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									Dear _____ & __________,

Thanks for your interest in learning more this powerful Nutritional
Cleansing & Support Program that we have with Isagenix. As we discussed
briefly, this has greatly benefited our lives as well as many of our loved ones
and friends across the country!

So, take a little time, listen to the audios from ______ and ________…and
let’s go over your questions shortly. As you will discover, with a little due
diligence…the market, industry and timing are all going through dynamic
growth here with this Isagenix. Enjoy the Info & make it a great day!

In Health, Wealth & Wellness….Sincerely, Robert

                             ????? & ????? ???????
                         ISAGENIX Independent Associates
                                   Anywhere, TX 00000

                  Cell: ???.???.???? or Hm: ???.???.????

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