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									                                                                                      MATERIALS ON
                                                                                   THE RENAISSANCE
                                                                                      EMC -- 225-4783

  016.809 Ad              Literature Connections to World History, K-6: Resources to Enhance and Entice.

  016.809 Ad              Literature Connections to World History, 7-12: Resources to Enhance and

  027.62 Ir               Fanfares: A Program for Classrooms and Libraries.

  307.76 Lo               Metropolis: Ten Cities, Ten Centuries.

  372.89 Ro               Literature-Based History Activities for Children, Grades 1-3.

  390 Gr                  Greenwood Encyclopedia of Daily Life. Volume 3

  391.009 Ra              Racinet’s Full-Color Pictorial History of Western Costume: With 92 Plates
                          Showing Over 950 Authentic Costumes from the Middle Ages to 1800.

  398.3 Le                Folklore and Symbolism of Flowers, Plants, and Trees.

  509 Al                  Hypatia’s Heritage: A History of Women in Science from Antiquity Through the
                          Nineteenth Century.

  509 Fr                  The Scientific Revolution: A Unit of Study for Grades 7-9.

  516 Wi                  Leonardo’s Dessert, No Pi.

  608.7 Co                The Inventions of Leonardo da Vinci.

  704.94 Ar               Women of the Bible.

  704.042 Bo              A World of Our Own: Women as Artists Since the Renaissance.

  704.9 Sei               Pious Journeys: Christian Devotional Art and Practice in the later Middle Ages
                          and Renaissance.

  707 Ca                  Multicultural Art Activities.

  708.5 Ca                Treasures of the Vatican.

  SPANISH                 La Obra Pictórica de Leonardo.
  709 Le

  709.02 Co               Renaissance.

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  709.02 Ru               Art of the High Renaissance.

  709.03 Hu               Larousse Encyclopedia of Renaissance and Baroque Art.

  709.03 Ma               Man and the Renaissance.

  709.24 Wor              The World of Michelangelo, 1475-1564.

  709.4 Med               Medieval and Renaissance Treasures from the V & A.

  745.5 Ko                Discovering Great Artists: Hands-On Art for Children in the Style of the Great

  746.094 An              Italian Renaissance Textile Designs.

  SPANISH                 Benvenuto Cellini.
  730 Sc

  741.092 Gna             Michelangelo: The Drawings of a Genius.

  750 Wen                 13 Pictures Children Should Know.

  751.7 Ca                Murals: Cave, Cathedral, to Street.

  753 Ho                  How to Read a Painting: Lessons from the Old Masters.

  SPANISH                 La Obra Pictórica de Durero.
  759.3 Du

  759.3 Wor               The World of Durer, 1471-1528.

  SPANISH                 Caravaggio.
  759.5 Bo

  SPANISH                 La Obra Pictórica de Botticelli.
  759.5 Bo

  SPANISH                 Masaccio y la Capilla Brancacci.
  759.5 Ca

  SPANISH                 La Obra Pictórica de Caravaggio.
  759.5 Ca

  759.5 Di                Michelangelo.

  SPANISH                 Miguel Angel.
  759.5 Di

  SPANISH                 La Mona Lisa: Una Fascienante Historia.
  759.5 Fe

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  SPANISH                 Miguel Angel.
  759.5 He

  759.5 Le                Leonardo da Vinci.

  759.5 Le                Leonardo da Vinci for Kids: His Life and Ideas: 21 Activities.

  759.5 Le                Leonardo / Raphael.

  SPANISH                 Domenico Ghirlandaio.
  759.5 Mi

  SPANISH                 La Obra Pictórica de Miguel Angel.
  759.5 Mi

  759.5 Mu                Lavinia Fontana: A Painter and her Patron in Sixteenth-century Bologna.

  SPANISH                 Giovanni Bellini.
  759.5 Ol

  759.5 Ra                All the Paintings of Raphael.

  SPANISH                 La Obra Pictórica de Rafael.
  759.5 Ra

  759.5 Re                The Unkown Leonardo.

  759.5 Ro                Leonardo da Vinci: Artist, Inventor, and Scientist of the Renaissance.

  SPANISH                 Leonardo da Vinci.
  759.5 Sa

  759.5 Sa                Michelangelo: Sculptor, Painter, Architect.

  SPANISH                 Rafael.
  759.5 Sa

  SPANISH                 Carpaccio.
  759.5 Va

  759.5 Wa                The World of Leonardo, 1452-1519.

  759.5 Wo                Leonardo da Vinci.

  759.5 Wor               The World of Giotto, c. 1267-1317.

  759.5 Wor               The World of Titian.

  759.5 Zuf               How to Read Italian Renaissance Painting.

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  759.9 Ro                Bruegel.

  SPANISH                 La Obra Pictórica de Brueghel.
  759.9493 Br

  761 Du                  The Complete Woodcuts of Albrecht Durer.

  780 Ma                  James Galway’s Music in Time.

  780.9 He                Listener's Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Music.

  789 We                  Bells and their Music; With a Recording of Bell Sounds.

  909 Dai                 Daily Life Through World History in Pirmary Documents: Volume Two: The Middle
                          Ages and Renaissance.

  909 Na                  National Standards for Wrold History: Exploring Paths to the Present; Grade 5-

  SPANISH                 Copérnico : Nos Cuenta su Vida.
  92 Cop

  SPANISH                 El Renovador Involuntario : Nicolás Copérnico.
  92 Cop

  SPANISH                 Galileo.
  92 Gal

  SPANISH                 Galileo, el Hombre de Ciencia.
  92 Gal

  SPANISH                 Galileo: Nos Cuenta su Vida.
  92 Gal

  SPANISH                 Leonardo.
  92 Leo

  SPANISH                 Leonardo da Vinci: Nos Cuenta su Vida.
  92 Leo

  SPANISH                 Miguel Angel: Un Creador Genial.
  92 Mic

  920 Eu                  European Writers.

  920 Re                  Pioneering Spirits: The Lives and Times of Remarkable Women Artists in
                          Western History.

  940.17 Ev               The Flowering of the Middle Ages.

Renaissance.doc 5/10/12
  SPANISH                 El Renacimiento y El Nuevo Mundo.
  940.2 Ca

  940.2 Co                Concise Encyclopedia of the Italian Renaissance.

  940.2 Ha                Renaissance.

  940.2 Ho                Horizon Book of the Renaissance.

  940.2 La                Renaissance.

  940.2 Le                Outrageous Women of the Renaissance.

  940.2 Le                Uppity Women of the Rneaissance.

  940.2 Ma                The Renaissance.

  940.2 Mo                Renaissance, 1300-1600.

  940.2 Pr                Made in the Renaissance, Arts and Crafts of the Age of Exploration.

  940.2 Ra                Renaissance: An Illustrated Encyclopedia.

  940.2 Re                Renaissance: Maker of Modern Man.

  940.2 Wi                Picture the Renaissance.

  SPANISH                 El Renacimiento.
  945.05 Ha

  SPANISH                 Leonardo y el Aprendiz Volador: Un Cuento Sorbre Leonardo da Vinci.

  SPANISH                 Dos Años con Leonardo.

                                         ELECTRONIC RESOURCES
  Ebook                   Manners, Costums, and Dress During the Middle Ages and During the
                          Renaissance Period.

  Ebook                   The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci; Complete.

  SPANISH                 El Mundo de la Música: Grandes Autores y Grandes Obras.
  R 780 Mu

                                                     GOLD FILE
  GF Ren                  Renaissance and Medieval Fairs.

Renaissance.doc 5/10/12
   E 224 Row 7 Shelf 2              Italian Mortar.

   E 518 Row 6 Shelf 9              Moses. (Michelangelo)

   E 853 Row 6 Shelf 6              Michelangelo’s Self Portrait.

   E 856 Row 6 Shelf 9              David. (Michelangelo)

   E 857 Row 6 Shelf 10             Pieta. (Michelangelo)

   E 858 (No Box) EMC               St. John. (Michelangelo)

   E 950 Drawer 49                  2,000 Years of Christianity.

                                                      ART & MAN
   AM 3904                Leonardo da Vinci: Working with Space.

   AM 3910                Rapael and the Renaissance: Painting People.

   AM 3938                Leonardo da Vinci: Drawing Faces.

   AM 3951                Albrecht Durer Working in Line.

   AM 3962                Caravaggio: Working with Dark and Light.

   AM 3981                Michelangelo: Quest for Idenity.

   AM 3992                Leonardo da Vinci and the Art of Drawing.

   AM 4023                Durer and the Reformation.

                                                 FINE ART PRINTS
   FAP Bellini 1                           Pieta.

   FAP Bellini 2                           Portrait of Doge Loredana.

   FAP Botticelli 1                        Birth of Venus.

   FAP Botticelli 2                        Adoration of the Magi.

   FAP Botticelli 3                        Primavera.

   FAP Bronzino 1                          Portrait of Eleanor Toledo and Her Son Giovanni.

   FAP Brueghel E 1 (Elder)                Children’s Games.

   FAP Brueghel E 2 (Elder)                Haymaking.

Renaissance.doc 5/10/12
   FAP Brueghel E 4 (Elder)     Landscape with the Martyrdom.

   FAP Brueghel E 5 (Elder)     Harvesters.

   FAP Brueghel E 6 (Elder)     The Numbering at Bethlehem.

   FAP Brueghel E 7 (Elder)     Winter Landscape with Skaters and Bird Trap.

   FAP Brueghel E 8 (Elder)     Hunters in the Snow.

   FAP Brueghel E 9 (Elder)     Wedding Dance in the Open Air.

   FAP Brueghel E 10 (Elder)    Massacre of the Innocents.

   FAP Brueghel Y 1 (Younger)   Harvester’s Meal.

   FAP Caron 1                  Emperor Augustus and the Tibertine Sibyl.

   FAP Caravaggio 1             Bacchus.

   FAP Caravaggio 2             The Cardsharps.

   FAP Castagno 1               Portrait of a Man.

   FAP Clouet 1                 Diane de Poitiers.

   FAP Clouet 2                 Portrait of Francis.

   FAP Cranach 1                The Stag Hunt (1540).

   FAP David, G. 1              Rest on the Flight into Egypt.

   FAP David, G. 2              The Annunication, Panel A: The Archangel Gabriel.

   FAP Durer 2                  Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

   FAP Durer 3                  Young Hare.

   FAP Durer 4                  Self-Portrait.

   FAP Durer 5                  Courtyard of Innsbruck Castle.

   FAP Fouquet 1                Portrait of Charles VII.

   FAP Ghirlandaio 1            Old Man and His Grandson.

   FAP Ghirlandaio 2            Francesco Sassetti and His Son Teodoro.

   FAP Giotto 1                 The Epiphany.

Renaissance.doc 5/10/12
   FAP Hals 1 (Elder)     Boy with a Lute.

   FAP Hals 2 (Elder)     Portrait of Jasper Schade Van Westram.

   FAP Hals 3 (Elder)     The Bohemian.

   FAP Jordaens 1         As the Old Sing, So the Young Pipe.

   FAP Leonardo 2         Annunciation.

   FAP Leonardo 3         Mona Lisa.

   FAP Leonardo 4         Last Supper.

   FAP Leonardo 5         Portrait of Isabelle d'Este.

   FAP Leonardo 6         Madonna, Child, St. Anne, and St. John.

   FAP Leonardo 7         Scythed Car and Covered Armored Car.

   FAP Leonardo 8         Ginevra da Benci.

   FAP Leonardo 9         Virgin and Child with St. Anne.

   FAP Leonardo 10        Study of Drapery of a Woman Kneeling to Left.

   FAP Leonardo 11        Vitruvius Man.

   FAP Lippi 1            Portrait of a Man and Woman at a Casement.

   FAP Lippi 2            The Triumph of Mordecai.

   FAP Masaccio 1         Profile Portrait of a Man.

   FAP Masaccio 2         The Tribute Money.

   FAP Meister 1          Landscape in Netherlands.

   FAP Memling 1          The Presentation in the Temple.

   FAP Memling 2          Portrait of a Man.

   FAP Metsys 2           Moneylender and His Wife.

   FAP Michelangelo 1     Creation of Adam.

   FAP Michelangelo 2     The Delphic Sibyl.

   FAP Raphael 1          Alba Madonna.

Renaissance.doc 5/10/12
   FAP Raphael 2                           The Cowper Madonna.

   FAP Raphael 3                           School of Athens.

   FAP Tintoretto 1                        Battle between the Turks and the Christians.

   FAP Tintoretto 2                        Portrait of a Member of the Foscari Family.

   FAP Uccello 1                           Battle of San Romano.

   FAP Veronese 1                          Maria mit dem Kinde.

   FAP Veronese 2                          The Finding of Moses.

                                                    LIBRARY PANEL
  LP 75                      Renaissance Dress.

                                               VIDEOS AND DVD’S
      NUMBER                                           TITLE                              LEVEL     TIME
  MP 5093 VHS             Columbus's World.                                               S       58 Min.

  MP 5754 VHS             Rumpelstilskin. (Reading Rainbow)                               P-I     30 Min.

  MP 5940 VHS             Italian Renaissance Art and Architecture.                       I-M-S   46 Min.

  MP 6253 VHS             World Reborn.                                                   S       57 Min.

  MP 6262 VHS             Scientific Imagination in the Renaissance.                      S       52 Min.

  MP 6435 VHS             Medieval to Baroque. (Music Medieval to Modern)                 S       15 Min.

  MP 6458 VHS             Romeo and Juliet.                                               M-S     81 Min.

  MP 6751 VHS             Exploring the Renaissance (1350-1650 A.D.)                      M-S     21 Min.

  MP 6892 VHS             Michelangelo: Artist and Man.                                   I-M-S   50 Min.

  MP 7506 VHS             Invention: Leonardo’s Legacy.                                   M-S     103 Min.

  MP 7530 VHS             Leonardo da Vinci and the Art of Drawing.                       I-M     57 Min.

  MP 7588 VHS             The Protestant Reformation.                                     S       21 Min.

  SPANISH                 Historia de la Pintura.                                         S       28 Min.
  MP 7725 VHS

  SPANISH                 Leonardo da Vinci.                                              I-M     30 Min.
  MP 7985 VHS

Renaissance.doc 5/10/12
  MP 8263 VHS             Leonardo da Vinci.                                          I-M-S   23 Min.

  MP 8518 VHS             A History of the Renaissance. (The Renaissance for          M-S     23 Min.

  MP 8519 VHS             Everyday Life in the Renaissance. (The Renaissance for      M-S     23 Min.

  MP 8520 VHS             Renaissance Art, Music & Literature. (The Renaissance for   M-S     23 Min.

  MP 8521 VHS             Renaissance Science & Invention. (The Renaissance for       M-S     23 Min.

  MP 8522 VHS             Renaissance Travel, Trade & Exploration. (The Renaissance   M-S     23 Min.
                          for Students)

  MP 8600 VHS             Holy Roman Empire.                                          M-S     27 Min.

  MP 9061 DVD             Simon Schama’s Power of Art. Caravaggio, Bernini,           S       150 Min.

  MP 9096 DVD             Neo Leo: The Ageless Ideas of Leonardo da Vinci.            P-I     14 Min.

Renaissance.doc 5/10/12

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