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									Phosphorus India Ltd

          Phosphorus India Ltd

 Phosphorous India Ltd is situated in Gujarat, India. The Human Resource
   Department recognizes the potential of human resources by acquiring,
  developing and retaining, thereby ensuring organizational effectiveness.

The organizational objectives are obtained by employing the skills and abilities of the
workforce efficiently, providing the organization with well-trained and motivated
employees, developing and maintaining quality of work life, ethical policies and
socially responsible behavior, managing change to the mutual advantage of
individuals, groups, the enterprise and the public.

The main objectives that necessitates HR can be perceived from societal,
organizational, functional and personal views i.e. ranging from legal compliance,
benefits, union-management relations to acquiring and training the best employees
and ensuring their high performance, assessment compensation with which the
primary objectives are achieved ensuring the organizational effectiveness.

             Phosphorus India Ltd

   Organizational Structure
   Phosphorous India Ltd is situated in Gujarat, India. Organization Structure is
   representation of the reporting structure and the distribution of tasks using
   organizational units for example, departments in an enterprise. Organizational
   structure consists of departments, positions, persons, task, relationships and
   cost center etc.

                             Administration Department

                                   Vice President HR

                                 General Manager HR

 General Administration                                  Wages & Salary Administration

           Manager HR                                          Manager HR

     Assistant Managers HR                               Assistant Managers HR

Executive                 Executive            Executive                  Executive

           Phosphorus India Ltd

Organizational Units:

Organizational Units represents a functional unit in the company. According to
how tasks are divided up within an enterprise, that could be a department, group
or project team. Organizational units differ from other units in an enterprise; they
are used to depict structures for example administration or accounting in the
corresponding components. We depict the functional units of our enterprise with
organizational units. We create an organizational structure by assigning these
organizational units to each other. The highest organizational unit in an
organizational structure is the root organizational unit.

The organization structure is defined based functional requirements

          S. No                         Organizational Units
                   PHOSPHOROUS INDIA
                                                        General Administration
                   Administration Department            Wages & Salary
         3.        Finance Department
                                                        Sales Area North
                                                        Sales Area East
         4.        Marketing
                                                        Sales Area West
                                                        Sales Area South
         5.        Production                           Plant-2
                                                        Raw Material storage
                                                        Spare parts storage
         6.        Logistics
                                                        Finished Products storage
                                                        Scrap storage


Jobs are classifications of functions in an enterprise (for example administrator), which are
defined by the assignment of characteristics. Jobs serve as job descriptions that apply to
several positions with similar tasks or characteristics. Jobs are general classification for sets
of tasks or functions that an employee is required to perform. When creating organizational
plan, jobs help you to create positions further specifications with in the organization

            Phosphorus India Ltd

                S. No      Job code                   Job text
                   1      CHR            Chairman
                   2.     BOD            Board Of Directors
                   3.     COO            Chief Operating Officer
                   4.     PRE            President
                   5.     GMR            General Manager
                   6.     VPD            Vice President
                   7.     MGR            Manager
                   8.     ASM            Assistant Manager
                   9.     EXE            Executive
                  10.     SPR            Supervisor
                  11.     OPR            Operator
                  12.     CLR            Contract Labour


     Represents a post, which can be occupied by a person (employee) in the staff
     assignments of an organizational unit. For ex mg=manager. Organizational units
     describe the various units in your enterprise that usually structured according to
     tasks and functions. Multiple organizational units and their hierarchical
     relationships form organizational structure. Positions are specification tied to
     organizational units and are held by individuals in u r enterprise. Each position is
     typically occupied by an employee or more than an employee.

S.No         DEPT NAME                                        POSITIONS                     NO

               BOARD OF
 1                                 BOD            Directors                                 3

                                   HPR            President Hr                              1

 2                                 HVP            Vice President Hr                         1

                                   HGM            General Manager Hr                        1

    Phosphorus India Ltd

    HUMAN RESOURCE HMG      Manager Hr                  1
                     HSM    Assistant Manager Hr        4

                     HEX    Executives Hr               4

                      FPR   President Finance           1

                      FVP   President                   1
        FINANACE                                        1
3                     FGM   General Manager Finance
                      FMG   Manager Finance             1

                            Assistant Manager
                      FAM                               4

                      FEX   Executives Finance          4

                      MPR   President marketing         1

                      MVP   Vice president marketing    1

        Marketing     MGM   General manager marketing   1
4      department
                            Manager marketing           1
                            Assistant Manager
                      MAM                               4
                      MEX   Executives marketing

       Production     PPR   President Production        1

         Phosphorus India Ltd

                               PPR          president                         1
                               PGM          General manager Production        1

                               PMG          Manager Production                1

                                            Assistant Manager
                               PAM                                            4

                               PEX          Executives Production             4

                                PSP          Supervisors production

                                POP          Operator production

                                PCL              Contract labour

                                LPR          President Logistics              1

                                             president                        1
            Logistics                        Logistics
           department           LGM          General manager Logistics        1

                                LMG          Manager Logistics                1

                                LEX          Executives Logistics             4


Relationships describe the links between various departments, jobs, positions, cost
centers, tasks, persons etc.

           Phosphorus India Ltd

A002 and B 002 is a kind of direct relation ship .it is reciprocal if a job describes a position,
and then in turn will be described by the job. These relationships are distinguished by the
identification A or B. A002 means reports to and B002 means supervisor of, the various
relations are,

                                     Executive                            Asst manager
                                   Asst manger                              Manager
       Human Resource                                                       General
         Department.                                                        manager
                                                                         Vice president
                                  Vice president                           President


A position belongs to organizational unit A003andB003 an organizational unit incorporates a
position. Positions are related to organizational units in the organizational plan. They will
inherit certain characteristics of the organizational unit such as cost center assignment. When
a position holds a position they will also inherit the characteristics of the position related to
organizational unit. A003 means belongs to and B003 means incorporates to.

                                                       A003     Human resource
    Human                   Executive                           Department
   Resource                                            A003     Human resource
  Department              Asst manger                           Department

          Phosphorus India Ltd

                                                   A003   Human resource
                          Manager                         Department
                                                   A003   Human resource
                          manager                         Department
                                                   A003   Human resource
                          president                       Department
                                                   A003   Human resource
                          President                       Department

A007 and B007

A job describes a position by A007 and a position is described by B007.when a
position is described by a job it will inherit certain characteristics of the job such as
associated tasks. A job may describe several positions and a position may be
described by several jobs .job objects are best used as general classification of
positions that are more specific. A007 means describes and B 007 means described

                       Executive                                 Executive hr
                                                                 Asst manger hr
     Human                                             A007
                       Manager                                   Manager hr
    resource                                B007
   Department                                          A007
                                                                 General manager
                       General Manager
                       Vice President                            Vice-president hr

         Phosphorus India Ltd

                                                     A007       President
                                          B007                     hr


Cost Center Can Be Related To Organizational Units And Positions .The Relationship
Between Organizations And Cost Center Are Hierarchically Inherited Along the
Structure. Cost center is represented by ‘k’. Cost centers are maintained by finance
department are linked to organizational units. Cost centers assignments are inherited
along the organizational unit structure. A011 means cost center assignment to units.

                                                 A011             COST
           Administration department                            CENTER
           Marketing Department                  A011           CENTER

           Finance Department                    A011           CENTER

                  Logistics                      A011
           Production Department                 A011           CENTER

Info Types Required For Organizational Management:

         Phosphorus India Ltd

The following info types are required for organizational management.

                           1000                       Object

                           1001                       Relationship

                           1002                       Description

                           1003                       Department/staff

                           1005                       Planned compensation
management                 1007                       Vacancy

                           1008                       Account assignment

                           1013                       Employee group/sub

                           1014                       Obsolete

                                                      Cost distribution

Reports in organizational management:

         Phosphorus India Ltd

                            Administration Department

                                    Vice president

                                 General Manager


                                Assistant Managers


Reports in organizational management:

Reporting on data contained in organizational management is a requirement for the
Company. You want to evaluate data at the organizational unit level.

Objects in organizational management can be reported in sequential or structural
fashion. Sequential go through the database by one and select records for
processing. Structural identify records based upon a root object and evaluation path.

Personnel Administration
Personnel area
       A personnel area is a specific entity for personnel administration, it
 represents a sub division of company code .The personnel area, which is
used in personnel administration, personnel time management, and payroll

         Phosphorus India Ltd

accounting in SAP, is unique in each client, which should be assigned to the
                              company code.
Personnel area performs the following functions
   o It allows to generate default values for data entry, for example, for the payroll
      accounting area (e.g. determination of payroll accounting areas)
   o Acts as a selection criterion for reporting; and
   o Acts as a unit in authorization checks.

          S.No               Personnel Area code         Personnel Area Text
           01.                      1234                        Vapi

Personnel sub area

  Personnel sub-areas are sub divisions of personnel areas. Personnel sub-
 area is the smallest element in the company. The principal organizational
aspects of human resources are controlled at this level, namely the pay scale
and wage type structures and the planning of work schedules. The personnel
       sub-area is assigned a four-character alphanumeric identifier

            S.No Personnel Sub area         Personnel Sub area Text
               1.      2000                Administration Department.
               2.      3000                Marketing Department
               3.      4000                Finance Department
               4.      5000                Logistics Department
               5.      6000                R & D Department
               6.      7000                Engineering Department
               7.      8001                Production Unit 1
               8.      8002                Production Unit 2
               9.      8003                Production Unit 3
               10.     9000                Quality Department

Employee Group and Subgroups:

        Phosphorus India Ltd

Employee group

Employee group is used to classify employees in general terms. It defines the
   position of the employee with in the company’s work force. Employee
groups are used to generate default values for data entry, selection criterion
   for reporting, as an entity for authorization checks. Employee group
                consists of a number of employee sub groups

Employee Subgroup

  You can standardize or differentiate how an employee is dealt with for a
 personnel calculation rule using the grouping of employee subgroups. For
example, you can control whether an employee’s remuneration is calculated
             on a monthly or hourly basis using this grouping.
You determine which wage types are permissible for which employee subgroups
using the employee subgroup grouping for the primary wage types

S.NO   Employee      Employee Group      Employee          Employee
        Group             Text           Subgroup        Subgroup text
        Code                               Code
                                            GM        General Manager
 1.        M           Managerial           MG        Manager
                                            AM        Assistant Manager
                                            SE        Senior Executive
 2.        E            Executive
                                            JE        Junior Executive
                                            SP        Supervisor
 3.        L             Labour
                                            OP        Operator
                                            CS        Consultant
 4         X            External
                                            CT        Contract
                                            TT        Technical Trainee
 5         T            Trainees
                                            MT        Managerial Trainee

Personnel Actions:

In the standard SAP System, the following basic personnel procedures are
represented as personnel actions in the HR master data system:

          Phosphorus India Ltd

Action                                       Info group
                  Action Text                                   Info group text
 Code                                           code
HG       Hiring                           HG                Hiring
OC       Organization Change              OC                Organization Change
PM       Promotion                        PM                Promotion
TF       Transfer                         TF                Transfer
TM       Termination                      TM                Termination
IT       Increment                        IT                Increment
SN       Suspension                       SN                Suspension
RH       Rehire                           RH                Rehire
RI       Reinstatement                    RI                Reinstatement

     1. Hiring:

When a new employee is hired in the organization, a large amount of data about the
employee has to be entered. We enter the employee data in different Info types in the
SAP R/3 System. We hire the employee by performing a Personnel Action. When we
perform the Hiring personnel action type, all of the info types that need to maintain to
hire an employee are displayed automatically, one after the other.

Code Info group           No    Operation                 Info type Text
                           05       INS         0000      Actions
                           15       INS         0001      Organization Assignment
                           25       INS         0002      Personal Data
                           35       INS         0006      Address
                           45       INS         0007      Planned Working Time
HG          Hiring         55       INS         0008      Basic Pay
                           65       INS         0009      Bank Details
                           75       INS         0021      Family Member/Dependents
                           85       INS         0022      Education
                           95       INS         0023      Other/Previous Employers
                           96       INS         0041      Date Specifications

     2. Organizational reassignment:

When we hire an employee, assign him or her to the Enterprise Structure and the
Personnel Structure. If during the course of his or her employment, the employee
changes positions, cost centers, or is moved to another subsidiary, his or her
organizational assignment also change.

           Phosphorus India Ltd

To record one of these developments in the system, you run a Personnel Action. In
the personnel action type Organizational reassignment, the system automatically
displays all the Info types, one after another, that must be maintained in order to
record such a reassignment in the system.

Code Info group                 No      Operation                    Info type Text
           Organization          05        INS            0000       Actions
             Change              10        COP            0001       Organization Assignment

      3. Promotion:

When we hire an employee, assign him or her to the Enterprise Structure and the Personnel Structure.
If during the course of his or her employment, the employee is promoted or demoted, we record one of
these developments in the system and run Personnel Action. In the personnel action type Promotion,
the system automatically displays all the Info types, one after another, that must be maintained in order
to record in the system.

Code Info group                 No     Operation                     Info type Text
                                 05        INS            0000       Actions
                                 10        COP            0001       Organization Assignment
 PM          Promotion
                                 15        COP            0007       Planned Working Time
                                 20        COP            0008       Basic Pay

      4. Transfer:

When an employee is transferred them one business unit/location to another and
retain its identity after the transfer .So New recruits for a new location will not be
considered as a transfer. Moving from a city to other, which by virtue are same cities
will not be considered as a transfer.

Code Info group                 No     Operation                     Info type Text
                                05         INS           0000        Actions
                                10         COP           0001        Organization Assignment
 TF           Transfer          15         COP           0006        Address
                                20         COP           0007        Planned Working Time
                                25         COP           0008        Basic pay

           Phosphorus India Ltd

      5. Termination:

A large amount of employee data is stored in the system during the period of
employment in the company. This data is stored in individual Info types.

If the employee leaves the company, certain info types must not be changed as they
contain data that is used to create histories. Other info type records must be delimited
in the system. Furthermore, you must ensure that the final payroll has run
successfully, and that retroactive accounting runs have also been performed, if

When an employee leaves your company, the administer it using a Personnel Action.
The personnel action type leaving only offers the data records for maintenance if they
must be edited when an employee leaves the company.

Note, an employee’s personnel number must never be deleted when they leave your

A distinction must be made between employees, who have left the company, and:

   •    Employees who have retired
   •    Employees who are absent for a long period of time, for example, for maternity
        protection or military or non-military service

Code Info group            No    Operation                Info type Text
                            05       INS        0000      Actions
                            10      COP         0001      Organization Assignment
                            15      COP         0006      Address
 TM        Termination
                            20      LIS9        0009      Bank Details
                                                          Recurring payments
                            25      LIS9        0014
                            30      COP         0015      Additional Payments

      6. Increments:

Awarding an employee with certain benefits for which the reasons can be varied
according to company’s policies.

Code Info group            No    Operation                Info type Text
 IT         Increment       05       INS        0000      Actions

           Phosphorus India Ltd

                            10       COP         0001      Organization Assignment
                            15       COP         0008      Basic pay
      7. Suspension:
      Suspending an individual from his regular duties due to violation of
       company norms such as, sleeping, solicitation, and falsification of

Code Info group             No     Operation   Info type   Info type Text
                            05       INS         0000      Actions
 SN        Suspension       10       COP         0001      Organization Assignment
                            15       COP         0006      Address

   8. Rehire
Rehire is similar to the hiring process .it is included as a separate model for two

reasons. One the reasons associated may be different than the hiring process and

secondly, the employee will have a personnel number on file which can be re-activate.

Utilizing the same personnel number provides a continuous history in the lifecycle of

the employee’s involvement with in the organization.

Code Info group            No     Operation                Info type Text
                            05       INS         0000      Actions
                            10       INS         0001      Organization Assignment
 RH          Rehire         15       INS         0006      Address
                            20       INS         0007      Planned Working Time
                            25       INS         0008      Basic pay

9.       Reinstatement: Whenever an employee is suspended for a period of time his
status will be inactive, after the completion of the period, the employee returns when
he will be made active employee.

Code Info group             No    Operation                Info type Text
                            05       INS          0000     Actions
 RI       Reinstatement     10       COP          0001     Organization Assignment
                            15       COP          0006     Address

           Phosphorus India Ltd

Reasons for Actions:

S no                    Actions               No       Reasons

                                              01       New Hire
                                              02       Expansion
 HG       Hiring
                                              03       Special project
                                              04       Attrition
 OC       Organization Change                 01       Reorganization
                                              01       Pay increase
 PM       Promotion
                                              02       General increase
                                              01       Employee Request
 TF       Transfer
                                              02       Interim move
                                              02       Voluntary Retirement
 TM       Termination
                                              03       Resignation
                                              04       Contract expired
                                              05       Dismissal
 IT       Increment                           01       Increment
 SN       Suspension                          02       Suspension
 RH       Rehire                              03       Rehire
     RI   Reinstatement                       04       No reason

Info type menus:

Menus                             No Info      Info type text
           Menu text
                                  01 0000      Action
                                  02 0001      Organizational assignment
                                  03 0002      Personal data
                                  04 0006      Addresses
PA                                05 0007      Planned working time
                                  06 0008      Basic pay
                                  07 0009      Bank details
                                  08 0040      Object on loan
                                  09 0105      Communication
                                  01 0014      Recurring payments /deductions
PI         Payroll information
                                  02   0015    Additional payment

         Phosphorus India Ltd

                                    03   580           Previous employment tax details
                                    04   581           Housing (HRA / CLA / COA)
                                    05   582           Exemptions
                                    06   583           Car & conveyance
                                    07   584       rom other sources

                                    08   585       0 deductions

                                    10   587       t fund contribution

                                    11   58            Other statutory deductions
                                    12    590       Long term reimbursements
                                    13    591       Nominations

                                    14    267       Off cycle payments
                                             000    Planned working time
                                             200    Absences
  TM                                         200    Absence quotas
             Time management        03
                                             041    Time Quota Compensation
                                             201    Employee Remuneration Info

                 Number range intervals for personnel numbers:
No      From number               To number            Current no        Internal
01      00000001                  0010000              0

                                  Personal data:
The following areas are maintained in personal data.

Forms of address:

         Phosphorus India Ltd

            The common forms of address used in SAP. The gender has also
  been attached to the form of address to allow for the default on info type

                  No               Description                 Gender
                   1                  Mr.                        1
                   2                  Mrs.                       2
                   3                  Miss                       2
                   4                  Ms                         2

Marital status:

             The most commonly used marital statuses have been configured into

                     Type                      Description
                       0                         Single
                       1                         Married
                       2                         Widow
                       3                         Divorce
                       5                        Separated

Family and related persons:

The family /related persons info type 0021 the following categories are available.
Remember to update this list with all potential benefit plan dependants’ beneficiaries’

              Type         Description                 Time constraint
                1            Spouse                          2
                8         Related person                     2
               11             Father                         2
               12             Mother                         2
                2              Child                         2
                5            Guardian                        2
                7        Emergency contact                   2


The addresses are maintained in info type 0006. Every employee must have an
address type “1” permanent residence which is include.

          Phosphorus India Ltd

  Type              Description                       Time constraint
    1           Permanent residence                         1
    2           Temporary residence                         3
    3              Home address                             2
    4           Emergency address                           2

The following communication types have also been configured for use on the
                        address info type 0006.

      Type                Description         Category            Category text
      CELL                 Cell phone             1                Telephone
      FAX1                Fax machine             2                  Telefax
      TEL2                 Telephone              1                Telephone

Bank details:

   The following identifies those bank connection, type available for use.

      Type                Bank connection type text            Time constraint
        0                        Main bank                           1
        1                        Other bank                          3

Payment methods:

                 Pay method                Pay method text
                      C                        Cheque
                      T                        Transfer

      Reports in Personnel Administration:
      •   Employee List
      •   Employee Entered & Left
      •   Family members
      •   Birthday List
      •   List of employees having company provided vehicles
      •   Family members details
      •   Service Anniversaries (List of employees who have completed specific number of

           Phosphorus India Ltd

       •   Employees Remuneration Statements.
       •   Employees wage type statements.
       •   Employees Absences and Attendance statements.
       •   Total no of employees in each department and their Salary related reports.
       •   Total no of vacancies in each department.
       •   Time Recording reports for each employee for every month.

   Payroll is one of a series of accounting transactions dealing with the process of
   paying employees for services rendered, after processing of the various
   requirements for withholding of money from the employee for payment of payroll
   taxes, insurance premiums, employee benefits, garnishments and other

Remuneration calculation is primarily done on:

   •   Calculation of remuneration elements
   •   Statutory and voluntary deductions (which are country specific)

In order to run a payroll identification of the company’s pay scale structure is

PIL Pay scale structure

Pay scale Type

                     PIL            PHOSPHOROUS INDIA LIMITED

Pay scale Area

                           VAP                     Vapi

Pay scale Group and Levels

                       S.NO        Code    Pay scale Group Text
                          1.       M1      General Manager
                          2.       M2      Manager
                          3.       M3      Assistant Manager

            Phosphorus India Ltd

                               4.    E1      Senior Executive
                               5.    E2      Junior Executive
                               6.    S1      Supervisor
                               7.    O1      Operator
                               8.    C1      Consultant
                               9.    C2      Contract
                               10.   T1      Technical Trainee
                               11.   T2      Managerial Trainee

Payroll accounting area: -Organizational unit, which groups together employees for
whom payroll is run at the same time and in the same way.

Payroll control record: It locks the personnel numbers, for which payroll should be
run, against master data changes that affect the payroll past or present.

•     It locks the payroll for the period during which payroll-relevant changes are
made to the master data for the personnel numbers being processed.

The control record contains the following information:

     •   Payroll area
     •   Payroll status
     •   Payroll period
     •   Earliest possible retroactive accounting period
     •   Last change made to the control record

Payroll driver: It calculates payrolls as specified in schema.
                 Indian payroll driver is HINCALCO

Period parameters: Key that uniquely identifies payroll periodicity in the system. You
can assign different period parameters to different payroll areas so that the a payroll
run for them at different intervals

Date modifiers: Distinguishing criterion enabling you to define various date
specifications for the payment days with the same periodicity

Payroll area    Payroll area   Period       Text           Date       Text
                Text           modifier                    Modifier
P1              Executive      1            Monthly        01         1st of every
                & Labour                                              Month
P2              Managers       1            Monthly        05         5th of every

         Phosphorus India Ltd


Wage types:

Wage elements, statutory deductions and voluntary deductions are all based on the
individual payments and deductions that are calculated for an employee during payroll
period. The payments and deductions are stored as wage types and then included in
the payroll calculation. An employee’s wage elements are determined based on the
individual wage types in a pay roll period. Payments that may be included in the
calculation of remuneration is, for example basic pay, bonuses, vacation allowances,
gratuities, company owned accommodation, company sponsored day care services
etc can increase or decrease the amount of an employee which in turn is subject to
taxation policies of that particular country.

The remuneration of PIL employee’s consists of the below payments and
deductions: -

                 Payments                              Deductions
    Basic Pay                              Provident fund (Employee)
    House Rent Allowance                   ESI (Employee)
    Dearness Allowance                     Labour Welfare Fund (Employee)
    Leave Travel Allowance                 Professional tax
    Leave Encashment                       Income Tax
    Overtime Allowance                     Loss of Pay
    Bonus                                  Third Party deductions
    Medical Reimbursement                  Membership Fees
                                           Car loans
    Other Benefits:                        Personal Loan
    ESI (Employer)                         Interest on Loan
    PF (Employer)
    Labour Welfare Fund (Employer)

             House Rent Allowance is calculated as 40% of Basic Pay.
A fixed Dearness Allowance is paid for employees as Rs 1000.

The Leave Travel Allowance of the company is provided as reimbursement, which is
                not taxed. The maximum limit shall be Rs 15000.
                              Leave Encashment
Leave Encashment shall be paid for employees who resigns the company or
does not wish to carry forward his Leave. The Leave encashment is paid on
                                Basic pay.

         Phosphorus India Ltd

Leave encashment = Basic Pay           x No of days leave
                  Calendar Days

                                Overtime Allowance
Overtime Allowance will be paid for all workers who work extra hours than planned
working hours for a working day.

Overtime Allowance = Basic Pay + DA x 2 x No of overtime hours
                     Calendar Days
Bonus for the employees will be 10% on Basic pay and DA, which is paid once in

                             Medical Reimbursement
Medical reimbursement will be paid for all employees not covered under ESI. The
maximum limit shall be Rs 15000.

The employees are provided with ESI benefits. The eligibility limit is Rs 10000, which
includes components of Basic pay, DA and HRA. Employer’s contribution @ 4.75%
and Employees contribution @1.75%.

                                  Provident Fund
The employees are provided with Provident fund benefits. The components are Basic
Pay and DA. Employer’s contribution @12% and Employees contribution @12%. Out
of employer’s contribution 8.33% is diverted to Pension Fund, 1.1% as administration
charges, 0.5% as Employee Deposit linked Insurance (EDLI) and 0.01% for EDLI
Administration charges.

Labour Welfare Fund
    The employees are provided with Labour Welfare fund benefit. The
   Employee’s contribution is Rs 2. The Employer’s contribution is Rs 5.
     Contributions are paid once in a year in the month of December.

As per Act

                                  Professional Tax

                         S no   Range end         PT Amount
                         01     1000-1,500              0.00
                         02     1500-2000              16.00
                         03     2000-3000              25.00

          Phosphorus India Ltd

                           04     3000-4000             35.00
                           05     4000-5000             45.00
                           06     5000-6000             60.00
                           07     6000-10000            80.00
                           08     10000-15000          100.00
                           09     15000-20000          150.00
                           10     20000-9,999,999      200.00

Income Tax

As per Act

                                     Loss of Pay
Loss of Pay will be deducted for the absent days of the employees.

Loss of Pay = Gross Pay     x No of absent days
              Calendar Days

Car loans are paid upto a maximum limit of Rs 300000 and recovered in 60
            installments. The interest rate is deducted at 10%.
Personal loans are paid upto a maximum limit of Rs 100000 and recovered in 50
installments. No interest is deducted.

Rounded off: Rounded off to the nearest Rupee

Termination: The termination of employment due to the:

               •   Resignation of an employee
               •   Retirement of an employee
               •   Voluntary retirement or premature retirement by an employee

Termination Work Bench: The Termination Workbench computes the various types
            of payments due to, or payable by the employee at the time of
            termination. For example, Gratuity, Superannuation, Leave Encashment
            or any pending Reimbursable allowances

Third party deductions: when payments to external parties are made directly from
the payroll of the employee.

LIC: U/S80 Additional deduction

           Phosphorus India Ltd

Membership Fee: U/S80 Additional deduction

Primary wage types

In the sap system monetary amounts serve different business purposes and are
processed in different ways during the payroll run and are delimited from one another
using wage types. A wage type is a type of payment or type of deduction. The wage
types that would be used for employee’s remuneration would be following: -

     WT                PAYMENTS                   WT              DEDUCTIONS
    7000      Basic Pay                                    Provident fund (Employee)
    7001      House Rent Allowance                         ESI (Employee)
    7002      Dearness Allowance                           Labour Welfare Fund
    7003      Leave Travel Allowance                       (Employee)
    7004      Leave Encashment                             Professional tax
    7005      Overtime Allowance                           Income Tax
    7006      Bonus                             6000       Loss of Pay
    7007      Medical Reimbursement             6001       Third Party deductions
                                                6002       Membership Fees
              Other Benefits:                   6003       Car loans
              ESI (Employer)                    6004       Personal Loan
              PF (Employer)                     6005       Interest on Loan
              Labour Welfare Fund (Employer)

SAP has given the ability to capture the data of the employees by the use of info
types. The info types that would be maintained for running the payroll of PIL
employees are: -

  Info type                               Info type text
  0045          Loans
  0057          Membership fees
  0267          Off cycle payments
  0580          Previous Employment Tax Details
  0581          Housing (HRA/CLA/COA)

           Phosphorus India Ltd

  0582        Exemptions
  0583        Car & Conveyance
  0584        Income From Other Source
  0585        Section 80 Deductions
  0586        Investment Details (Section 88)
  0587        Provident Fund Contribution
  0588        Other Statutory Deductions
  0590        Long Term Reimbursements
  0591        Nominations (ESI benefit, gratuity benefit, PF Benefit, pension


Remuneration statement: All payments and deductions made for an employee. In a
clear formatted document

Payroll journals: The payroll journal contains detailed, selected payroll data for
several employees, for whom payroll has been run in a particular time interval or a
selected payroll period.

Payroll account: The Payroll Account provides you with a combination of different
wage types for a specific period

Wage type reports: This to evaluate wage types that are contained in the payroll

Gratuity Report: This report generates a Gratuity List for a selected employee range,
within a specified gratuity period

   Loans Summary Report: This report is used to display the loans status of the

Statutory Reports:

Professional Tax Report: The salary components to be included for calculating the
professional tax basis depend on the state

PF Reports

Employee forms
•    Report (HINCEPN0) to generates the following monthly Pension Fund forms:

           Phosphorus India Ltd

Form 4 - This report provides details of employee(s) joining the Pension Fund trust
during the current payroll period.
Form 5- You can generate this report for employees leaving the service, or leaving the
Pension Fund trust, for which you are generating the report, in the current payroll
 Form 6 - Use this report to obtain information on the contribution made by the
employer, in the current payroll period.

  Employees' State Insurance Report: This function prints the following statutory
                         forms for Employee State Insurance:
                 Form 6: This form submitted to the ESI authorities
                     Form 7: This form kept with the employer.
• Form 16: It is details of paid and any other income and tax deducted.

Form 24:

 •    Details of Salary Paid and Tax Deducted thereon from the Employee.
 •    This part displays the income, deductions and tax details of the selected
     employees for the financial year.

Time Management

Time Management has user-oriented interfaces that support centralized and
decentralized entry and administration of time and labor data. Time Management
enables you to record time and labor data online or using self-service applications.

            Phosphorus India Ltd

Holiday Calendar

A public holiday calendar is a grouping of public holidays according to the area in
which they are valid

S. No        PH Code              PH Text
1            PIPH                 Public Holiday Calendar

List Of Holidays

    S. No     Date                 Holiday
      1       January 1st          New Year
      2       January 14th         Sankranthi
      3       January 26th         Republic Day
      4       March 3 rd           Holi
      5       April 6th            Good Friday
      6       April 3rd            Sri Ram Navami
      7       May 1st              May Day
      8       May 21st             Foundation Day
      9       August 15th          Independence Day
     10       September 17th       Ganesh Chaturdi
     11       October 2nd          Gandhi Jayanthi
     12       October 20th         Dusshera
     13       October 15th         Ramzan
     14       December 25th        Christmas

                               Planned Working Time:

Planned working time is defined in a business environment as the daily working
period from start to end time, Including breaks. By defining the planned working time
for your employees, you determine how long they must work in your enterprise on a
daily basis.

Employee planned working time is assigned in the Planned Working Time info type
(0007) using work schedule rules


          Phosphorus India Ltd

  S. No        Shift Code                From                     To
   1          General Shift              09:00                      17:00
   2           First Shift               06:00                   14:00
   3          Second Shift               14:00                   22:00
   4           Third Shift                   22:00                   06:00

Work Schedules

    Work Schedules are Shift Schedules, which are generalized for all
employees, even those with a set working time or flexi time. Elements of the
work schedule include Daily Work Schedules, Period Work Schedules, and
                          Work Schedule Rules

Daily Work Schedules

The Daily Work Schedule determines the structure of working times in the
  enterprise at the daily level. You can also define actual normal working
 conditions and those that differ from externally or internally determined
   daily working times. In this way, you set up working times defined for
                              specific employees.

  The Daily Work Schedule, along with break schedules comprises the working
  times for a particular day. You can base the daily work schedule on such working
  time models as flextime by defining the following:

                                 • Core times
                                   • Tolerances

S.No        Code                 Work Schedule Text
    1       PGS1                 General Shift
    2       PFS1                 First Shift
    3       PSS1                 Second Shift
    4       PTS1                 Third Shift
    5       PDO1                 Day Off

Period Work Schedules

         Phosphorus India Ltd

  The Period Work Schedule consists of a defined sequence of daily work
schedules. The period work schedule reflects a work pattern that is repeated
                       after a defined period of time.

S. No      Code                   Period Work Schedule Text
    1      PRS1                   Rotating Shift
    2      PGS1                   General Shift

                             Work Break Schedules

In Work Break Schedules we can specify exactly when breaks may be taken
       with in Daily Work Schedule, and whether Paid or Unpaid.

  You define the break rules in the work schedule for any particular working day and
  assign them to a personnel sub area grouping for work schedules. This grouping
  enables you to assign a break schedule to as many of the grouping's daily work
  schedules as you want, achieving maximum flexibility in combining all elements of
  the daily work schedule.

S.No     Break     Break Schedule Text                     Timings
                                            From      To       Paid /Unpaid
 1       PGS1      General Shift (001)      13:00   13:30          Paid
         PGS2      General Shift (002)      16:00   16:30         Unpaid
 2       PFS1         First Shift           10:00   10:30             Paid
 3       PSS1        Second Shift           17:00   17:30             Paid
                      Night Shift
                     A. Refreshment         23:30 24:00              Paid
 4       PNS1             break
         PNS1         B. Tea Break          03:00 03:30              Paid

                              Work Schedule Rules

  A Work Schedule rule is a precise description of the work schedule that
          specifies the working times of a group of employees.

            Phosphorus India Ltd

A Work Schedule rule is assigned a Period Work Schedule, which intern is
made up of daily work schedules. Rotating shifts are set up by assigning a
         period work schedule to several work schedule rules.

    Work Schedule are not stored at all once, but stored for each month. The
     work schedule is created regardless of the length of the period work
                     schedule and is not person-specific

    S. No           Code                   Work Schedule Rule Text
      1             GPWS                    WSR for General shift
      2             SPWS                       WSR for Shifts

                    Factory Calendar: Same as Holiday Calendar

S. No        FH Code            FH Text
1            PIFH               Factory Holiday Calendar


    An absence is time period during an employee's planned working time in
       which the employee does not work, including certain types of leave
    (vacation) and illness. An absence represents a deviation in an employee's
                              personal work schedule.

                             Types of Absences at PIL

    S. No       Absence Code                    Absence Text
      1            PCL1                         Casual Leave
      2            PEL1                         Earned Leave
      3            PSL1                          Sick Leave
      4            PML1                        Maternity Leave

          Phosphorus India Ltd

                                 Counting Rules

  A counting rule is assigned to the absence type to determine the payroll
hours and days for the duration of this absence. The sequence for deducting
     quotas of different quota types is specified in the deduction rules

                                Absences Quotas

An Absence Quota is an employee’s time-limited entitlement to an absence.
   Each Absence Quota type is assigned a time constraint class, which is
  checked if time info types collide. Absence quota types can be locked for

                               ES Grouping ---10

                                  Quota Types

  S. No       Quota Type Code                   Quota Type Text
    1               C1                           Casual Leave
    2               E1                           Earned Leave
    3                S1                           Sick Leave
    4               M1                          Maternity Leave

                           Entitlement for Quota Types

  S. No       Quota Type Code            Entitlement            Remarks
                                                            Cannot be carry
                                                             forwarded to
    1                 C1                      10             the following
                                                               year, if not
                                                            availed, neither
                                                               cannot be
                                                            Carry forward
                                                            to the following
    2                 E1                      20                  year,

         Phosphorus India Ltd

                                                           Encashable. Up
                                                               to 30 Els
                                                           remaining will
                                                               be lapsed.
                                                            Can be carry
                                                            forwarded to
                                                             the following
   3                S1                      07                year, if the
                                                            employee is in
                                                            sick then only
                                                           eligible for this
   4                M1                      92                          -

                              Deduction Rules

The rules according to which absences are to be deducted from the absence
quotas. Quota deduction does not depend on individual absence types, but is
determined by the Counting rule for absences that is assigned to an absence

 S. No      Deduction Rule Code                 Deduction Rule Text
   1                PC1                           Casual Leave
   2                PE1                           Earned Leave
   3                PS1                            Sick Leave
   4               PM1                           Maternity Leave

                                  Info types:

       PHIL maintains the following info types for Time Management:

 S. No            Info type                    Info type Text
   1                0007                   Planned Working Time
   2                2001                          Absences
   3                2006                      Absence Quotas
   4                2010                 Employee Remuneration Info

         Phosphorus India Ltd

    5                  2013                      Quota Corrections
    6                  0416                   Time Quota Compensation


        PHIL maintains the following Reports for Time Management:

 RPTQTA00 Report (Absence Quota Generation) is used to generate time-off
entitlements for groups of employees granted for all the relevant employees
                               in advance.

 RPTPSH10 Report (Periodic Work Schedules) is used to create an overview
       for multiple employees for each day in any given period.
RPTIME00 Report (Time Evaluation Schema) is used to evaluate employee time
data that has been recorded in time info types or at time recording terminals. The time
data is evaluated for each employee on a daily basis.


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