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									                 1000+ Category:                           59,844
                 500-999 Category:                         81,054
                 250-4999 Category:                        29,696
     Length of Roads required:                            3,69,331 km.
     Length of roads requiring Upgradation:               3,68,278 km.
     Requirement of Funds:                                Rs.1,33,126 crore

Subsequently, in the year 2004-05, some modifications were made as given below:

           Length of Core Network to be covered under PMGSY
           New Connectivity (km)                        3,67,673
           Up-Gradation (km)                            3,74,844
              (a) UG per se- to be done by GoI (km)     2,24,000
             (b) Renewal to be done by State Govt. (km) 1,50,844

Current Status

PMGSY is being implemented since the Year 2000 and the present position of
cleared projects and balance is given below:

                 Eligible                                  1,36,464
                 Sanctioned                                1,09,010
                 Balance to sanction                         27,454
                 Connected                                   79,281
                 Length New Connectivity (km.)
                 Eligible                                  3,67,673
                 Sanctioned                                2,56,425
                 Balance                                   1,11,248
                 Upgradation (km.)
                 Eligible (60% of 3,74,844)                2,24,000
                 Sanctioned                                1,64,212
                 Balance                                     59,788

2.3   Assessment of funds Required :

(a)   As per the current price levels, the following is the requirement of funds for
      completion of works sanctioned and in progress:
                -   Value of cleared proposal     - Rs. 1,18,949 crore
                -   Amount released upto March
                                                  - Rs. 84,731 crore
                -   Funds required for completion
                                                  - Rs. 34,218 crore
                    of works already sanctioned

(b)    Assessment of funds required for works yet to be sanctioned under PMGSY is
given below in Table-2.1:
                                    Table-2.1                                (Rs. in
                                                           crore- at 2010-11 prices)

S.No. Activity(s)                          Amount
                                                     New connectivity- Rs.55,624
         Funds required for works yet
(i)                                   79,539         crore. Upgradation – Rs.
         to be sanctioned
                                                     23,915 crore.
                                                     6670 habitations @ 3 km/
(ii)     Impact of left out Habitations    8,000     habitation * 0.40 crore/km =
                                                     Rs. 8004 crore.
(iii)    NABARD Loan                       17,600    Repayment of Loan
         NABARD Loan           servicing             Payment of Interest on
(iv)                                       6,059
         (Interest part)                             NABARD Loan.
                                                     40 districts * 200 habitations
                                                     @ 4 km/ habs. * 0.50 crore/
         New habitations of        250+              km = Rs. 16,000 crore
(v)                                        16,000
         LWE\IAP Schedule V

                                                     Lump       sum      provisions
                                                     (Maharashtra and Assam
                                                     States submitted proposal for
(vi)     Missing Bridges                   8,000     approx. Rs. 800 crore each
                                                     State.       So considering
                                                     provisionally 10 States in this
         Impact of increase in length of             Lump sum (cost of missing
(vii)                                    2,400
         bridges to 75m                              bridges of LWE districts).
(viii)   Impact due to snow fall/ 5,000              Proposed cost in Hilly areas is
       landslides                                  approx. Rs. 20,000 crore and
                                                   25% cost increases due to
                                                   these reasons.
       Administrative Exp. Including               Based on last years average
(ix)   for States, Quality Monitoring   1,000      expenditure.
       Funds required for launching                Lump sum
(x)    of PMGSY-II in last two year     6,000
       of 12th Five Year Plan
       Funds required for providing                Estimates based on reports
       connectivity to habitations                 from the 9 IAP States
       having population of 100 to
(xi)                                    19,340
       249 in IAP districts (A
       separate scheme is under
       Funds required for Small and                Lump Sum
       Minor bridges, not necessarily
       connected     with      PMGSY
       roads, needed for the IAP
(xi)                                    2,500
       districts to connect all
       habitations over next three
       years. (A separate scheme is
       under preparation)
       Funds required for providing                Rough approximation
       connectivity to left out
(xi)                                    10,000
       habitations in the core
       network in 60 IAP districts
       Funds required for relaxing                 Broad estimates for additional
       the PMGSY norms for Special                 population to be covered and
       Category States (Arunachal                  additional length of bridges to
       Pradesh, Assam, Himachal                    be funded
(xi)   Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir,      4,000
       Manipur,            Meghalaya,
       Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim,
       Tripura and Uttarakhand)
       similar to IAP districts
Funds needed                            1,85,438

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