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									                                                                                                                QlikView 11
                                                                                                                Sales Guide
                                                                                                                October 2011

     This sales guide includes key messaging on the overall positioning of QlikView, the major version 11 product themes and
      features, usage scenarios, beta feedback, and competitive information
     The format is intended to be simple and concise, allowing quick access to the most important selling points for QlikView 11

Overall Product Positioning
                                                                                The following new features have been added in QlikView 11:
QlikView offers a business discovery platform…
Business Discovery                                                                  Theme                Feature                        Definition
Business Discovery is the next generation of Business Intelligence,             Social Business   Collaborative Sessions   Bi-directional, real time QlikView
allowing users to explore and analyze live information without                  Discovery                                  document sharing between users.
limits. Apps are rapidly built and deployed, while IT can ensure the                              Annotations              Notes associated with any QV
control of data and security that they require.                                                                            object, added and shared by users.
                                                                                Mobile            Cross Platform           The same QlikView apps delivered
Validation by Gartner
                                                                                Business          Compatibility            consistently on any PC or tablet.
In the 2011 BI Magic Quadrant, Gartner described a split in the BI              Discovery         Handheld                 QlikView apps delivered in ‘single
market – between traditional stack vendors and newer ‘data
                                                                                                  Support                  object mode’ on handhelds.
discovery’ vendors. Data Discovery is Gartner’s term for Business
                                                                                Comparative       Comparative              Ability to compare user selected
Discovery – so this is an endorsement of our category by Gartner.
                                                                                Analysis          Analysis                 sets directly in charts or graphs
Contrast to Reporting Based Architectures                                       Rapid Analytic    Version Control          Integration with source code control
The major distinction between stack vendors and data discovery                  App Platform      Integration              systems for development.
vendors is around architecture – traditional tools pre-aggregate                                  Improved Ajax Dialog     More intuitive creation of objects in
information and rely on reporting based technology. This creates                                  Boxes                    the Ajax browser client.
complexity and cost, and limits flexibility and simplicity for users.                             Granular Chart           Top/bottom n filters for charts, set
                                                                                                  Dimension Control        in properties, for 80/20 questions.
The Associative Experience                                                                        Conditional Enabling     User can select dimensions and
The Associative Experience is the fundamental navigation paradigm                                                          expressions used on charts.
in QlikView – the Green / White / Gray. It allows users to make a                                 Improved Layout          Grid view in containers and better
selection, immediately learn from the results, and take next steps.                               Options                  tab navigation in Ajax client.
                                                                                                  Developer Metadata       Improved metadata for devs,
QlikView’s Core Technology
                                                                                                  Enhancements             including hover-over tips in charts.
The Associative Experience is enabled by QlikView’s patented in-
                                                                                                  Informatica Integration Data export from Informatica ETL to
memory associative technology, which stores an entire set of highly
                                                                                                                          QV in an optimized format.
compressed detailed data, and allows users to search and filter this
                                                                                                  Document                 Pass QV data to 3rd party tools and
data without limits. The engine dynamically calculates KPI’s as the
                                                                                                  Extensions               alter look and feel of Ajax client.
user makes selections.
                                                                                                  Workbench Template       Build and deploy extension objects
                                                                                                  for Visual Studio        in VS with just a few clicks.
Version 11 Themes & Features                                                    Enterprise        Improved Publisher       Offer fresher data by improving
                                                                                Platform          Performance              reload times by up to 40%
QlikView 11 takes Business Discovery to a whole new level by
                                                                                                  Load Balancing           A new algorithm for intelligent use
providing advanced social and mobile analysis capabilities                                        Improvements             of servers in a cluster
while strengthening the enterprise readiness of the platform.                                     More Granular            More effective distribution of
                                                                                                  Clustering               QlikView apps in a cluster
                            QlikView 11 Themes
                                                                                                  QlikView Management      A single, user-friendly mgmt
Social Business       Social Business Discovery helps organizations                               Console                  interface for QV administrators
Discovery             incorporate the human element into decision-making.                         Accesspoint              Redesigned accesspoint with
                      Users can collaborate to answer questions in formal or                      Redesign                 modern look & feel and usability
                      informal groups, and in real-time as well as
                                                                                                  Mgmt Services API        Additional API functions to better
                                                                                                  Enhancements             support enterprise integration
Mobile Business       Mobile Business Discovery enables organizations to
                                                                                                  Admin Metadata           Improved metadata for admins to
Discovery             incorporate the physical environment into decision-
                                                                                                  Enhancements             gain / offer transparency into data
                      making. Users get insight “on location.” QlikView on
                      Mobile delivers true Business Discovery on the go.                          OEM Island               Protection for OEM IP and better
                                                                                                  Mode                     audit capabilities for deployments
Comparative           Comparative analysis enables users to select multiple
Analysis              user-defined data sets, and directly compare them to                        Document Level           More granular document usage
                      one another, to perform relative analysis and spot                          Auditing                 auditing for compliance
                      trends, outliers, or differences.                                           Granular Download        More granular document level
Rapid Analytic App    QlikView 11 includes new and improved capabilities that                     and Export Control       security and data export controls
Platform              help users create analyses quickly and simply―without                       Publisher QVD            Simplified and more efficient data
                      requiring extensive IT involvement.                                         Generation               staging (QVD layer) creation
Enterprise Platform   QlikView 11 is packed with new and improved enterprise
                      capabilities, designed for IT pros, to support large
                      deployments and enterprise organizations.

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Business Usage Scenarios                                                              Competitive Information
                                                                                      The following key points describe QlikView’s competitive
The following examples show the business focused features
                                                                                      position around each V11 theme:
of QlikView used in the context of an industry and function:
   Theme /          Industry /                                                            Company                          How QV11 Stacks up
                                                  Usage Scenario
   Feature           Function                                                         Social Business    QlikView is the category leader in Social Business
Social Business   Retail /         A Category Manager at a global retailer            Discovery           Discovery, with a unique value proposition that
Discovery –       Buying &         notices an impending inventory problem in                              exemplifies QlikTech as an innovator.
Collaborative     Merchandising    an important region. She launches a                                   No other vendor offers live collaborative (synchronous)
Sessions                           collaborative session with her supplier,                               sessions.
                                   buyer, and allocator in order to discuss and                          Annotations from competitors are not threaded, nor do
                                   identify replenishment options. During the                             they support bookmarks to unique selection states.
                                   session, they identify a number of products                           QlikView’s collaborative web-based development
                                   that the team feels can help avoid potential                           capability is best-in-class.
                                   sales erosion while maintaining margins.                              Cognos 10 has external collaboration but depends on
Social Business   Telco /          The CTO of a major telco observes a                                    Lotus Connections. No collaborative sessions.
Discovery –       Service          decrease in service level performance. He          Mobile Business    QlikView on Mobile is on par with the market but
Annotations       Operations       drills into the affected time period to identify   Discovery           employs a different approach – live HTML5 web-apps
                                   underlying drivers and assess impact on                                vs. synchronized reports.
                                   SLA's. He makes annotations in the QlikView                           Mobile is a key feature but not generally a competitive
                                   with his insights, and sends a link to the                             differentiator on its own. Deals are often dependent on
                                   heads of service management and customer                               mobile but not exclusive to mobile scenarios.
                                   care to look at the situation and consider his                        Make sure to position mobile in the context of business
                                   comments when planning remediation.                                    discovery and find use cases that demonstrate real
Mobile            Financial        A financial advisor from a major brokerage                             business value.
Business          Services /       visits a high net worth client and uses                               Be prepared for report-centric vendors to position
Discovery –       Wealth & Asset   QlikView on Mobile to offer a fully                                    offline mode as a feature, when really it’s a data set
Cross Platform    Management       interactive portfolio review. He previously                            limitation of static / pre-defined reporting.
Compatibility                      had to rely on printed portfolio statements,                          Occasionally we will see insistence on native apps – but
                                   but now he has the ability to work with live                           most strong IT organizations favor web-apps and a
                                   data to answer questions about investment                              centralized cross-platform strategy.
                                   strategies and performance. Furthermore,           Comparative        Comparative Analysis demonstrates QlikView’s unique
                                   the client can access his data on any mobile       Analysis            combination of simplicity and power.
                                   device without having to install software.                            The ability for non-technical users to select and adjust
Mobile            Healthcare /     A physician is on the golf course when he                              comparison sets is truly unique in the market.
Business          Clinical         gets a message on his iPhone that a patient                           Distinguishes QlikView from stack competitors who
Discovery –       Operations       has had a steep increase in blood pressure.                            offer separate, complex products for set comparison
Handheld                           He uses QlikView on Mobile to quickly access                           (IBM SPSS, SAP Set Analyzer).
Support                            the patient’s records, where he discovers a                           Opens up new use-cases that could not be addressed by
                                   counter indication between prescribed                                  BI simply before.
                                   medications that could produce high blood                             Can support basket/group comparisons but not the
                                   pressure. He sends instructions via email to                           predictive (statistical) element of market basket
                                   his RN on how to remedy the situation.                                 analysis.
Comparative       High Tech        A marketing director at a high-tech                Rapid Analytic     QlikView is the category leader in BI App Development
Analysis          Manufacturing    manufacturer notices that sales of 3D              App Platform        and v11 enhancements extend this lead.
                  / Marketing      displays are declining. He has a hunch that a                         One QlikView app can replace hundreds of Business
                                   competitor is gaining traction. He uses                                Objects, Cognos, or Microstrategy reports.
                                   comparative analysis to directly compare                              QlikView apps are delivered in a fraction of the time
                                   sets of his products against the competitor,                           required by stack vendors, with less training, and at
                                   by region and individual store. He sees that                           significantly lower cost. V11 developer improvements
                                   his average price and out-of-stock levels are                          enhance this advantage.
                                   higher in key locations, and takes action to                          QlikView’s integration capability (with external version
                                   adjust pricing and delivery SLA’s.                                     control systems) is on-par with the market.
                                                                                                         Tableau provides strong visualizations but do not offer
                                                                                                          purpose built apps. There is limited developer
Customer Feedback from Beta                                                                               capability for building out app functionality. This
                                                                                                          positions Tableau as a tool for power analysts vs.
The following quote demonstrates positive feedback from a                                                 business users.
V11 enterprise beta customer in the UK – NHS.                                                            Position QlikView 11 as offering faster time to value,
                                                                                                          remixability, reusability, extensibility, and improved
     "Version 11 is a significant step forward, and there are a                                           developer experience.
     number of features that will be of value to us. The grouping                     Enterprise         Enterprise Platform promotes a model of IT control at
     function will assist us to benchmark performance across                          Platform            the center and business user flexibility at the edges.
     practices and hospitals, and the ability to add notes is a simple                                   V11 improvements continue to neutralize stack vendor
     feature but with powerful capabilities and uses. In addition,                                        strengths.
     load balancing is most welcome as we continue to expand                                             Outdistances QlikView from Spotfire and Tableau in the
     QlikView into the enterprise and we need to ensure the system
                                                                                                         Continue to position QlikView as cost effective, scalable,
     will scale up to the numbers we plan to deploy to."                                                  and secure, with simplified administration and
John Uttley, Chief Information Officer, Staffordshire Commissioning                                       improved enterprise features across the board.
Support Service (part of NHS in Staffordshire)

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