Immuno Biotech presents GcMAF Research Papers on fighting Cancer and Autism treatment at International Conferences in the USA and Dubai by staronepr


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									 Immuno Biotech presents GcMAF Research Papers on fighting
Cancer and Autism treatment at International Conferences in the
                       USA and Dubai
  GcMAF helps fight Autism and Cancer by rebuilding body's immune system.

Guernsey, UK (February 8, 2013) -- On February 1, 2013, in simultaneous
presentations at the Immunology Conference in San Diego, California and at the
International Cancer Conference at the University of Sharjah in the United Arab
Emirates, Guernsey-based company, Immuno Biotech Ltd. presented its latest
research paper on GcMAF. The presentation was entitled "Multifaceted
immunotherapeutic effects of GcMAF on human breast cancer cells" and was co-
authored by Lynda Thyer, one of Immuno Biotech's biomedical scientists, and
Professor Ruggiero of the University of Florence, Italy.

It included videos, taken through high powered microscopes in their laboratory,
showing cancer cells being destroyed using GcMAF molecules, which they had
extracted from human blood. GcMAF is a key part of the human body's immune system
and the body's own production is often reduced as part of the attacking mechanism of
diseases and cancer.

Lynda Thyer presented to an audience of over 200 American scientists at the
Immunology Conference and was congratulated on the content by other scientists
afterwards, in particular the videos which are a world first.

David Noakes, the CEO of Immuno Biotech, presented at the International Cancer
Conference and was told afterwards that his presentation was the most easily
understood in the three days of the conference. The University was sufficiently
impressed to ask Immuno Biotech to provide GcMAF for use with the University's huge
library of 2,000 cancer cell lines, so that GcMAF can be tested with many more types of
cancers in the laboratory. This will extend the knowledge of the effectiveness of GcMAF
which has mainly been used in human trials so far. The University of Sharjah is one of
the world leaders in cancer and molecular research, with state-of-the-art facilities
attracting resident professors from all over the world.

David Noakes will also be presenting Immuno Biotech's "GcMAF in Autism" research
paper at the International Dubai Autism Conference, which was based on a US trial
with 1500 autistic children. Most of them had significant reductions in autistic symptoms
indicating that infection is playing a role in some forms of autism. The company has
already been asked to supply GcMAF for three Dubai autism trials, on top of the 1,500
autistic children already treated. The conference will be held from February 6-9, 2013
at Zayed University, Dubai, bringing together international certified experts in the fields
of behavioural therapy and special education.

There are 59 research papers by 142 eminent scientists on GcMAF, and Immuno
Biotech Ltd are immensely proud to be adding their first two research papers to the list,
with plans for lab experiments and human trial results data for at least another six
papers this year.

David Noakes, Immuno Biotech's CEO, said, "Isolating GcMAF is a complex process.
Many scientists find it very challenging and time consuming and often fail to isolate it
correctly and so they come to us as a source of consistent quality for their research.
We have perfected our process in a state-of-the-art laboratory in the UK that isolates
GcMAF from human blood and makes it available in a pure, sterile form to scientists,
doctors, patients and researchers around the World. We are continually delighted by
the flood of positive results in scientific papers that state GcMAF helps fight an
increasingly wide range of diseases."

The quality of Immuno Biotech's GcMAF has made it the World's leading supplier and
the provider of choice for scientists with the company being cited in over eight research
papers to date. Many of the independent research papers on GcMAF are listed on its

GcMAF is continually produced by healthy humans and is a vital part of the body's
immune system. It directs the immune system to destroy foreign invaders, such as
viruses and bacteria, as well as the body's own cells when they turn cancerous.
However, many diseases attempt to prevent production of the body's own GcMAF and,
if successful, that prevents the immune system from fighting them resulting in the
diseases growing unchecked and becoming chronic.

Immuno Biotech has perfected the technique of extracting and isolating GcMAF
molecules from healthy human blood. A weekly injection of a tiny clear drop restores
the level of GcMAF in the blood to normal and enables the body's own natural defence
mechanisms to fight the infection with the only occasional side effects being mild, cold-
like symptoms as the immune system starts to function normally. Noticeable
improvements usually happen within three weeks and the time it takes for the body to
fight the infection and return to being able to produce normal levels of its own GcMAF
depends on the severity of the infection or cancer. An eight week course costs €660
including shipping so a typical 24 week course costs under €2000 - a fraction of the
cost of chemotherapy, and according to the research papers, more effective at fighting
cancer. Immuno Biotech has supplied 4,000 patients through 300 doctors in 30 nations.

Immuno Biotech Contact: Beate Keisa, Immuno Biotech Ltd., Tel: 0044 7781 411737,
Web: and click "contact" at the top to email.

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