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					                          Making and Selling Fashion in China
Title and Speaker                           Time                  Outline

                                                Morning Session
                                             ‘Trading in China’
Refreshments on the Terrace                 10.15 – 10.55         Registration, teas and coffees

Introduction by Wendy Malem                 10.55 – 11.00         Why we are holding ‘Making and Selling
                                                                  Fashion in China’; How this impacts CFE and
                                                                  DISC and the broader fashion economy.

Why sell in China?                          11.00 – 11.20          “China’s luxury market is forecast by
                                                                  McKinsey & Co to soar to 27 billion dollars by
Speaker: Sennait Ghebreab, Account                                2015 — one fifth of the world total — up
Executive EMEA Markets, Mathew                                    from 10 billion dollars in 2009.”
                                                                  In the next five years, China will become the
                                                                  largest fashion market and “might surpass the
                                                                  States in volume”

                                                                  This talk will outline the importance of the
                                                                  Chinese economy to UK fashion labels, the
                                                                  love affair between Chinese/Oriental
                                                                  consumers and British brands and the future
                                                                  of selling in China.

Current IP trends in China – know before    11.20 – 11.40         In China these days it’s all about the value of
you go                                                            IP – mention J K Rowling or Steve Jobs and
                                                                  people don’t just know their names, they
Speaker: Simon Cheetham, China IPR                                know how much money they’ve made. So
SME Helpdesk                                                      what’s going on and how will it affect your

Negotiating and Networking in Chinese       11.40 -12.00          Taking us through the importance of noting
Culture                                                           the different communication styles, tactics
                                                                  and manners, this talk will give you a step by
Speaker: Livia Li, International Business                         step guide of how to interact and make
Development Manager at London                                     successful, long lasting relationships with
Artscom Ltd.                                                      Chinese retailers and wholesalers.
Q and A                                    12.00 – 12.30    Questions from the floor

Chaired by Wendy Malem

Lunch on the Terrace                       12.30 – 13.30    Networking and finger food lunch

                                           Afternoon Session
                                         ‘Manufacturing in China’
Introduction by Paul Algar, UK Fashion     13.30 – 13.35    Why we are holding ‘Making and Selling
and Textile Association                                     Fashion in China’; How this impacts CFE and
                                                            DISC and the broader fashion economy; LCF
                                                            and Own-it; IP Helpdesk;

How to Protect Your Designs                13.35 – 13.55    China's textile industry is both an opportunity
                                                            and threat to foreign businesses. It is a key
Speaker: Audrey Shum, Stephenson                            supply base for textiles and finished goods.
Harwood, Hong Kong                                          However, foreign brands that are not
                                                            adequately protected often fall victim to
                                                            infringement by Chinese competitors. Our
                                                            expert will talk you through the legal
                                                            protection available for designs (which is
                                                            different from UK design right) and
                                                            preventative measures when working with
                                                            Chinese suppliers.
How to Enforce Your IP Rights              13.55 – 14.15    What should you do if you notice that
                                                            somebody else is selling counterfeit products
Speaker: Audrey Shum, Stephenson                            to your designs and/or with your branding? In
Harwood, Hong Kong                                          fact, you can take action in China or at home,
                                                            e.g. when somebody tries to import
                                                            counterfeits into the UK/EU market. Our
                                                            expert will tell you how.

How to Find Manufacturers and              14.15 – 14.30    Sourcing manufacturers and suppliers can be
Suppliers in China                                          difficult at the best of time. Add a language
                                                            barrier and minimum order requirements and
Speaker: Daliah Simble, Production                          it can be boggling. Here, listen to a fashion
Manager, Roland Mouret                                      house speak about how they have sourced
                                                            their manufacturers, suppliers whilst keeping
                                                            their premium quality. From sampling to full
                                                            production, hear the truth behind what
                                                            happens when you make in China.

How to Ensure a Compliant                  14.30 – 14.45    With the rise of consumer awareness around
Manufacturer in China                                       ethical practices home and abroad,
                                                            compliance must be considered for any
Speaker: Julia Kilbourne, ETI Apparel                       trading fashion house. This talk takes you
and Textiles Category Leader , Ethical                   through why you must ensure your suppliers
Trading Initiative                                       are compliant, what to look out as well as the
                                                         benefits of using a compliant manufacturer or

Q and A                                  14.45 – 15.15   Questions from the floor

Chaired by Paul Algar

China IPR SME helpdesk one-to-one        15.30 – 17.30   15 minutes per company (potential for 8
surgeries with Audrey Shum                               companies to be seen) please email Silvia
                                                         Baumgart, s.baumgart@arts.ac.uk to book
                                                         your slot.
Speaker/Organisation profiles:


Paul Algar, UK Fashion and Textile Association

Simon Cheetham is the Team Leader of the China IPR SME Helpdesk. He is a China IPR Enforcement expert
with over 30 years' experience in commercial investigations, due diligence and IPR enforcement in China
and internationally. He has lived and worked in China and South-East Asia for over 17 years. He is also the
Managing Director of ERINYES INTERNATIONAL LTD, a firm he founded to capitalise on his extensive
experience of international investigations, loss prevention and enforcement work. He manages and directs
the operations of the Company from Europe to the Far East.

Simon began his career with the Hong Kong Police, where he was responsible for the detection and
prosecution of a wide variety of crimes, including fraud and homicide. While in South-East Asia Simon was
Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce Intellectual Property Committee and acted as an advisor
to the International Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force on China. He has lectured frequently around the world
on security issues and IPR and has written articles and papers on a variety of related topics, including a
chapter in 'Intellectual Property Law and Practice in the People's Republic of China' published by Kluwer
Law International B.V. He is fluent in English and Cantonese.

Sennait Ghebreab has Eritrean origins but was born and raised in Milan, Italy, the eternal city of fashion
and style. She was so lucky to study just a few blocks from the famous Quadrilatero della Moda in the
centre of Milan.
After graduating in Languages and Cultures for Intercultural Communication at the University of Milan she
arrived in London for a course in Marketing and Communications by the Chartered Institute of Marketing,
CIM at London Metropolitan University.
Sennait started her career in fashion in the Burberry head office in Wholesales and then, in 2010, moved to
Matthew Williamson’s Wholesales office for EMEA markets as Account Executive.
She has a genuine passion for fashion and the wholesales industry, at international level, thanks to her
several foreign languages and loves the strategic and analytical side of her role.
Apart from in-depth knowledge of Luxury Western markets Sennait has a special interest in emerging
markets, such as the Far East (China, Korea and Japan), South America and the Middle East.

Julia Kilbourne, ETI Apparel and Textiles Category Leader , Ethical Trading Initiative
Julia is responsible for the apparel/textile programme at the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI), a ground-
breaking alliance of companies, trade unions and voluntary organizations working in partnership to
improve the working lives of poor and vulnerable people across the globe. An experienced senior manager
with significant in-country experience, Julia has led globally diverse teams and developed policy and
strategy in both commercial and not-for-profit settings. Her current focus is providing leadership for ETI's
programme strategy for the apparel and textile sectors developing collaborative initiatives that engage its
membership to drive change.

Livia Li is the International Business Development Manager at London Artscom Ltd., a fully owned
commercial subsidiary of University of the Arts London. She is responsible for generating business contracts
in the Greater China region for six of UAL's colleges, as well as identifying entry strategy and market

Livia is a Chinese native and has been working in Chinese creative industries for over 13 years, including, 5
years working at a Chinese Central government administration body in Beijing. Livia has extensive
knowledge and connections in Chinese fashion, TV and film as well as fine arts. Over the past 3 years, she
successfully helped Artscom enter the Chinese fashion training market. She is now continuously working
closely with leading Chinese fashion houses and many local fashion trading bodies across the country on
commercial collaborations.

Wendy Malem MBA FCSD, Director of the Centre for Fashion Enterprise (CFE), Designer-Manufacturer
Innovation Support Centre (DISC) and Dean of Graduate School at London College of Fashion

Wendy is a recognised fashion designer, academic and researcher, has high-level strategic experience both
within the international designer sector and more recently in higher education. A fashion design graduate,
Wendy has a successful 20 year career in fashion design and achieved an MBA in 1996. She was also
awarded the Fellowship of the Chartered Society of Designers in 1996.
Wendy was appointed as Dean of the Graduate School in 2012 and was previously Dean of Enterprise and
International Development at London College of Fashion (LCF) from 2007, and before that was Chair of
Fashion, Film and Music at the University of Westminster from 2001 to 2007. She is responsible for
strategic development of the Graduate School as well as heading up “Enterprise” for LCF. This includes
directing design and enterprise while focussing on professionalising and innovating the global fashion
She has been the Director of the Centre for Fashion Enterprise (CFE) since 2007, which is London’s strategic
business development platform for the growth of emerging high-end and luxury fashion designer
businesses. In 2012, the “Designer-Manufacturer Innovation Support Centre” (DISC) was launched which
has grown out of CFE to support high-end fashion manufacturers to innovate their businesses, products and
services to develop “value-added” solutions for the sector.

Daliah Simble, Production Manager, Roland Mouret
Daliah has been working in the industry for 20 years in the capacity as employee or consultant, specialising in the
Product Life Cycle which is the management of all processes from Design concept stage, through to Product
Development & sampling, sourcing & production and delivery & logistics. She has worked from premium high st
through to the luxury sectors of the market (Monsoon, Nicole Farhi, French Connection, Frost French, Ben
Sherman, Liberty London & Roland Mouret).

Currently Daliah is Head of Sourcing & Production at Roland Mouret and has a particular interest in Made in the
UK. She is also a visiting Lecturer at Westminster, teaching MA and BA in Global Sourcing and Supply Chain.
Audrey Shum is a partner at the Hong Kong office of Stephenson Harwood and has over 10 years of
experience on IP laws in Asia, specialising in advising technology and pharmaceutical companies on IP
disputes and transfer and licence of technology in Hong Kong and China. She managed the largest copyright
infringement claim (back in 2008-2010) in China involving an on-line game software, and has advised on
numerous agreements involving copyright and software and the related regulatory issues in China.

She also advises clients on technology export and import issues and other related regulatory issues in
China, assists clients to review and draft commercial agreements including software licence agreements,
manufacturing agreements, and technology transfer agreements, and handles the IP related issues in
mergers and acquisitions in Hong Kong and China. Her clients include pharmaceutical, software, online
game and high-tech companies, and financial institutions.


The Centre for Fashion Enterprise (CFE) is London’s pioneering business incubator that supports and
nurtures emerging fashion design talent. The CFE boasts a past and present roster of international
designers including Erdem, Peter Pilotto, Marios Schwab, Richard Nicoll, Louise Gray, Thomas Tait, Holly
Fulton and Meadham Kirchhoff; iconic names known throughout the fashion industry for their innovation,
creativity and desirability. CFE was founded in 2003, supported by London College of Fashion and is part
funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Designer-Manufacturing Innovation Support Centre (DISC) is a unique collective, a flagship project offering
assistance to London fashion manufacturers and designers. The team is a partnership between London
College of Fashion and London Borough of Hackney and Camden Enterprise. It is also part funded by the
European Regional Development Fund. The DISC group believe in product development; innovative
business solutions to fashion, achieving value added manufacturing.

Own-it helps creative practitioners in the UK to protect and manage their intellectual property and
recognise the value for the growth of their business. Register now to access IP training, contract templates,
online resources and to send us your IP queries. Own-it is funded by the University of the Arts London.

The China IPR SME Helpdesk is a European Commission funded project that provides free, practical,
business advice relating to China IPR to European SMEs. To learn about any aspect of intellectual property
rights in China, visit our online portal at www.china-iprhelpdesk.eu. For free expert advice on China IPR for
your business, e-mail your questions to: mailto:question@china-iprhelpdesk.eu. You will receive a reply
from one of the Helpdesk experts within seven working days. The China IPR SME Helpdesk is jointly
implemented by DEVELOPMENT Solutions and the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China.

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