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The regular meeting of Council was opened at 19:00 hours by Mayor Kappes on
February 6, 2012 in the Council Chambers at 661 Eighth Ave., Midway, BC

       Present:       Mayor Kappes
                      Councillors Rotvold, Schierbeck, Metcalf, Dunsdon via phone

       Staff:         Jim Madder, Administrator
                      Jenny Simmonds, Receptionist

       Press:         Pat Kelly, Boundary Creek Times

       Public:        Martin Fromme

Late items
Library Board letter to be added as Correspondence item B.

Adoption of Agenda
Moved Councillor Rotvold, Seconded Councillor Dunsdon that the February 6, 2012
agenda be adopted as amended.                                               Carried

Adoption of Minutes
Moved Councillor Schierbeck, Seconded Councillor Rotvold that the minutes from the
regular meeting of January 16, 2011 be adopted as circulated.                Carried

Business Arising
Page 5523 – video update to be discussed during Administrator’s report
Page 5524 – Nil
Page 5525 – Community Forest – held a meeting last Monday and is looking at possible
dates for a public meeting. Mayor informed Council that it would probably be a joint
Council and public meeting.
Page 5526 – IAFBC accepted the letter of intent and are now waiting for the application.
- Approval from the Inspector of Municipalities to incorporate the Community Forest.

Moved Councillor Schierbeck, Seconded Councillor Rotvold that the accounts
presented totaling $49,788.65 be drawn from the general revenue account and be paid.

   a) CUPE BC – Canada European Union Trade Agreement
      Moved Councillor Rotvold, Seconded Councillor Dunsdon to receive and file
      both the letter and the resolutions.
   b) Library Board request for funding
      Moved Councillor Rotvold, Seconded Councillor Schierbeck to send a letter to
      the library board outlining the approved 2% increase on the grant portion.

Correspondence for Info Only
Moved Councillor Dunsdon, Seconded Councillor Rotvold that Correspondence for Info
Only items:
   a) UBCM – Supreme Court Decision in Catalyst v. North Cowichan
   b) Boundary Women’s Coalition – Outstanding Women of the Boundary
   c) RCMP – Mayor’s report September 2011 – December 2011
   d) Building Inspector – Report January 2012
   be received and filed.                                                Carried
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Correspondence for Info Only – to be held for two weeks only then destroyed
Moved Councillor Dunsdon, Seconded Councillor Schierbeck that Correspondence for
Info Only Items:
    a) Kootenay Business Magazine – Jan/Feb 2012
    b) Communities in Bloom Magazine – October 2011
    c) Communities in Bloom newsletter – February 2012
be held for two weeks and then destroyed.                                Carried

Administrator’s Report
   1. Wastewater treatment plant audit - Councillor Rotvold feels that an audit would
      help with grant applications and that they might find ways to cut down the cost of
      power. Councillor Metcalf and the Mayor both agreed that the plant is still
      relatively new so it may not be worth it. Councillor Schierbeck informed Council
      that he spoke with the public works Foreman who mentioned they are thinking
      about cutting it in half during low peak times, which will save on electricity. After
      a lengthy discussion it was Moved Councillor Rotvold to move forward with the

       Motion dies.
       It was decided an audit is not worth it at this time.

    2. Darcie Sheppard letter – for Council’s information when they discuss the Animal
       Control Bylaw in the future.

    3. BCRCC video –. Moved Councillor Rotvold, Seconded Councillor Schierbeck to
       redo Midway’s portion of the video and to pay a cost share total of $500
       including the cost to redo the video segment.                            Carried

    4. Kettle Valley Racing Association letter – thank you letter for Council’s support
       and contributions to the snowmobile drag races. A thank you to residents will go
       up on the LED sign.

Council and Mayor Reports

Mayor Kappes – Nil

Councillor Schierbeck
             – Informed Council that the resident on the corner of Fifth and Dominion
                is once again shoveling his snow onto the road. Councillor Rotvold then
                mentioned the person across the street from her on Hartland is also
                shoveling snow onto the road. Following a discussion about who was
                responsible since it was highway property it was Moved Councillor
                Schierbeck, Seconded Councillor Metcalf to send a letter to highways
                asking them to contact the property owner. Carried It was then Moved
                Councillor Rotvold, Seconded Councillor Schierbeck to send a letter to
                the resident on Hartland Ave. requesting they stop shoveling snow onto
                the road. Carried. Staff was requested to include a reminder in the next
             – In regard to the ad in Kootenay Business magazine stating that “Midway
                is Open for Business” Councillor Schierbeck is still concerned that there
                is no available land if someone wants to invest in Midway. He thinks the
                Village needs to get the land out of the ALR as soon as possible and
                the Mayor said the only thing they can do is to keep working with the
                ALC on the matter.
             – Asked is there was any information on the Rick Hansen 25th
                Anniversary Relay coming through Midway and what the plan was for
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                the day. It was suggested that a message go on the LED sign and in
                the newsletter asking for volunteers to form a planning committee.
                Names must be submitted to the office by March 5, 2011.

Councillor Metcalf
            – Informed Council that the snowmobile drag races were a success. The
                number of racers was down from last year but it was well attended. He
                thanked Council on behalf of the racing association.
            – A resident requested that the sign above the arena doors be refreshed.
                The Administrator will ask PW to look at it.
            – Noticed that the Unity signs are down, which is good.
            – Had a resident inform him they had a difficult time driving up the
                cemetery road the other day and that they couldn’t get through the gate
                into the cemetery. Staff will take a look at the snow removal policy.

Councillor Rotvold
             – January 26, 2012 RDKB board meeting.
             – March 7, 2012 RDKB environmental services budget meeting.
             – January 14, 2012 –RDKB Administration budget meetings.
             – February 7, 2012 Economic Development meeting.
             – February 18, 2012 strategic planning session in Trail.
             – After a discussion it was Moved Councilor Rotvold, Seconded
                Councillor Schierbeck to give a grant equivalent to the total amount of
                the 2011 business license fees to the BCRCC.                     Carried

Councillor Dunsdon
             – Has been looking at a shredder that attaches to the back of a tractor
                and thinks it might be a good option for Public Works. Cost is between
             – Spoke to Tim Dueck at the RDKB and the bottle-recycling box is ready.
                Councillor Dunsdon has asked to hold off on moving forward with the
                project until he is home.
             – Asked how prepared the Community Forest board is to hold a public
                meeting. He is worried they are not prepared to answer questions at this
                point. The Mayor informed him the intention of the meeting is to make
                contact with stakeholders and to find out what the public wants from a
                community forest.
             – Requested that the new crisis line phone number be included in the
                next newsletter.
             – Would like to discuss organic waste removal with Council and the
                private supplier when he gets home.

Mayor Kappes reminded Council they still needed to set a date for a joint meeting with
Greenwood Council. It was decided to meet with Greenwood Council on February 16,
2012 at 9:00 am and to meet with Bill Baird at 10:00 am.

Mayor Kappes thanked Council for carrying on with the carbon neutral workshop without

Question Period

Martin Fromme asked what the IAFBC grant is for. He was informed it would be for an
inventory of Village land in the ALR, soil analysis, etc. Fromme then asked if private
landowners should not apply to the ALC as individuals. Council said they couldn’t say
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Martin Fromme asked if he could have the Communities in Bloom materials if it’s just
going to be thrown out. Council has no problem with that.

Pat Kelly asked if Council knew who the OIB was partners with at the mill. Council is

Martin Fromme asked if the joint meeting with Greenwood was open to the public. Mayor
Kappes is unsure at this time.

Pat Kelly and Martin Fromme leave at 20:05 hours.

Moved Councillor Rotvold, Seconded Councillor Metcalf to go in camera under section
(90) (1) (a).                                                               Carried

Moved Councillor Rotvold that the meeting adjourn at 20:35 hours.

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Mayor                                               Administrator

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