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                            INFORMATION BOOKLET
                        Adrian Walker TCRG 0422 529 008

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 Thank you for inquiring about Irish dance lessons with the ‘Walker School of Irish Dance’.
 We hope that we can share the joy, excitement and passion of this unique dance form
 with you.

 Adrian Walker
 (TCRG - Qualified Irish Dance Teacher/
 Bachelor of Education/
 Bachelor of Creative Industries)
                                                           ‘TINY TOES’

                                          ‘JUST JIG’ – ADULT IRISH DANCE FITNESS


                                       TEAM CLASSES – CEILIS & CHOREOGRAPHIES

 The school was founded in 2001 by Carmel Walker TCRG, and has achieved great success, with many focused, talented and
 content pupils. Adrian Walker is now the principal teacher alongside Ann Truman and Peg Walker. The ‘Walker’ teachers strive to
 create a class environment which is highly productive and constructive, and together with their lively enthusiasm for the dance
 form, classes are an enjoyable and social experience, with a strong emphasis on a "friendly team spirit".

 Adrian, the principal teacher, has had over twenty years experience with Irish Dance (including professional experience in
 Michael Flatley’s ‘Lord of the Dance’), and ensures that the technical aspects of the dance form are explicitly taught through
 imaginative choreography, which includes a combination of traditional and contemporary steps.

 The school focuses on both solo and team dancing. Solo dancers are given the opportunity to develop their skills at different
 levels, in both hard shoe and soft shoe. During solo classes students learn the technique of Irish dancing, in particular regard to
 footwork, deportment, rhythm, and the development of dance strength and stamina. Students are encouraged to maximise their
 dancing potential, and therefore develop a strong sense of confidence, determination, focus, commitment, whilst experiencing
 the joy of Irish Dance. Students have the opportunity to compete in local competitions and State, National and International

 Teams are an integral part of Irish dancing, and all experienced dancers are given the opportunity to learn this aspect of the
 dance form. Students will learn traditional ‘ceili’ dances, as well as contemporary choreographies, and performance skills.

Principal Teacher: Adrian Walker TCRG (B Education/B Creative Industries)
(Registered teacher with the Irish and Australian Irish Dancing Commission)

Adrian has been dancing for over 20 years, and has achieved remarkable success as a competitive and professional
Irish dancer. Adrian brings a wealth of knowledge on Irish dance technique and performance from invaluable training
with professional choreographers, teachers and trainers overseas, to the students of the Walker School.

During Adrian’s competitive dancing years he was the State and National Irish Dancing Champion on several
occasions. On the professional stage, Adrian has toured internationally with Michael Flatley’s ‘Lord of the Dance’, and
was then selected to create, rehearse and perform in Michael Flatley’s new production ‘Celtic Tiger’. Adrian retired
from his professional dance career after performing in the arena spectacular ‘Feet of Flames’

Adrian, originally an assistant with the school is now the principal teacher recently passed his TCRG. Adrian has
completed a degree in Education and Creative Industries and has experience working with students in Primary and
Secondary schools. Adrian shows a high level of commitment and dedication to the dance form and to the students
of the Walker School.

Teacher: Ann Truman TMRF
(Registered teacher with the Irish and Australian Irish Dancing Commission)
Ann has been involved in Irish dancing for over 40 years. She competed at many fiesanna (competitions) in England
and Scotland throughout the 70's and won the All England titles at 14.

Ann started her affair with Irish dancing in London at the ripe old age of 5 and continued up until she successfully
completed her TMRF exams She was very lucky to be involved with the Irish culture from birth, surrounded by a
traditional flutist father and many talented musical relatives who influenced her love of the music and dance.

Ann's introduction into the Queensland Irish dancing community, after emigrating from the UK, resulted from her
daughter taking up Irish dance. Ann was lucky to re educate and learn the steps & challenges of
today's dancers. Her enthusiasm and love of Irish dance is apparent from her dedication to the traditional style, values
and passion she shares with the teachers of the Walker School.

Assistant Teacher: Peggy Walker

Assistant Teacher: Maria Coffey TCRG
(Registered teacher & Adjudicator with the Irish and Australian Irish Dancing Commission)

Guest Teacher – Caroline Gossip ADCRG
(Registered teacher & Adjudicator with the Irish and Australian Irish Dancing Commission)
TERMS & CONDITIONS of the Walker School of Irish Dance
     WALKER SCHOOL UNIFORM must be worn to class. Black shorts/skirts/tights with a ‘Walker’ Tshirt. White socks (Irish dancing
      bubble socks must be worn to below the calf muscle.) Hair tied back neatly off the face. Dancing shoes must be worn at all

     All parents are asked to sit outside the teaching room during classes. Space is limited and it can be very distracting to
      students – both your own and others. There is adequate seating available in all halls for those who wish to stay and wait for
      their children.

     To ensure maximum teaching time parents are not to interrupt teachers during class. If parents have questions/queries
      please email/phone Adrian with questions. Email is the recommended way to contact Adrian –

     MOBILE PHONES – are not allowed in class – they must be switched off during class.

     Walker School of Irish Dance does not carry medical insurance for its students. This requires that all dance students be
      covered by their own family insurance policies and if injury occurs, it is understood that the student’s own policy is your only
      source of reimbursement. No claims can be made against Walker School of Irish Dance for any injury or accident through
      class, rehearsals, concerts or any other events through Walker School of Irish Dance.

     No responsibility is taken for lost property.

     No responsibility will be taken before or after the class start and finish times. Children must not be left unattended.

     Permissions is given to seek first aid or medical attention if required.

     No videoing or photographing of children in dance classes.

     Toys, chewing gum, books, homework, snacks, games etc…. are not permitted in class.

     Your co-operation in arriving at classes on time is appreciated. Dancers are asked to arrive 15 minutes prior to their
      scheduled class time to warm up & stretch.

     Please send a drink bottle of WATER along to class with your child. Please do not send along soft drinks.

     Those thinking about enrolling are unable to sit and watch classes. If you have friends interested in enrolling their children,
      please pass on my contact number and have them call me. Please do not invite anyone to attend classes, as I do not
      have enough time during a class to provide information about the school.

     COMPETITIVE DANCERS PRACTICE - Between classes dancers are encouraged to practice their steps with 3 x 1 hour sessions.

     Dancers cannot attend classes of other Irish Dancing teachers (in Australia or overseas) whilst dancing under the Walker
      School. There are very strict ‘association’ rules in place which will jeopardize our entry into competitions.

     There is a Fundraising Levy - $25 per family per term (excluding ‘Just Jig – Adult Fitness’ students). You will be invoiced in Term One for the
      whole year - $100. You may opt to pay this off - $25 per term.

     Fund Raising money is mainly used for running the End of Year Celebrations, awards, shoe hire and to assist with the payment of team and
      performance costumes/accessories/make up/wigs.

     All payment for competitions should be transferred online into the Fundraising Account

     Walker Fundraising Account
      BSB: 06 4178                       ACCT: 1043 4955
     Please email Ann Truman – atruman@ozemail.com.au with receipt details
     Please note FUNDRAISING account is different from FEE ACCOUNT
                                          FEE INFORMATION 2013

* $10 annual administration fee is charged to register students for 2013 with the Walker School of
Irish Dance – this feel will be administered on your Term 1 invoice (or during your first term)

* $35 Registration fee to compete in competition is charged by the Australian Irish Dancing
Walker Fundraising Account
BSB: 06 4178              ACCT: 1043 4955

* Fees are invoiced for a 10 week term. The fees are due 2 weeks after the invoice date.

*Payment for invoices will only be accepted by online transfer. Please indicate your name and
invoice number clearly as a reference.

Adrian Walker
BSB: 06 4173 ACCT: 0064 4136

* If a dancer is going to be away on a long holiday (more than 2 weeks) or has an injury that will
keep them away for more than 2 weeks please let me know so I can adjust your invoice.

* Invoices will not be adjusted for ‘changing of minds’ after the account has been sent out.

+ It is recommended that all beginner/primary dancers attend 2 classes per week – particularly if
you want to participate in exams and compete.

+ All intermediate/open dancers who wish to compete must attend at least 2 lessons per week.
Championship dancers are encouraged to attend a minimum of 3 classes per week.

+ All competitive dancers are expected to attend the Tues night team class.

+ All Intermediate and Open dancers are expected to attend the Thursday night stretch and
strengthening class.
                                        FEE SCHEDULE 2013

            Fees are then payable within 2 weeks or an administration fee is incurred



4 classes per week:                                           520
3 classes per week:                                           470
2 classes per week:                                           340
1 class per week:                                             220

4 classes per week:                                           440
3 classes per week:                                           390
2 classes per week:                                           260
1 class per week:                                             140

3 classes per week:                                           390
2 classes per week:                                           260
1 class per week:                                             140

1 class per week                                              140

TEAM ONLY:                                                    120

CASUAL LESSON:                                                15 cash per lesson


4 DANCERS OR MORE = please contact Adrian to negotiate

+ NEW DANCERS: You may want to ‘trial’ a lesson at the start of the term. If you would like to
continue with the term you will be invoiced.
                                                   2013 TIMETABLE

TUESDAY                    Adrian Walker TCRG, Ann Truman TMRF & Peggy Walker
Sherwood Uniting Church, Cnr Thallon & Sherwood Rd Sherwood

4:00pm – 4:45pm            “Tiny Toes” & “Irish Intro”

4:15pm-5:15pm              Beginner/Primary Solos

5:15pm – 6:15 pm           Under 11 and Under 13 Teams

6:15pm – 7:15pm            Under 13 Open & Intermediate Solos

7:00pm – 8:30pm            Under 16, Under 19, Open Age Teams

8:30pm – 9:30pm            Over 13 Open Solos

WEDNESDAY                   Adrian Walker TCRG
Yeronga Scout Hall, Park Road Yeronga

Commencing Term 2 – enroll now. Timetable to be advised.

THURSDAY                  Adrian Walker TCRG, Ann Truman TMRF & Peggy Walker
Chelmer Commuinity Centre, Cnr. Queenscroft & Halsbury Streets, Chelmer

4:00pm – 4:45pm            “Tiny Toes” & “Irish Intro”

4:30pm – 5:30pm            Beginners/Primary Solos

5:30pm – 6:30pm            Under 13 Open & Intermediate Solos

6:30pm – 7:30pm            Stretch and Strengthen – All Intermediate/Open Dancers

7:30pm – 9:00pm            Over 13 Open Solos

SATURDAY                   Adrian Walker TCRG, Ann Truman TRMF & Peggy Walker
Sherwood Uniting Church, Cnr Thallon & Sherwood Rd Sherwood

8:30am – 9:30am            “Just Jig” – Adult Irish Dance Fitness Class

9:30am – 10:15am           “Tiny Toes & “Intro to Irish”

9:30am – 10:30am            Beginners/Primary Solos

10:30am – 11:30am          Intermediate & Open Solos (Please note Caroline Gossip ADCRG will occasionally take
                           this class instead of Adrian)

                                                       TERM DATES 2013

TERM ONE:        (10 weeks)       Tuesday 22nd January – Thursday 28thMarch

TERM TWO:        (10 weeks)       Tuesday 15th April – Saturday 22nd June

TERM THREE: (11 weeks)            Tuesday 9th July – Saturday 21st September

TERM FOUR:       (9 weeks)        Tuesday 15th October – Saturday 14th December

                                                    WORKSHOP DATES 2013

Tuesday 8th January – Intermediate/Open Workshop

Wednesday 9th January – Intermediate/Open Workshop

Tuesday 15th January – Intermediate/Open Workshop

Wednesday 16th January – Intermediate/Open Workshop

Saturday 22nd June – Intermediate/Open Solo and Team Workshop

Sunday 7th July – Intermediate/Open Solo and Team Workshop

Sunday 28th July – Annual Solo Workshop

Sunday 4th August – Annual Team Workshop

Tuesday 24th September – National Solo/Team Rehearsal

Thursday 26th September – National/Solo Team Rehearsal

Saturday 12th October – Beg/Primary/Int/Open Premiership workshop

                                                FEIS (COMPETITION DATES) 2013

March Feis – 9 & 10 March – Redcliffe

World Irish Dancing Championships – Boston – Sunday 24th March – Sunday 31st March

April Feis – 20 & 21st April – Lourdes Hill

May Feis – 4 & 5 May – TEAMS - QIA

Crocker Feis – 19th May

Gold Coast Feis – 15 & 16 June – Albert Waterways

Hearn Feis – TBA

Mid Year Feis – 13 & 14 July

State Championships – 9,10 & 11 August - TEAMS

Spring Feis – 7 & 8 September
Australian National Championships – 1st – 6h October (select TEAMS) – do not book flights without confirming entry with

Premierships – 26 & 27 October

                                                     GRADE EXAMS 2013
Term 1 - 23 & 24 February – QIA – Brisbane City

Term 4 – 10 & 11 November – QIA – Brisbane City

                                                     DISPLAY DATES 2013
Sunday   10th   March – GAA Sports Day

Sunday 16th and 17th March – St Patricks Day Parade and Celebrations


Sunday 11 November – QIA – Brisbane City

                                                  END OF YEAR CELEBRATION

Saturday 14th DECEMBER – VENUE TBA


                                                DRESS REQUIREMENTS
    WALKER SCHOOL UNIFORM must be worn to class. Black shorts/skirts/tights with ‘Walker’ Tshirts’. Dancing socks
      ( Irish dancing bubble socks must be worn to below the calf muscle.) Tshirts and socks can be purchased at
    SHOES – (Beginners – jazz shoes are suitable first term of dancing.) Irish Dancing shoes must be worn at all times.

  Walker Black and Pink costume – see Peggy Walker
  You may be required to purchase a black leotard
  Socks – Irish Dancing bubble socks (available at the stalls at the feis) INSERT REEL CELTIC or see Peg Walker
  Shoes – Irish Dancing shoes can be purchased at stalls at the feis. You must have these prior to your first
  competition however. http://www.reelceltic.com.au/

   No makeup/no fake tan.
   Hair tied back neatly – half up, half down (no hair on the face) with black/pink ribbons. No wigs.

    PRIMARY (Please note no ‘individual’ solo dresses are allowed for Primary – they must be ‘Walker’ team
   a) Walker Black and Pink costume – see Peg Walker
   Wigs may be worn, or hair neatly tied back with ribbons.

   a) Continue to wear ‘Walker School’ team dress that you have purchased.
   b) Purchase a solo dress. Before purchase a solo dress must be approved by Adrian.
   Wigs must be worn.
   Legs should be tanned for all Championship competitions.
c) Purchase of a solo dress. Before purchase a solo dress must be approved by Adrian.
Wigs must be worn
Full stage make up
Fake Tanned legs

All team dancers must have a new pink/black ‘Walker’ team dress.
An initial one off deposit of $100 is required as a bond for a new dress.
Wigs must be worn
U11 & U13 – white bubble socks – fake tanned legs, make u
U16 & Open Age – black tights, make up


For online purchases – these must be approved by Adrian – please email Adrian the dress you wish to purchase

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