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					                                                    COLOR STAR GROWERS, INC.
                                                       Sales Account Manager

                                   JOB DESCRIPTION

Color Star Growers of Colorado, Inc., is a wholesale nursery, with seven sites in three states.
The corporate headquarters is located in Fort Lupton, Colorado. Other greenhouse growing
facilities include Brighton, Colorado; Peyton, Colorado; Austin, Texas; Giddings, Texas; Sanger,
Texas; and Harrisonville, Missouri. Color Star Growers of Colorado, Inc., specializes in both
annual and perennial bedding plants, currently serving over 21 markets in 14 states throughout
the Midwest.

The Sales Account Manager is the primary customer interface that is responsible for the
development of business and relationships with customers, is the primary supplier interface for
all products and services, program and project management.             Business development
responsibilities include new account development, supplier new account development, and
customer competitor analysis.

The Sales Account Manager reports to the Director of Sales and Marketing. The Sales Account
Manager will maintain long term business relationships with retail buyers. They will have a
strong understanding of the target customer each retailer is marketing for. They will ensure that
the CSG plant selection, pricing and flow of product match up to this target customer. The
Account Manager will make business decisions that have Color Star Growers sales, profits and
growth in mind.

Employee will be responsible for completion of Essential Job Functions, listed in next section,
and will be evaluated utilizing a five-point Likert measure on Performance Skills listed below:
    Approach to Work: Employee must be able to understand the specific job processes well
       enough to complete job requirements effectively and efficiently, and in a timely manner;
       and where necessary, meet supervisor set or pre-determined deadlines. Employee must
       be able to understand how their job relates to others. Employee must have the ability to
       follow instructions and take direction, and show pride in their work when completing a
       job task and makes practical, workable solutions or suggestions to streamline processes.
       Employee will need to be flexible and open to new ideas and approaches.
Sales Account Manager                            SALES                                    2
Job Description

      Attitude: Employee must be able to keep a positive attitude when having to repeat a job
       task and be adaptable when schedules change. Employee must be willing to offer
       assistance to team players, or accept constructive criticism. Team players are expected to
       make a positive contribution to morale, offer assistance and support to others willingly,
       and show consideration for others.
      Cooperation & Productivity: Employee must be able to demonstrate a positive outlook
       and pleasant manner, be able to establish and maintain effective working relationships,
       exhibit tact and consideration, be willing to work extra needed hours or extra effort to
       complete job tasks/projects, and actively work to resolve conflicts.
      Dependability: Employee must be able to be counted on for consistent performance in
       accomplishing job tasks, adapting to changes as necessary, to carry out assignments with
       careful follow-through or follow-up, and to overcome obstacles to meet company or self-
       set goals. Employee must be able to commit to doing the best job possible, keep
       commitments, be punctual in daily attendance and for meetings, and report tardies or
       appointments, early, to supervisor. Employee must be able to respond to requests for
       service and assistance, and be willing to take responsibility for their own actions.
       Employee must be able to respond courteously to customer/client inquiries by phone, e-
       mail, or fax within 24 hours of receipt.
      Initiative: Employee must be able to demonstrate a self-starter attitude, be willing to help
       out to achieve the company’s overall goals, seek assistance when needed, and have the
       ability to see what needs to be accomplished and do it.
      Interpersonal Skills: Employee must be able to demonstrate a commitment to “Team”
       success, making positive contributions and actively participating with co-workers and
       supervisors; and listen effectively.
      Job Knowledge: Employee must be competent in required job skills as outlined in
       “Essential Job Functions,” exhibit the ability to learn and apply new skills, keep abreast
       of current developments/practices in the field, require minimal supervision, and use
       resources effectively to accomplish assignments. Employee must be knowledgeable of
       the Company Policies and Procedures and Employee’s Handbook.
      Judgment: Employee must be able to analyze decisions before implementing them,
       demonstrate good judgment in handling routine problems, display willingness to make
       timely decisions, demonstrate sound and accurate judgment, demonstrate the ability to
       work under pressure, include appropriate personnel in the decision process, and be able to
       support and explain the reasoning for decisions made.
      Oral Communications: Employee must be able to demonstrate excellent customer
       service skills when working with customers face to face and demonstrate professionalism
       in speaking to coworkers or supervisors on a daily basis. Employee must be able to
       demonstrate group presentation skills, keep and maintain all documentation for specific
       assignments, keep supervisor and/or co-workers informed of work progress, get
       clarification when needed, participate in meetings, report necessary information, respond
       well to questions, and speak clearly and persuasively.
      Planning & Organizational Skills: Employee must be able to demonstrate good planning
       and organizational skills, has ability to handle multiple activities simultaneously, can
       make effective use of time, and perform tasks in and organized and efficient manner.
       Employee must be able to demonstrate the ability to integrate change smoothly, plan for
       additional resources, prioritize and plan work activities, set goals and objectives, use time
Sales Account Manager                           SALES                                     3
Job Description

       efficiently, and work in an organized manner. Employee must be able to demonstrate
       consistent high work completion.
      Problem Solving Skills: Employee must be able to demonstrate the ability to develop
       alternative solutions, gather and analyze data, identify problems early, resolve problems
       in the early stages, and work well in problem solving in group situations.
      Quality of Work: Employee must be able to utilize feedback to improve performance,
       demonstrate accuracy, neatness, and thoroughness in job completion, display
       commitment to excellence, look for ways to improve and promote quality, monitor own
       work to ensure quality and is reliable.
      Volunteers Readily: Employee must not only demonstrate ability to assist but asks for
       help when needed, look and take advantage of opportunities, take independent actions
       and calculated risks, and seeks training and development in skill areas that are deficient.
      Written Communications: Employee must take pride in work completed, edits work for
       spelling and grammar, presents numerical data effectively, varies writing or presentation
       style to meet needs, and writes clearly and informatively.

Develops and maintains long-term retailer relationships by:
    Supplies retailer with item information;
    Provides retailer with new items to add to their assortment;
    Analyzes retail sales data when available and offering retailer suggestions on:
          o Advertising
          o Assortment
          o Timeframe of shipping
          o Retailers ROI
          o Suggest ways to reduce shrink
    Creates and supplies CSG supervisor with graphs, reports ,and data that supports
      financial decisions made with the retailer;
    Prospects for additional retail accounts; and
    Creative ability to recognize opportunities to market product in such a way to increase
      sales for CSG, as well as, move inventory through the CSG system.

   Retail Buyers
    Reviews financial performance of retailer using daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and
      yearly reporting.
    Works with reporting to adjust inventory flow into stores to maximize sales and profits.
    Forecasts production using item line reviews.
    Maintains item accuracy through weekly review of item files.
    Submits quotes and cost programs for each seasonal program.
    Attends yearly review meetings to plan future business.

   Work within Color Star Growers Facility
    Monitors market retails to determine opportunities with future costing structures.
    Monitors delivery structures to make sure logistics is operating profitably.
Sales Account Manager                          SALES                                  4
Job Description

   Additional Responsibilities
    Tracks escalation of client issues;
    Manages the client billing process;
    Is the client’s advocate to ensure that all issues and programming change requests are
      addressed and completed by the due date;
    Establishes and coordinates planned visits at the customer location inform clients of new
      services, partnerships, and/or products as they are announced or released;
    Provides support to additional departments when required, as required; and
    All other duties as assigned.

KNOWLEDGE/SKILL ABILITY (Refers to the Knowledge, Skill and Ability usually necessary
to meet the expected level of overall performance for the position).
     Minimum Associate’s Degree or experience and skills in related field.
     Minimum 1-3 years experience in related field.
     Prefer Bachelor’s Degree or experience and skills in related field.
     Prefer 4-7 years experience in related field.
     Ability to think strategically, understand complex business/financial data and develop
       innovative solutions.
     Planning, organizing and leadership/supervisory skills.
     Excellent verbal and presentation skills.
     Excellent writing, research, and analytical skills.
     Strong interpersonal skills and ability to build effective relationships with management,
       employees, labor groups, and their representatives.
     Strong customer service and results orientation.
     Ability to interact effectively at all levels and across diverse cultures.
     Ability to resolve employee conflicts, problems, or complaints.
     Ability to facilitate progressive change.
     Intermediate or advanced ability to use PC and software applications.
     Ability to function independently and multi-task.

   Normal office conditions. Some hours extended beyond the normal workday may be
   May, periodically, be in production facility, which is properly lighted and ventilated.
    Noise levels are considered low to moderate.

   The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an
     employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable
     accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the
     essential functions.
   Manual dexterity required for occasional reaching and lifting of small objects, and
     operating office equipment.
Sales Account Manager                          SALES                                  5
Job Description

      Moderate to high computer use on a daily basis.
      Travel, as required, to meet accountabilities.

The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being
performed by people assigned to this job. They are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all
responsibilities, duties and skills required of personnel so classified.

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