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Date: May 12, 2009 Time: 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. Location: Health and Human Services Agency, 690 Oxford St., Chula Vista

Welcome and Introductions. Margarita Holguin welcomed everyone to the meeting. This is one of 11 monthly meetings. There is no meeting held in July. She announced that Elena Quintanar, one of our regular attendees, was in labor. Partner introductions were made. Community Wildfire Protection Plan. Justin Gipson, Fire Marshal with the City of Chula Vista spoke about the Southwest San Diego Community Wildfire Protection Plan. Justin noted that for areas in the east part of the city, the city implemented requirements for new construction that makes homes harder targets to brush fires. However, there are older homes in Chula Vista that rim canyons, which have not had any brush management done in years. As part of the Community Wildfire Protection planning process, the fire department is looking to engage the public through a series of community meetings to see what concerns they have about protecting homes, businesses and the environment. Based on information received, the Community Wildfire Protection Plan will suggest projects. When the plan is in place they can begin looking for funding. For more information contact Justin at 409-5841 or Grant Opportunity Sharing. Margarita reminded partners that CVCC is NOT a 501c3 and when they write for grants to consider having CVCC as a collaborative partner.  Office Depot Foundation is accepting proposals from collaborations of two or more organizations to support projects that strive to enhance and improve the communities they serve. Details:  Aetna Foundation regional community health grants targeting obesity and health literacy. Details:  Immigrant integration and participation in American civic culture. Due 5/15/09. Details:  Street Outreach Program designed to assist runaway, homeless and street youth in making healthy personal choices regarding where they live and how they behave by building trusting relationships between grantee staff, etc. Due: 6/8/09. Details:  National Youth Mentoring Program to provide training and technical assistance to mentoring programs. Due: 6/15/09. Details:

Day of the Child 2009. Margarita estimates we had about 5,000 people at the park. There were 101 agency booths providing interactive activities for children, and the Mayor of Chula Vista came and presented a certificate. There were two stages active throughout the entire event. One specialized in interactive performances and activities, while the other stage specialized in performance. Margarita thanked Wal-Mart, who organized the 200 volunteers. Next year will be the 10 th anniversary of the Day of the Child.

Reaching the Underserved Community. During the April meeting partners were asked to complete a survey for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Margarita presented the results. BREAK/NETWORKING Thank you to Leukemia & Lymphoma Society-San Diego/HI Chapter for refreshments. We still need a partner to volunteer for refreshments for June and for the next term. If we don’t get volunteers we will continue to provide coffee. If your agency is interested in providing refreshments, please contact Chris Ross at 498-8044. Swine Flu Update – Public Health. __ Erin Sizemore-Spahic presented an update. Erin presented an overview of the H1NI virus. The virus mutates and has the potential to become a pandemic, which it did. Fortunately it is a mild virus. The virus is still circulating, but is declining in California. The virus is a combination of a swine, aviary and human flu and has had its name changed several times until it is now referred to as the H1N1 flu. Symptoms for a real flu include fever and body ache. They are currently working on a vaccine. Vaccines are offered in two forms – 1) Dead virus injected into the arm. This allows the body to develop recognition of virus DNA. 2) Live virus nasal spray. This is a weakened virus that you develop antibodies to. You could get a mild fever for a day. They like to screen clients to make sure they do not have any health conditions that could be a problem. Erin noted when they are developing vaccines for the “flu season”; they are paying attention to what is happening in Australia which is going through its flu season now. Public Safety. Jesse Navarro with the District Attorney’s office gave a brief explanation of what the District Attorney’s office does. He noted that this office makes the final decision on whether a case will be prosecuted. They MUST be able to prosecute “beyond a shadow of doubt”, otherwise they decide to prosecute. Additionally, they educate the community about public safety. This is done to reduce the number of victims and crimes. Jesse provided a list of topics that they can present on.
They include: Auto Insurance Fraud; Check Enforcement Program; Child Abduction; Child Abuse; Cold Case Homicides; Consumer Protection; Domestic Violence; Elder Abuse; Prison Re-entry Program; Gang Prevention and Enforcement; Hate Crimes; Identity Theft, Prevention & Prosecution; Internet Crimes Against Children; Juvenile Crimes; Narcotics; Public Assistance Fraud (Welfare Fraud); Real Estate Fraud; Sex Crimes, Stalking & Statutory Rape; Victim Assistance Program; and Workman’s Compensation Employer & Employee Fraud.

Presentations can be made in English, Spanish and Tagalong. For further details and to schedule a presentation call 531-5053,

Focus on Kinship. Silvia Nelson shared her story about getting custody of five grandchildren and feeling lost about services even thought she had worked for the county 5 years. She became involved in a support group and then in the development of Focus on Kinship. Silvia provided handouts on their program. Summary: Their purpose is to connect kinship/relative caregivers and their families with as many community resources and support services as necessary. They have developed community partnerships with South Bay Community Services, National City Collaborative, Casey Family Programs, YMCA, HHSD, Sunrise Ministries, NCC, and Angel Tree Ministries of Midway Baptist Church. For additional information: or call: 336-8226. Vocational Rehab-State of CA. Jill Sanford and Victoria Anderson. They provide support for people with disabilities. Disabilities can be mental, or physical. Their goal is to help clients get

back into employment through vocational training and job placement. Services include, but are not limited to career education and training, job search and interview skills, career assessment and counseling, transportation, independent living skills and more. Eligibility is determined during orientations, which are held on Tuesdays at their location at 855 3 rd Ave., #3350, CV. If eligible they are assigned a counselor who gathers additional information and works with the client to develop an individual plan for employment. For more information go to: Announcements: 1. Margarita Holguin, CVCC. The family resource centers are seeing an increase in families looking for counseling services for youth. CVCC is looking for services available. Please contact her if your agency can help. 2. Jeremy Jones, YMCA. Jeremy had flyers for the summer teen camps. Camps are for youth 12 – 17 yrs old. There is financial aide available and if you are a kinship caregiver there is funding available through Kinship Support Services. For more information call 421-8805. 3. Raquel Lopez, Juan Diego Adult Center/Mater Dei Catholic High. They are partnering with Montgomery adult to offer free ESL, Introduction to Computers, Exercise & Fitness, GED-Test Preparation and Computer software program classes on their campus. They are located at 1615 Mater Dei Drive – west of highway 125. For more information call 621-5711. 4. Sally Fimbres, South Bay Community Services. The 0-5 Coalition meets the second Tuesday, monthly after the CVCC meeting in the same rooms. All partners who provide services to families with children in the 0-5 age range are invited to attend. 5. Theresa Vela, Scripps Whittier. Theresa wanted to thank the agencies who have been referring clients to the clinical trials for diabetes. 6. Laura Andrews, Mental Health America. Laura is available to talk about mental health in Hispanics. For more information contact her at 543-0412 or 7. Elizabeth Martinez, Assemblymember Mary Salas. Flyers extending an invitation from Assemblymember Mary Salas to attend Women’s Health Fair on Saturday June 6 th from 10 – 1 at Montgomery High School, 3250 Palm Ave., SD. Services will include: bone density screening, spinal exams, cholesterol screening, blood pressure screenings, and more. For more information call 409-7979. 8. Margarita Holguin, CVCC. Margarita asked if there was an interest to have regularly scheduled leadership lunch meetings Partners signing in:
American Red Cross, Michelle Hofer Anthem Blue Cross, Summer Alayian Assemblymember Mary Salas, Elizabeth Martinez Big Brothers Big Sisters, Mariela Nuza City of Chula Vista, Buck Martin Cnty of San Diego HHSA, Jorge De la Toba (Adoptions), Curley Jorday, Rosanna Paez (CAP Strategies & Initiative), Barbara Gee (Public Health Nurse), Misty Relyea (Child Welfare Services), Erin SizemoreSpahic (BT/EPI Public Health Nurse) Cnty of San Diego District Attorney’s Office, Jesse Navarro Cnty of San Diego Probation, Gennene Wilburn Chula Vista Elementary School District, Melissa Minas (Safe Routes to School), Andrew Estrada Chula Vista Family Health Center, Carla Cruz Chula Vista Fire Department, Justin Gibson Department of Rehabilitation, Jill L. Sanford, Victoria Anderson Eastlake High School, Lorraine Almendarez

ECS Head Start, Miriam Cienega-Esmeier, Toni-Maria Marquez, Brenda Wilson Focus on Kinship, Sylvia Nelson Home Start, Elseke Zenteno Juan Diego Adult Center/Mater Dei Catholic High School, Raquel Lopez Legal Aid, Cheryl Hurt (volunteer), Lorena Slomanson Meals on Wheels, Chequita Falls Mental Health America, Laura Andrews Mental Health Systems, Eleanor Slaughter (Building Bridges Together), Danny Stone (South Bay Dual Recovery Services) Nueva Vista Family Services, Michael Cordova Olympian High, Heather Rindone San Diego Adolescent Pregnancy & Parenting Program, Agustin Moreno Jr. San Diego County Office of Ed, Brenda McGhee (Foster Youth Services), Violeta Mora (Foster Youth Services) San Ysidro Health Center, Lucia Salcedo Scripps Whittier, Teresa Vela South Bay Community Services, Graciela Cabral, Sally Fimbres, Nancy Luevano, Melisa Maughn Sweetwater Union High School District, Toni Terrazas (Categorical) UCSD Upward Bound, Gabriela Bernal (Trio Outreach Programs) Vista Square Elementary, Veronica Partida YMCA South Bay Family, Jeremy Jones, Maria Masis YMCA Youth & Family Services-Kinship, Claudia Alvarez, Judith Torres

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