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The Trump organization is engaged in the area of real estate development, and is run by the
flamboyant and popular entrepreneur, Donald Trump, he is a Chief Executive Officer with the
style and demeanor of a Hollywood icon.

The Trump stable also incorporates the Trump Entertainment Resorts comprising hotels and
casinos dotted across the globe. To many outside the US the entrepreneur behind the familiar
face is household name thanks to the NBC reality show - The Apprentice, in which he stars as a
host and executive producer.

This famous chairman graduated at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in
1968, to take on the world having been raised by his wealthy real estate developer dad (Fred
Trump, 1905 - 1999). This background helped thrust him into the deep end of corporate
America as he quickly ventured into several residential projects which included the Trump
Tower in New York City and the Grand Hyatt among others.

This was followed by strategic forays into the airline industry and the casino business in Atlanta
City, however things did not pan out well for Trump as he had hoped, the businesses accrued
substantial debt that hung on the ventures' neck like an albatross.

But being a shrewd and calculating businessman, he quickly bounced back by the late 1990's
following which he unveiled a new baby in the Trump stable, in the form of a 22 storey
residential tower well known for its communal role in the TV series, The Apprentice; the tower
also happened to be a stone throw away from the stately United Nations headquarters.

He also lays claim to prime Manhattan real estate and continues to command a strong position
on the real estate arena. During the troubled times Trump had relinquished a substantial stake
of 49% on the Trump Plaza Hotel when it had to file a prepackaged bankruptcy protection plan
due to unpaid debts.

In 1996 Wall Street helped drive the publicly held stock of Trump Hotels, Casino and Resorts to
a position above $35, only to rescind back to the single digits two years later as it ran into the
doldrums at the back of $3 billion in debt.

This exposed it to its competitors in the market and eventually a strategic plan was hatched
aimed at injecting life into its operations. Bond holders received stock in exchange for
relinquishing part of the underlying debt.

The financial crisis of 2008 did not help matters as a $40 million Deutsche Bank loan repayment
could not be effected due to the sluggish financial status of the Trump International Hotel and
Tower in Chicago. Some of Trump's completed properties include the Trump World Tower
valued at $290 million, the Trump Tower at $288 million, AXA Financial Center (formerly The
Bank of America Center) valued at $540 million and the Trump Building ($90 million) among

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