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					These are my own views based on events of the 5/2/13 meeting at Wakefield
Town Hall

West Yorkshire Police & Crime Panel ;-

Further to attending the Police Crime Panel meeting of which i can only describe as
a scene from the monkey pen in a zoo, with a table of full of chimpanzees and two
silver back gorillas being Chief Constable Parkinson and Commissioner Burns
Williamson that no one dare confront
and question their inaccurate assessments on public money ;-

The meeting was put back by 25 minutes given no reason, apart from members of
public turned up, and it came across as a badly rehearsed play, with members
MBW & JP questions, and as a typical ex councillor, not answering the questions
and then moving on. Absolutely scandalous, and back to the nodding dog situation
the old WYPA meetings, who still haven’t been issued minutes since October ?
last year, with no answers why, even after a Freedom of Information request.
Please advise why ?

1. Underspend of 10 million pounds last year, so why hasn’t anyone asked why the
   hasn’t reduced for this year, answer ; MBW stated they are using the spare money
for reserves ???
   Reserves for what ? Can you please advise what these reserves are ? Please
note that this
   was after a 3.4 million underspend from previous year !

2. MBW was asked why the PCC office has 26 staff, yet a neighbouring PCC was
   with 6 / 8, similar size force. He stated that 10 of his staff were working sub-
contract to
   other forces and earning an income, yet the question he was asked why the cost
were a lot higher
   than budgeted for. Surely if 10 of his staff were earning money elsewhere the bill
for the PCC office
   should be reduced from day one. Why wasn’t he asked this question ? As simple
maths shows that
   Costs for PCC should have reduced by approx 40%, and couldn’t give an answer
on why he still
   had excess staff of 8 no people costing tax payers money. To the panel - just look
on his website,
   he has 5 Admin staff ! Why ?

3. John Parkinson Stated that an average of 150 officers a year were leaving the
   and no members of the panel asked for detailed reasons why. As simple maths
go, 150 officers leaving,
   the money that is saved would cover an additional 50 officers they need to recruit,
so then why
   ask for an additional 1.3 million in your next budget on top of the under spend last
year of 10 million.
   Common sense prevails here that if you anticipate an additional 150 officers
leaving next year you
   wouldn’t require an additional 1.3 million, use the money on from the officers that
have left the force.
   So the 10 million underspend could be given back, and then no council tax
increase needed to cover the
   additional officers. Its very simple isn’t it.

   Some items from the Agenda issued to us ;-
   £ 4.060 million Extra for police officer and staff increments ??? What are these ?
   £ 0.500 million Extra on claims against the police ? Why when saving money by
officers leaving ?
   £ 0.675 million on Ill health and pensions ? Take pension off corrupt convicted
officers then no additional
                                             money required !

   One final note on this is if an average of 150 officers a year are leaving, and you
only need 50 officers
   to replace them, what were the other 100 doing ? or is that element the officers
that have to pensioned
   off before they have been caught out ? Please advise

4. MBW referred to an on line survey regarding council tax increases, bearing in
mind West-Yorkshire area
    consists of approx 1.6 million people, could you advise where that survey was
advertised, and when, as
    the figures stated in the meeting was that 1,950 people completed the on-line
questionnaire, and 57 %
    of them agreed that they would pay more money for better policing, Which means
a grand total of approx
    1112 people agreed on an increase in council tax, out of 1.6 million people, and
the panel voted the 3.8 %
    Increase in. Again scandalous. Not even any consideration for the people who are
living on the breadline,
    in todays economic climate.
    This survey has obviously targeted the people that MBW takes to his public meets
to make him look good.
    As MBW refuses to advise us, as members of the public when these meetings
are, and even refuses under a
    Freedom of Information request on his future public meeting dates. Please advise
Why ? Is this because
    we want to ask the questions he daren’t answer of has been told to avoid ?
5. The final bug bearer is the PFI Schemes costing tax payers 250 million for the
build and at least 5 times
   that for the repayments, your meeting stated that the budgets allowed for this have
doubled, and again
   MBW didn’t really answer the question apart from it was the transition between the
move from the old
   buildings to the new premises, and the sale of the existing police premises would
reduce the debt, and also
   said the government contributed 100 million into the scheme.
   Again a page in the Wakefield Express clearly stated that the police premises had
been sold to the council
   for re-generation works, and i have asked for the information when they were
advertised for the public to
   bid on the premises for sale, as it is in the publics interest that the premises sold
received every option to
   get the best price for the buildings, with no response.

   MBW also has not responded on how much for the sale of the buildings and
where it has been allocated
   in the police funding. Neither items were mentioned in the meeting and you
already have the figures for the
   sales of the buildings on top of the 100 million allegedly contributed by the
government, but nothing shown
   in your budget. Please advise why ?

   Again MBW stated that the PFI deal was negotiated in the publics best interest ?
Please show why, 3 shooting
   ranges and new flashy offices, not basic shapes, curved roofs, which are double a
standard flat roof costs,
   how was that done in the publics best interests ???

  To summarize this meeting again, pre-rehearsed, scandalous, no one having the
balls to speak up
  against the police inaccurate assessments, and in my opinion a huge misuse of
public money.

A suggestions for savings ;-
            Take back 2/3rds of corrupt officers pensions    Big Saving Salaries &
             Admit fault instead of covering lies                  Massive saving
Legal & Officers time
             Reduce admin staff at PCC office                       Big Saving
Salaries & wages

Could i please request that i be a member of the panel, or someone voted in by the
public, who
will ask the questions the other members do not want to ask. Please advise as we
will do a public
survey the correct way and actually ask the public what they want.
Your earliest response to the questions i have asked and please advise when the
next public meets
are for the PCC and the Police & Crime Panel

Tony Ramsden

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