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					Welcome to Mobile
Apps Development
    Android Application
Android is a newly launched mobile
 platform from Google which contains
 operating system, middleware and
 key applications. Android Application
 Developers use tools and API’s
 provided by Android SDK to start
 developing Applications for Android.
    Benefits of Android Mobile
     Application Development

•   User friendly and 3 Easy steps to get on to Android Applications
    Development 1. Register 2. Upload 3. Publish
•   Open Source platform with Easy to use
•   Optimized Graphics with custom library for 2D and 3D Graphics
•   SQLite for prepared data storage
•   High-tech features such as Touch screen, Compass, Video Camera,
    GPS and Accelerometer
•   Supports latest technology: GSM, 3G, WiFi, EDGE, Bluetooth for
    data transmission
•   Media supports for MPEG4, H.264, MP3, AAC, AMR, JPG, PNG,
•   Dalvik VM utilize for mobile device and tablets
    Hire Android Developer
•   Android is a Linux kernel based operating system. Its features such as open source & easy to use
    with more stability & functionality has taken Mobile Development market by storm. Compare to its
    escalating demand there are fewer skilled Android App Developers in the market. So it’s tough to
    found talented and experienced Android App Developer who can contend with latest technologies
    and deliver stunning Android Apps which surpasses client’s expectations. If you are looking to Hire
    Android Developer you are at the right place.

•   MADI is always prepared with the latest trends with our skilled and talented developers
    continuously upgrade themselves with ever changing technologies to create interactive, efficient and
    eye-catching Apps to fulfill client’s requirements. Our Android Application Programmer always
    explores imaginative ideas to make development easier and quicker.

Our Hire Android App Developer Service

•   MADI understand the importance of your valuable Apps so do our Developers. Different clients have
    different needs. To keep that in mind MADI has started specific Hire Android Apps
    Developer service. Client can conduct interview of our expert Android Apps Developer to Hire them
    & develop the innovative and customized Android Applications with their inventive idea. Clients
    can Hire Android Developers from MADI to create their Android Application on Monthly, Weekly,
    Daily & Hourly basis.

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