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AMPs       Annual Maintenance Plans
BMS        Basic Minimum Services
BOT        Built Operate and Transfer
BT         Black Topped
CC         Cement-Concrete
CDAC       Center for Development of Advance Computing
CD Works   Cross Drainage Works
CEO        Chief Executive Officer
CNCPL      Comprehensive New Connectivity Priority List
CPGRAMS    Centralized Public Grievance Redressal and Monitoring System
CRF        Central Road Fund
CRRI       Central Road Research Institute
CUPL       Comprehensive Upgradation Priority Lists
DPIU       District Project Implementation Unit
DRRPs      District Rural Roads Plans
DRRSO      District Rural Roads Safety Officer
EPC        Engineering, Procurement and Construction
FC         Finance Commission
GIS        Geographic Information System.
GPS        Global Positioning System
GRM        Grievance Redressal Mechanism
GSB        Granular Sub-base
HRD        Human Resource Development
HSD        High Speed Diesel
IAP        Integrated Action Plan
IITs       Indian Institute of Technologies
ILO        International Labour Organization
IRC        Indian Roads Congress
ITIs       Industrial Training Institutes
ITS        Intelligent Transport System
LWE        Left Wing Extremists
MDG        Millennium Development Goals
MDRs       Major District Roads
MGNREGA    Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act
MoRD       Ministry of Rural Development
MORTH      Ministry of Road Transport & Highways
NABARD   National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
NHAI     National Highway Authority of India
NIC      National Informatics Center
NPRE     Non Plan Revenue Expenditure
NQMs     National Quality Monitors
NRRDA    National Rural Roads Development Agency
NRRDC    National Rural Roads Development Committee
OMMAS    On Line Management, Monitoring and Accounting System
PIUs     Programme Implementation Units
PMGSY    Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana
POM      Performance Output Matrix
PPP      Public Private Partnership
PRC      Performance Review Committee
PRIs     Panchayati Raj Institutions
PWD      Public Works Department
R&D      Research & Development
RES      Rural Engineering Service
RFD      Results Frame Work Document
RRMs     Regional Review Meetings
SBD      Standard Bidding Document
SH       State Highway
SQCs     State Quality Coordinators
SQM      State Quality Monitors
SRRDAs   State Rural Roads Development Agencies
WBM      Water Bound Macadam
      Chapter                             Subject                                Page No.

Chapter- 1
1.1              Introduction                                                    1

1.2              Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana                                3

1.3               Working Group on Rural Roads under Transport for               7
                  Formulation of 12th Plan
Chapter- 2: Perspective Planning
2.1               Introduction                                                   11
2.2               The Past Developments                                          11
2.3               Assessment of funds Required                                   12
2.4               Availability of funds in last 11 years                         15
2.5               Proposed PPP mode                                              16
2.5.1             Year-wise funds required, if projects are to be completed by   16
                  year 2017
2.6               Exploring new NABARD Loan                                      17
2.7               Steps required for Inclusion of new eligible Habitation, as    18
                  per 2011 Census
2.8               Suggestions for funding                                        18
2.9               Specific problems for implementing PMGSY in North-             20
                  Eastern States in view of difficult terrain and difficult
                  working conditions
2.10              Launching of PMGSY-II in last year of 12th Five Year Plan      21
2.11              Relaxing the PMGSY norms for Special Category States           21
Chapter- 3: Capacity building for SRRDAs, Contractors, Engineers,                Training
Institutions etc.
3.1               Introduction                                                   22

3.2            Institutions and Required Capacity Building Interventions         22
3.2.1          Strengthening SRRDAs                                              23
3.2.2          Capacity Building of PIUs and Junior Engineers                    23
3.2.3          Capacity Building of Contracting Industry and Workmen             23
3.2.4          Development of Appropriate Consultancy Organisations and          25
                Independent Quality Monitors
3.2.5          Strengthening National Rural Development Agency                   25
                (NRRDA) and State Road Works Department
3.2.6          Award and Appreciation                                            25
3.3            Recommendations                                                   26
Chapter- 4: Maintenance Management of Rural Roads
4.1             Introduction                                                     27

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