Straightforward Upper Intermediate Progress Test 1 by nlvIfZ


									Straightforward Upper Intermediate Progress Test 1
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Language section
A Complete the text with the words in the box.

aggressive draw the line get on with it gets upset In the end
look your best looks obsessed with The thing is To begin with

My brother is really (1) ______ the way he looks. He spends hours down the gym and he’s so worried
about his (2) ______. Whenever I talk to him about it he (3) ______ and tells me that I’m jealous.
Sometimes he gets quite (4) ______ and I think it’s absurd. (5) ______ he spends so much time there
that he doesn’t have enough time for his friends. (6) ______ it started as a hobby, but I think it has
gone too far. I mean, it’s OK wanting to (7) ______, but you have to (8) ______ somewhere.
(9) ______, it’s his life and I guess I should just let him (10) ______.

B Complete the sentences with the words in the box. Be careful! There are three extra
words and phrases.

a drag add up get the bug for butt in nuts
take up clear up easy-going have a look in-thing

(11) Paintballing is definitely the new ______ to do.
(12) I think you should _____ a new hobby. It’ll do you good.
(13) You’ll get on really well with him as he’s very ______.
(14) I really don’t enjoy all the practice. I know it’s necessary, but I find it all a bit of ______.
(15) Can you _____ something ____ for me? What exactly did you mean when you said it was too
difficult for me?
(16) I wish you wouldn’t ______. Do you realize it’s rude to interupt?
(17) I’m sorry, but what you’re saying just doesn’t ______.

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C Choose the correct word or words to complete the sentences.

(18) ______ all the time is silly. Looks aren’t everything.
     a) Dieting           b) Dieted
(19) I have a friend ______ works as a model.
     a) which             b) who
(20) The newspapers keep ______ stories that aren’t true.
     a) publish           b) publishing
(21) I became ill because I wasn’t _____ eating so much.
     a) get used to                b) used to
(22) Look at her! She ______ to make a good impression.
     a) is obviously trying        b) tries
(23) As a child I _____ want to work with animals.
     a) would             b) used to

D Correct the mistakes in the sentences.

(24) When do you going paintballing again?

(25) I would used to collect coins when I was younger.

(26) You like stamp collecting, aren’t you?

(27) What do I find difficult to understand is why you enjoy it.

(28) It’s really difficult to used to your new hair cut.

                                                   Straightforward Upper Intermediate Progress Test 1 p2
E Rewrite the sentences using the words in bold so that the new sentence has the
same meaning as the original one.

(29) What aspect interests you the most?
     (find / interesting)

(30) When did you start collecting coins?
     (how long)

(31) Were you hurt?

(32) I prefer music from the 1960s.

(33) I won’t talk to him again.
    (going to)

Functional language

F Complete the conversation below with the expressions from the box.

as far as I’m concerned Besides don’t think so afraid not
if you ask me to be perfectly honest must be joking

Lauren:           Come on, let’s go shopping.
Hope:             You (34) _______. Why would I want to go shopping?
Lauren:           No, come on. It’ll be fun.
Hope:             Fun? I (35) _______.
Lauren:           Why not? I know you haven’t but, (36) ______ , shopping is not only fun but it helps
                  you relax.
Hope:             Now I know you’re joking. I mean how can shopping be relaxing?
Lauren:           Well, what do you do to relax?
Hope:             Read a book, go for a swim, something like that.

                                                   Straightforward Upper Intermediate Progress Test 1 p3
Lauren:   What? How boring.
Hope:     Well, you might think it’s boring but (37) _______ I can’t think of anything more
          boring than shopping. (38) _______, what shops are going to be open on a Sunday?
Lauren:   So you won’t come shopping with me?
Hope:     I’m (39) _______.
Lauren:   OK, (40) _______ you’re missing out, but it’s your choice.

                                         Straightforward Upper Intermediate Progress Test 1 p4
Part 1

[Track 7] Listen to five short recordings. Match the hobbies in the box to the different
speakers. Be careful! There are three extra hobbies.

Car Boot Sales Collecting antiques Video games War Games
Collecting butterflies Watching Rugby Ghost hunting Star Trek memorabilia

     Speaker                            Hobby

Part 2

[Track 8] Listen to the radio programme and decide if these sentences are true (T),
false (F) or if there is no information given (NG).

(6) Sam Richards works at a zoo.
(7) He says that crocodiles are curious animals.
(8) Crocodiles hunt using their eyes.
(9) Monkeys are not always docile animals.
(10) The radio host likes kittens.

                                                   Straightforward Upper Intermediate Progress Test 1 p5
Part 1

Read the article below and match the person, A, B or C to the sentences 1–5.

A Ms Baker         B Mr MacFaerne         C Mr Podolski

(1) Foxes are a nuisance.
(2) Areas originally occupied by foxes had been taken over for housing.
(3) Foxes are excellent at pest control.
(4) Foxes have the habit of tipping rubbish bins over.
(5) It’s the action of people that caused the crocodiles to appear in gardens in Florida.

I’m writing in response to the recent radio programme you had about urban foxes. I listened to the arguments of
the two guests – Jean Baker and Tom MacFaerne – you had on your programme and, to be perfectly honest, it
just made me angry. Frankly, Mr MacFaerne didn’t help the cause of foxes with his behaviour and he also failed
to make some of the most important points. Ms Baker kept on going on about how the foxes were a nuisance and
she seemed to be saying that the foxes were moving into the cities because they liked it there. I may be wrong,
but I think that over the past thirty years it is far more likely that we have built houses in the areas where the foxes
used to live rather than the foxes deciding to move to the cities!

Would Ms Baker build her house near an area where crocodiles lived? Of course, that’s exactly what’s happened
in Florida and the consequences are that people now have crocodiles in their gardens, but whose fault is that? As
far as I’m concerned, what’s happening here with foxes is exactly the same, except that foxes are much less
aggressive. As for the foxes tipping rubbish bins over, what does she expect? Firstly, foxes are very inquisitive
animals and, secondly, because we’re destroying their natural habitat we are also killing the animals they usually

People like myself who put out food in our gardens for the foxes not only get the pleasure of seeing these lovely
animals but also find that they don’t go poking their noses into our rubbish. Personally, I would much prefer a fox
in my garden rather than other urban animals like rats. As Mr MacFaerne pointed out, foxes are very good at
keeping the number of rats and other pests under control. There is also no point trying to control the number of
foxes as they control their own numbers naturally.
Finally, if you ask me what we should be controlling isn’t the fox population but rather the human population. We
should stop building in the countryside and then complaining when the animals that already live there come into
our gardens and our houses.
Yours truly,
Frederick Podolski

                                                       Straightforward Upper Intermediate Progress Test 1 p6
Part 2

Read the magazine article and answer the questions.

(6) Who wants someone who is slightly different? ____
(7) Who is concerned with how the man presents himself? _____
(8) Who isn't that concerned with physical aspects? ____
(9) Who has a requirement because of how they look? _____
(10) Who wants a man who looks masculine? ____

In this week’s feature we look at what physical characteristics women look for in a man. We asked five women
what they thought made a man good-looking. Here’s what they had to say.

I know that looks aren’t everything, but you must admit walking around with a man who is good-looking is quite
nice. For me it’s really simple, a man has to be smart. I hate a man who looks scruffy. So, for me the first thing is
that they are clean-shaven and that they dress well.

That’s quite a difficult question. Being a model I know how important looks are but I hope that for me I look for
something more in a man. However, I am quite tall so that’s something that’s important for me. It’s no good if the
man is shorter than me!

That’s easy. The first thing I look at is their face. I don’t need someone who looks perfect, in fact if there’s
something slightly unusual about their look then that’s better. I don’t like people who dye their hair or have lots of
tattoos or have studs in their tongues, but if they look a bit different then that’s fine.

What an interesting question. It’s something that men are often asked – what they look for in a woman, but not
the other way around. Now, I guess I have a list, but in which order is difficult to say. I mean, I don’t like men who
are feminine-looking – they need to look strong and fit. Then I think it’s important that they have a nice face, I
don’t want to go out with someone who looks weird. Oh, and another thing, they must have their own teeth! But, if
I had to decide which was the most important thing I’d have to go for strength.

                                                         Straightforward Upper Intermediate Progress Test 1 p7
I’m really not bothered by looks, I think there’s often too much fuss made about being good-looking or beautiful.
You can often find someone who is really handsome but they’re a complete airhead. For me it’s got to be things
like their eyes and smile. I think you can tell a lot about a person and whether they’re clever by their eyes and I
don’t mean what colour they are!

                                                      Straightforward Upper Intermediate Progress Test 1 p8
Read the short job advert and then write your text. Write between 200-250 words.

Consuming Passions Magazine is looking for new writers to join our team. As a magazine that covers hobbies
and leisure interests, we are looking for people who understand the passion that hobbies can give people. So,
along with your CV, we would like you to write about your own hobby so that we can see if you’ve got what it
takes to become one of our feature writers. Send us a short piece about your hobby and tell us why you are
crazy about it.

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