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									                                First Contact Webquest
                               “Meeting of Cultures”

Welcome to the “Meeting of Cultures” Webquest. Through this activity you will develop your
research skills while also learning about the initial contact between European explorers and
the Mi’kmaw people

Understanding the changes that took place in the lives of the Mi’kmaw due to European
contact is essential to understanding Mi’kmaq culture today.

Be sure to pay close attention to text features as some information may be harder to find than

Good Luck and Happy Searching!

    1. When is the earliest known contact between the Amerindians and the Europeans?

    2. When steady contact began in the 16th century which European countries were
       sending explorers to North America? (3pts)

    3. What trade item was of most interest to the Europeans and what did this interest
       lead to? (1pt)

    4. In what year did Jacques Cartier visit Stadacona? Was this before of after
       Champlain made contact with the New World? (2pts)

    5. What kind of impression did Cartier’s visit leave on the Stadaconan’s? Why?

    6. Give two reasons for the possible disappearance of the Stadaconans. (2pts)

    7. In the 17th century, how many Native languages do historians know existed? (1pt)

    8. What are some similarities between the Mi’kmaw and other Native groups? (2pts)

    9. Read the “Close Up” entitled Feast, 1603. Is this a primary or secondary source?
       Explain. (2pts)
10. Read about The First Nations at the time of Contact. List which tribes lived in the
    5 areas of Canada shown. (5pts)

11. When did professional trades begin to appear in Mi’kmaw lands? (1pt)

12. Chart the negative and positive implications of the fur trade for the Mi’kmaw and
    other Native tribes? (5pts)

             Negative                                       Positive

13. In addition to the Mi’kmaw what other tribe traded with the Europeans in Acadia?

14. Name some European words adopted by the Mi’kmaq. (3pts)

15. Explain the term “barter system.” (2pts)

16. Chart the negative and positive implications of the fur trade on the Europeans.

              Negative                                       Positive
17. Why was birch bark such an effective material for making canoes? (4pts)

18. Discuss the differences between European and Native boat building. (2pts)

19. Compare and Contrast Native and European ways of life. (6pts)

              Native                                       European

20. Why would the Native people continue to use the bow, arrow, and spear after
    acquiring the gun? (2pts)

21. What was one thing you learned that you did not know before this Webquest?

22. What is something you still would like to / need to know more about to
    understand? (1pt)

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