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					Day 1 | PetroMaxx Plus Review | Alex Michael Martinez
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Alex Martinez

Day 1 | PetroMaxx Plus Review

There’s been a lot of buzz around a new company called
Day 1 and today I’m going to do a “Petromaxx plus
review”, Petromaxx plus is one of the premier products in
the Day 1 product line. If you’ve been looking for
information on Pet romaxx Plus and Day 1 then this
Petromaxx plus review will be prefect for you.

Are you ready to get started?

A Little About Day 1.

First off Day 1 is a sister company to Mark Seyforth’s One 24. One 24 was the company that
introduced the revolutionary new compensation structure known as a linear compensation plan.
The linear compensation plan was unique in the way it actually paid the members of One 24
because it was form of profit sharing, everyone who joined the company after you did, if you
remained active, was essentially in your business and you received commissions on all the active
people below you.

This allowed the little guy to make pretty good money while learning how to Become A Network
Marketing Professional without bringing in a down-line if hundreds of people. One 24 laid the
foundation for the compensation plan in Day 1. Mark has introduced another twist in the network
marketing arena because when you join Day 1, you Become A Consumer for Charity.

Consumers For Charity

Day 1 has introduced something very special in the network marketing world. Granted there are
many network marketing companies that donate to various charities around the world but when
you join Day 1 you become a consumer for charity and as a consumer for charity you are able to
Donate To The Charity Of Your Choice. Day 1 will than match up to 10% of your income check to
the charity of your choice, again to the best of my knowledge this is the only network marketing
company that allows you to pick the charity that suits you best.

Petromaxx Plus Review

No Petromaxx Plus review would be complete with out explaining that Petromaxx Plus is a
revolutionary new product that can actually help you save between 15 and is much as 40% on
your fuel mileage, I have personally tested this product and I can tell you that it has increased my
gas mileage by 4 miles per gallon. This equals a tremendous savings when you figure I have a 20
gallon gas tank and was only getting 19 miles per gallon.

How Petromaxx Plus works

Petromaxx Plus is a fuel catalyst not to be confused with a fuel additive, with this fuel catalyst
does is lower the ignition temperature of the fuel mixture in your engine. By igniting at a lower
temperature it allows a more efficient burning of the fuel in your engine which leads to less
admissions, more power of and better gas mileage.

With that said, Day 1 has created a tremendous opportunity for its members, Petromaxx Plus is
such an incredible product because it has some serious benefits for the people who just choose to
use Petromaxx Plus and because those benefits are so extraordinary, Day 1 seems to have a real
winner on its hands. It almost becomes a necessary purchase for anyone who drives a vehicle and
wants to save money on gas and wear and tear on their engine.

Some concerns about Petromaxx Plus

The only real concern about Petromaxx Plus, is that some people may be leery about putting this
product into their engine but surprisingly enough there have been some high-performance racing
teams that are experimenting with Petromaxx Plus and rumor has it that even some NASCAR
teams have been using it during testing.

Since the news from this testing has been nothing but positive, I suspect that people that have
hundred of thousand dollar investments in their race engines have to feel pretty confident about
this product before they’re even going to consider or risk putting Petromaxx Plus into some of the
world’s most powerful engines. And the product is guaranteed against engine damage.

Day 1 Has A Winner With Petromaxx Plus

All in all I feel Petromaxx Plus is an amazing product in
Day 1 has a real winner on its hands. Mark Seyforth is
using the same linear compensation plan structure
that has been so successful for One 24 in Day 1 as
well. The combinations of the linear compensation
plan the amazing benefits of Petromaxx Plus will not
only help people save money but also generate an
impressive amount of wealth for Day 1 and its
members and if you have been paying attention while
you’ve read this Petromaxx Plus Review and still have
a few doubts, there is a secret weapon.

The Secret weapon

As you may know, there are some pretty amazing people who have walked hallowed halls of our
profession and they have built a solid foundation and one of those men is Lou Zant.

Back in the seventies, Lou jumped on the patchwork jean craze and started his own little company
and he called it Britannia Jeans, now some of you may not remember Britannia Jeans but they
were big in the seventies and 80’s, how big? He took this little idea and with some big marketing
strategies that company grew to over $900,000 in sales, but Lou wasn’t done a young hungry
designer asked Lou if he would help with his company so Lou pitch in and helped this little
company that you may have heard of, Calvin Klein . Now that same Lou Zant Has decided to work
his magic again with Day 1.

I hope you have enjoyed this Petromaxx Plus Review because in my opinion Day 1 may be a great
sleeper company with huge potential, their leadership is second to none and the compensation
plan is a winner. If you are looking to perhaps join Day 1 then you may be looking at the right
company, at the right time, with the right products like Petromaxx Plus.

DISCOVER the magic behind the system that
generates Thousands of Leads, a day, for it’s
members. And NOW, you too can gain access to this
system also and drive new customers to your
business, Quickly and Easily, every day as well.

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Description: If you are looking to get better gas mileage then this a Petromaxx Plus Review you must read. Day 1 has released Petromaxx Plus as one of it's premiere product. Read this Petromaxx Plus Review and learn how you can become a consumer for charity.