Introduction to YouTube by gcneophil9



The exciting world of YouTube enables internet users to upload and share videos, the platform
uses the Adobe Flash Video technology to display TV clips, movie clips, music videos and even
video blogging.

The YouTube phenomenon has not only caught the imagination of private individuals but also
the big corporations such as BBC and UMG among others who have entered into strategic
partnerships with the video sharing giant. The YouTube domain, a brainchild of Chad Hurley,
Steve Chen and Jawed Karim was registered on the 15th of February 2005, and the site's
development was carried out from a garage in Menlo Park.

In May of the same year it was launched in beta following which the now famous site made its
debut in November at the back of a $3.5 million capital injection from Sequioa Capital, and the
same company later put in an additional $8 million into the project based on its popularity.

The very first video to appear on YouTube was "Me at the zoo" featuring founder Jawed Karim
at the San Diego zoo, and is still available for viewing on the YouTube website. The number of
videos uploaded on a daily basis is staggering and so is the number of daily views, in the United
States alone YouTube accounts for a market share of around 43 percent, but the majority of the
content uploaded on the platform emanates from outside the US.

The real crown of YouTube's prominence is its third spot ranking in terms of the most visited
websites behind Yahoo and Google. Based on this astronomical success of this brainchild of
former Paypal employees, Google decided to purchase it in November of 2006. Today users
can enjoy full length films and television shows on the site owing to the strong media
corporations involvement.

The interface provided by YouTube makes it easy for ordinary folks to upload their material, and
has helped many people to achieve fame and recognition through their appearances on some of
the materials submitted.

However, the success enjoyed by the video sharing giant has not been without controversy as
YouTube has been the recipient of many complaints and lawsuits regarding some of the
featured content, organizations such as Viacom and the English Premier League have filed
lawsuits against it on the basis of their lack of strong action against copyright infringement

Even though offensive content is officially forbidden according to the site's terms of service,
many undesirable clips have found their way onto the platform causing further condemnation of
YouTube's video uploading system which does not check for compliance before going live.

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