Roles and Responsibilities by fylL05


									Roles and Responsibilities

Buyer / SCM                                  Procurement Specialist
Responsible for the effective execution of   Under the direction of the Director
the procurement process for supplies,        Strategic Sourcing, the Procurement
services and capital equipment in            Specialist will assist in the development
accordance with Broader Public Sector        and execution of a strategic approach to
Guidelines (BPS) and best business           contract management, vendor, and product
processes                                    rationalization on behalf of 3SO and its
                                             partnering equity member hospitals
Is the day to day liaison between the equity Responsible for regional and corporate
member hospitals and 3SO for                 hospital specific contract management
procurement related issues                   efforts through the development of
                                             strategic sourcing contracts between
                                             vendors and partnering hospitals of Shared
                                             Support Services of Southeastern Ontario
                                             (3SO) for capital / non capital services and
In conjunction with Procurement              Provide operational leadership for a site
Specialists assists in the development of    procurement team that will ensure value
cost containment,                            for money is considered in every purchase
product standardization,                     decision
vendor consolidation
and other supply chain management
strategies that maximize value while
ensuring that qualitative standards are
Provides procurement assistance to           Responsible for building and maintaining
hospital users of inventory and/or non-      productive and mutually beneficial
stock items and services, i.e. assist with   relationships with strategic suppliers to
ascertaining/developing precise              ensure most effective sources of supply
specifications, obtaining quotations where   and services.
required, confirming essential order details
(price, shipping charges, tax status,
delivery date, etc), monitoring and
investigating utilization based on past
purchasing history.
Assists the Procurement Specialist in        Responsible to develop and maintain a
sourcing / researching supplies and          superior customer focused and
suppliers as required for leveraging the     collaborative team building approach that
best product and price for 3SO and its       will ensure they understand our key
equity member hospitals.                     stakeholders requirements and provide
                                             direction and advice on procurement and
                                             negotiation strategies
Prepares requests for quotes / information   Compile, facilitate and evaluate
and their subsequent bid comparison,         negotiations on behalf of equity member
vendor recommendation, financial analysis    partners utilizing proven negotiation tools
and impact and review with user              and processes such as RFP’s, RFQ’s, and
departments for acceptance according to      RFI’s
established time frames and guidelines.
Ensures the timely handling of received         This role will review and interpret vendor
purchase requisitions as per established        contract terms and conditions and maintain
policies and procedures using the tools         an up-to-date understanding of evolving
provided i.e. SAP, ERM, HealthPRO               client needs, industry trends, and
Connect, GHX Contract Centre etc.               procurement best practices and process.
Expedites purchase orders to ensure that all    Responsible to deliver the full cycle of
the supply needs for all Hospital locations     assigned procurement management
are being met                                   processes and accountabilities in a cross
                                                functional environment.
In collaboration with the 3SO Strategic         The role will be responsible for redefining
Sourcing Team, makes the necessary              supplier relationships and improve
arrangements and ensures coordination of        business processes
the product and equipment trial and
evaluation process on behalf of 3SO and
its equity member hospitals
Research product needs of client                Lead the collaborative strategic sourcing
departments by gathering usage                  effort working with various departments
estimates, costing and other utilization        identifying the relevant sourcing strategies
data.                                           and procurement processes
Obtain MSDS, WSIB statements and/or             Perform supplier, market and category
Insurance compliance documents as               analysis for supplier cost structures,
required for all applicable goods and           technology trends and competitive
services purchased                              activities.

Collaborates in the implementation of           Experienced with project problem
contracts with any or all of the following      diagnosis, solution development, client
resources: 3SO staff, Hospital department       communications, and facilitation of
staff, other corporation’s procurement staff,   decision making, documentation,
Vendor personnel, Stockless Inventory           managing client expectations, procurement
provider.                                       project execution and team leadership.
Collaborates in the implementation of           Anticipate the long term, multifunctional
contracts with any or all of the following      impact of all decisions and take a broad
resources: 3SO staff, Hospital department       approach to problem solving
staff, other corporation’s procurement staff,
Vendor personnel, Stockless Inventory
Responsible for updating new contract           Utilize superior persuasion and influential
specifications in collaboration with the 3SO    techniques to sell ideas and best practices.
Procurement Specialist, i.e. relevant terms
& conditions of contract and pricing within
the Contract Module
Responsible for updating new contract           The preparation, negotiation and co-
specifications in collaboration with the 3SO    ordination of product, capital and/or service
Procurement Specialist, i.e. relevant terms     type contracts.
& conditions of contract and pricing within
the Contract Module
Maintain positive vendor relationships at       Ongoing review of product, service and
the highest ethical standards, through fair     equipment usage and expenses to identify
and equitable treatment, and foster an          new opportunities to reduce costs through
environment of vendor participation in          the development of contractual
achieving best total cost solutions             agreements.
Manages the day-to-day routine vendor           Development of cost containment, product
relations with respect to discuss /             standardization and vendor consolidation
investigate new routine business                strategies.
opportunities as well as resolve any
operational vendor performance issues.
Liaises with sales representatives and          Manages the procurement cycle of
Hospital staff to identify supply and           approved capital equipment
customer needs.
Monitors and reports on any purchasing          Other supply chain management strategies
trends, problems, issues to their respective    that maximize value while ensuring those
procurement team leader                         qualitative standards are maintained or
Maintains departmental on-line reference /      Primary liaison for specified internal and
preference requisitions library including       external customers
product and vendor reference files.
Monitors product complaints, failures, alerts   Provides operational leadership to a
and initiates corrective action and             corporate / regional buying team.
communication as required
Performs quality assurance audits and           Leads strategic sourcing and contracting
reports. Develops corrective action plans       initiatives across the region
that address issues below acceptable
Performs any month-end procedures.              Develops and fosters successful, long-term
                                                business relationships with key suppliers
Takes the necessary corrective action           Develops and manages contracts and
towards the resolution of any                   service level agreements for the
discrepancies related to the accounts           procurement of goods, services and leases
payables function. Resolve disputes with
vendors pertaining to price discrepancies,
product quality issues, delivery problems,
and any other issues that may disrupt the
procure –to – pay process.
Resolves pricing discrepancies between          Identifies opportunities for supply chain
Purchase Order/contract and invoice price       and procurement process improvement
in collaboration with Accounts Payable
Manages the process for all product and         Monitors processes to ensure due
equipment, returns, recalls and alerts for a    diligence and consistency with the
site(s) as issued through Health Canada,        procurement policy and strategic sourcing
ECRI, and directly from the vendor working      strategy
in collaboration with the 3SO Strategic
Sourcing Team, the 3SO Operations team,
& the Third Party Logistics provider.
Attend meetings and participate on              Investigates, develops and promotes the
Committees as required, i.e. Department,        use of progressive supply chain tools and
MM-A/P, Product Standardization Value           technologies to accomplish procurement
Analysis Committee (PSVAC), other 3SO           objectives
Committees as needed
Consults with Hospital staff and other          Co-ordinates the implementation of
customers to determine the quality,             contracts with hospital management staff,
effectiveness, acceptability and   vendor personnel and 3PL provider, as
durability of product purchases.   required.
                                   Reviews non-contracted purchases on an
                                   ongoing basis to identify opportunities for
                                   standardization and contracting.
                                   Manages various Material Management
                                   initiatives that maximize value to the
                                   Facilitates the approval, prioritization and
                                   sourcing process of approved capital items
                                   Responsible for monthly metric reporting to
                                   Director, Strategic Sourcing &
                                   Procurement for 3SO
                                   Understands the distinct and unique
                                   requirements of health care clients and is
                                   able to communicate in a manner that
                                   builds confident, effective, synergistic and
                                   working relationships
                                   Facilitates both regional and corporate
                                   specific Request for Proposal initiatives
                                   Serves as the primary contact relating to
                                   procurement and contract management for
                                   all Equity Member Hospitals of Shared
                                   Support Services of South-Eastern Ontario
                                   partner hospitals, affiliated physicians,
                                   management and staff for specified clinical
                                   or support service department units.
                                   Monitors contracts, capital requirements,
                                   project time-lines and other key indicators
                                   to ensure that the procurement process is
                                   completed within prescribed parameters

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