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                                             GOLF QUIZ

   1.) Where is the golf entry form sent?

   a. To the state office in Grimes by the entry due date
   b. To the Area Director

   2.) The SOIA golf competition is conducted as the following:

   a. Unified Event
   b. SOIA athlete participation only

   3.) When another player is playing, where is the best place to stand?

   a. Behind the player
   b. To the side of the player
   c. In front of the player

   4.) How many practice swings should an athlete take prior to hitting the ball?

   a. 1, if any
   b. No practice swings are allowed

   5.) Are practice shots allowed during the play of a hole, or from any hazard?

   a. Yes
   b. No

   6.) What is the maximum number of strokes to be played on any hole?

   a. 7
   b. 9
   c. 10

                                               OVER PLEASE
   7.) Can partners ask each other for advice on how to play a ball?

   a. Yes
   b. No

   8.) Who has the right to play first on the next hole?

   a. The player with the highest score
   b. The player with the lowest score

   9.) During play of a hole, who plays first?

   a. The player whose ball is the closest to the hole
   b. The player whose ball is the farthest from the hole

   10.) Where should the ball be teed?

   a. Between the tee-markers or a little behind them
   b. Between the tee-markers or a little in front of them

Please submit the completed quiz to Michelle Haney at the following:

Michelle Haney
Special Olympics Iowa
PO Box 620
Grimes, IA 50111

Telephone:     515-986-5520
Fax:           515-986-5530

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