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									                              NORTHEAST REGION
                           TRAINING OPPORTUNITY
                                  LandWarNet Commercial Satellite Communications
                                  (SATCOM) Work Group

SCHOOL CODE                       0104

COURSE CODE                       AI8SWGAFC

SESSION NUMBER                    001

VENDOR INFORMATION                Satellite Industry Association

                                  22 Aug 2011 @ Tampa Convention Center - Marriott
                                  Waterside Hotel, Tampa, FL 33602

LENGTH                            1 Day (8 Hours)

START/END TIMES                   0730-1630

COST                              $100

REGISTRATION                      Submit Training Request via CHRTAS
Satellite Industry Assoc. POC:    Marie-Pierre Pluvinage @ COMM 202.503.1562

SATCOM Work Group POC:            Joseph Deeves @ DSN 848.7248/COMM 443. 395.7246

                                  Derek Harris @ DSN 865.1592/COMM 703.545.1592
HQDA Conference POC:              Derek.Harris@us.army.mil

                                  Jacklyn LaRoche @ DSN 298.7238/Comm 410.278.7238
CHRA Course Manager:


The LandWarNet Commercial Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Work Group is held in
conjunction with LandWarNet 2011 Pre-Conference Army-Sponsored Meetings, in collaboration with
the Satellite Industry Association and Program Manager Warfighter Information Network-Tactical
(PM WIN-T), Program Executive Office - Command, Control and Communications Tactical (PEO
C3T). Attendees are provided functional forums for debating and addressing Army Commercial
SATCOM challenges with DoD and industry partners. Meeting agenda as follows:

0730 – 0800 Morning Refreshments and Morning Break

0800 - 0815   Welcome (SIA and PM-WIN-T)

0815 - 0845   Opening Remarks (Speaker TBD)
0845 - 1015   Mobility Demands: An Operational View of Technology vs. Requirements

How are current Army requirements for SATCOM terminals and mobile capabilities evolving? How
is the Army balancing the need for low signature and high performance, in a budget-constrained
environment? The panel will address how SATCOM communications on the move and at the halt,
as well as the airborne layer of ISR, augment the operational capabilities of Army forces. In
conjunction with terminals, various modems & waveforms must be discussed as these are
important factors within the “antenna equation”.

1030 - 1145   SATCOM Support for Situational Awareness: Standards and Requirements

What new SATCOM capabilities are emerging to support situational awareness requirements? How
is SATCOM supporting mission requirements such as asset tracking, blue-force tracking, and
airborne ISR? What are the impacts of LandISRNet, Relevant ISR to the Edge (RITE), and Army
Force Generation (ARFORGEN) on SATCOM? How are network management and interference
detection systems evolving to meet these requirements? What challenges do joint and multinational
forces present in integrating diverse systems?
1145 - 1345   Lunch (Keynote Speaker TBD)

1345 - 1515   Field Perspectives

Military commanders discuss crucial needs for SATCOM technology and policy to support effective
SATCOM deployment in the field. What has the Army learned in recent combat operations in
Operation New Dawn and Operation Enduring Freedom? What are the requirements across the
range of future military operations? How can SATCOM most effectively support Army forces
engaged in crisis response or limited contingency operations?

1530 – 1645 Lessons Learned for the Way Ahead

How can recent experiences in fielding SATCOM systems inform Army planning? The panel will
explore how best to merge military satellite capabilities with current and future commercial
capabilities, terminal synchronization, information assurance, and right-sizing and bridging myriad
waveforms to provide effective and ready Army communications.

1645 - 1700   Closing Remarks (SIA and PM-WIN-T)


Attendance by invitation only from the sponsoring offices. Training is targeted to specific functional
categories. Please contact meeting sponsors: Satellite Industry Association (202.503.1562) and
Program Manager Warfighter Information Network-Tactical (443.395.6489).


Lecture with audience participation/interaction.


Registration via CHRTAS using the instructions below. The Course Manager makes
selections and emails confirmations.
AFCEA Registration via http://www.afcea.org/events/landwarnet/11/intro.asp; Pick “SIA
Army SATCOM Workshop” in the left column.
CANCELLATIONS: Should you need to cancel, please do so through AFCEA website
http://www.afcea.org/events/landwarnet/11/intro.asp . Cancellations after the registration
deadline and "no shows" may still be billed.
Follow the instructions below to apply for a seat in the Civilian Human Resource Training
Application System (CHRTAS).
Step 1: Log into CHRTAS by clicking on the following URL address:
https://www.atrrs.army.mil/channels/chrtas For help with CHRTAS, contact the Course Manager,
Jacklyn Laroche at DSN 298 7238 or COMM 410 278 7238.
On left side of screen under Student Functions:
If this is the first time you have used CHRTAS, you will need to click on Update/Create Student
Profile (on left side of screen). If you already have a profile, complete the following:
► From the middle of the screen where it says "Please sign in below”
    Select Army Civilian/Service Member as your category from the drop down menu
    Enter your Social Security Number
    Enter your Date of Birth
    Click "Logon"
► On the next screen Click “Continue”
Step 2: Build your student profile (if you already have a profile skip to Step 3)
►At the next screen, complete all the requested information. Make sure you enter the correct
AKO email address for yourself and your supervisor or your application will be not be processed
through the CHRTAS system successfully. Do not submit a second supervisor’s name. When
completed, click on the red “create/update CHRTAS record” button. You should get a message
stating that your profile has successfully been updated. If you do not get this message and your
profile reappears on the screen, look for the red error messages and make the necessary
corrections. You will have to keep re-entering your supervisor’s email address each time you
submit a correction.
Step 3: To apply for the class
► At the next screen, on the left side, click “Apply For Training”
► At the next screen, select FY2011. Training type is “Civilian HR Training”. Region is “0104-
CHRA North East Region”. Course is “AI8SWGAFC – LandWarNet Commercial SATCOM
Work Group”.
► Click on Search
► At the next screen, Click Tampa, Florida

► At the next screen, Select class number 001

► At the next screen, Scroll to bottom of screen and press the red “Submit This Application”

Please notify your supervisor that you have applied so they can approve/disapprove your
application w/o delay. If approved, you will get a notice from CHRA saying you were approved
followed by a message from the Course Manager telling you to register with AFCEA.

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