge of completing Post graduate programme within strict guidelines
    and time frames

     Communicate complex information whilst exhibiting empathy, sensitivity
     & reassurance

    Treating patients with mental health problems/terminal
    illnesses/poor prognosis/blood borne diseases

    Reduced access to support

    Minimising waiting times for patients within defined caseload of

    Challenge of meeting 18 week new patient waiting times

    Visiting areas with socio/economic issues

    Be aware of how treatment plans and episodes of care impact on the
    physical, mental or emotional health of patients, colleagues and clinician.

    Ensure consideration is given where there are barriers to understanding
    and take account of lifestyle, gender and cultural background, involvement
    of patients, carers, family members and significant others.


   Diploma in Podiatric Medicine or

   BSc in Podiatry
Dumfries & Galloway NHS

   Local Anaesthesia Certificate

   Good oral and written communications

   Current Driving Licence

   Registered Podiatrist with the Health Professions Council

   The podiatrist will be able to practice within the legal and ethical framework
   established by the Health Professions Council.

   Take responsibility for personal Continued Professional Development in
   order to enhance knowledge, skills and values needed for safe and
   effective practice.

   Communicate and assist in the implementation of evidence based podiatry

   interventions to meet the individual needs of patients using National

   Guidance and Standards.

   Excellent communication skills

   To be able to work as part of a multidisciplinary team


    Job Holders Signature:                                      Date:

    Head of Department Signature:                               Date:
Dumfries & Galloway NHS
                                           PERSON SPECIFICATION

                                         JOB TITLE - Band 5 Podiatrist

ESSENTIAL                                           DESIRABLE
Member HCPC                                         B.Sc.Hons. Pod.Med.
Dip. Pod.M.                                         B.Sc.Pod.Med.
L.A. certificate
Clinical skills including:                          Mentoring / Supervision
Biomechanics/ orthotics
Wound Care management                               Group education
Vascular / neuropathy diagnostics.
Good time management                                Involvement in health education packages.
Excellent communication skills
Computer Literate

Successful completion of undergraduate Podiatry     Worked in NHS (placements acceptable)
degree (Hon degree) programme                       Patient information systems

Clinical Assessment                                 Clinical Governance awareness
Clinical Updates                                    Clinical Effectiveness
Professional bodies guidelines standards            Aims Diabetes U.K.
Patient Education / Enablement                      Related CPD evidence

Personal Characteristics:
Pleasant understanding manner
Able to work on own initiative                      Clinician who is able to work under pressure
Self motivated                                      Team worker / Team Educator
Willingness to learn and ask if unsure

Other factors                                       Able to commence post quickly
Car driver / owner
Good level of Health and fitness (domiciliary
Flexible approach to hours and post

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