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									Zero mind processes and the Shackles surrounding it.

As revealed by sir Charles Shreington reads: The human brain is so enchanting, millions coil
forming a pattern of flickering patterns of smaller, meaningful and not breathing or goes silent,
the harmonic changes like galaxy into a cosmic dance.
Then your hearts became hardened after that so as a rock, even harder, because there are rocks
that emit streams of it, and some are split issued air.dan some are tumbling down, in fear for
Allah is not unmindful Allah. Of l what you do. (QS.2: 74)
In another verse Allah says: truly, Allah will not change the fate of the people if they do not
change the situation itself (Sura 13:11)
In everyday life, we realize that a sentence or an event are able to handcuff a person's mind.
Shackles are able to produce an attitude that can be harmful.

In the person has been blessed by God a soul, that the soul, he was free to choose a reaction,
positive or negative reaction, stop or resume react, react angrily or impatiently, react reactive or
proactive, react better or worse, truly God inspired soul evil and goodness, it is happy for the
people who sanctifies, and it's unfortunate that contaminate anyone.

Man's real full charge of the reactions, attitudes and decisions, one must have a strong principle
in the framework of principle formed because of the condition from the outside, not from within.
People should even be physically bound, he was able to think independence is called freedom of

If we talk about conscience, we would realize that the human conscience will certainly shared by
humans around the world, when faced with a particular condition primarily related to a
condition experienced by humans as part of the community. whether he is rich, poor, whatever
religion pure conscience will feel the same, if it is in the condition that the universal fitrah. Fitrah
is called the God Spot., and this is called spiritual awareness.

Evidence of the nature of conscience can also be perceived as when we watch the film which
tells nakna compassion or humanity and conscience. so it will admit as the emergence of a sense
of emotion and tears from remembering carpenter of love, but many people do not realize it.
Seven Shackles surrounding conscience.

Sometimes nature which conscience very quickly became God Spot was shackled and often
people devoting cuffs, which ultimately resulted in him falling in crime, fraud, violence,
destruction, and so forth. Therefore it is necessary to explain the nature covering seven shackles
conscience unwittingly make people shackles are:
1. Prejudice
2. Principles of life
3. Experience
4. Viewpoint
5. Comparison
6. Fanaticism
Seventh shackles described above, it is in accordance with the word of God in its Quran 1:5
reads: They say, our hearts are in the cover (the cover) what you call us to him and our ears and
there is an obstruction between us and you there is a wall , then you go to work, we work real

1.Clean the Prejudices Negative.

If you follow most people on earth, they will mislead you from the way of Allah, they only
follow conjecture, they just lie alone. (QS.6: 116.)

In the experience of our daily lives, we often prejudiced against any events that we did not know
exactly what happened .because problems that we see sometimes is part only. and it is also
against a person, often because of the appearance of the less convincing, lacking style in dress or
style of walking, talking that does not support expertise, or sincerity, we simply vote that he is
less professional, less skilled or less honest, less dedicated, less convincing, but once we know
the personality or her actual skill we just realized that we have given a wrong judgment on him.
As a result of our prejudices that will hurt. because they always assume the person is a dangerous
enemy and do not want to work . as consequently degrade performance, not able to do synergies
with other people, the loss of business opportunities that benefit, even excluded from the

Instead of people who have a conscience free, will be better able to protect his mind, he was able
to choose a positive response to poor environmental ,even it is probability of good for others
will encourage and create conditions for mutual trust, mutual support, open and cooperative.
As a conclusion in mind the zero is "avoid prejudice, seek kind of prejudice to others.
Shackles to 2. Principle Life

And do Lift your eyes to the pleasures that we provide to some classes only flower among
mereka.itu worldly life, so that we can thus test them, but sustenance your god is better and more
enduring (Sura 20:131).

In a few decades we have seen how the principle of generating actions of religious life, life
principle adopted has created different types of people with the idea of the purpose of each,
every one is formed in accordance with the principles adopted, the results are biased considered
great, terrible even depressing.

In Japan there is a culture of hara-kiri, when a feeling of guilt or fail to do the job so desperate
dating, then he would kill himself, and became known as a place to commit suicide like the
Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco's famous in America, a State that exalts capitalism, while
the Soviet and others that collapsed after a long adopts Communism .Peter Drucker in his book,
Management by Objective bias produces materialism and technological progress in the economic
field but do not have inner peace, and felt there was something missing in hidup.ada Taoism is
also understood that exalts peace and balance . yet the run of economic responsibility, thought
Dale Carnagie was concerned the meaning of the award, that affects many people in the world in
behavior, but still not able to touch the deepest sis in the meaning of life because so expect a
Prevailing political in principle, there is no true friendship, only eternal interests. This principle
is really against the human conscience, which actually crave friendship, mutual help and love
and honesty, an important appearance is one of the principles that has turned some communities
into human thinking and prioritizing consumer outward appearance, regardless of which side of
the deepest human voice heart, a lot of today's youth are so proud of clothes with famous brand
and high prices, even worse, someone finally assessed from the brand he uses.
The principle that is incompatible with the nature of conscience will end in failure, both physical
and non-physical, the world has proven that that is not in line with the principle of conscience or
ignore conscience as exemplified above, resulting in misery, suffering and destruction. Human
values is to find the real meaning of life,

Of course we can remember Maslow needs theory, the pyramid needs (Maslow's Hierarchy of
Needs) should be built upside is inverting Maslow `s Hierarchy. Namely placing sequence of
needs on pyramid. namely understanding of the meaning of life and self-actualization that
should be placed as needs of early humans, precisely placed Puspa pyramid level.

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