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Micro-blogging and social networking are some of the applications that make Twitter tick, the
platform allows users to communicate using tweets which are based on text posts, and these
are delivered to an individual's Twitter page where followers such as close friends can view it.

Through the author's permission the Twitter public can also be in a position of accessing the
messages which are usually up to 140 characters, external applications or SMS (short message
services) are used in transferring them.

Twitter which was started in 2006 has grown from strength to strength, it is one of the 50 most
popular websites on a global scale as determined by the Alexa's web traffic analysis.

In comparison to other established social networks Twitter is considered to be the third most
popular site and that is despite its somewhat poor user retaining rates, Twitter still commands a
strong monthly growth rate in the industry.

The concept of an SMS based social network was born out of the determination to break out of
the creative slump by the board members of Odeo, a podcasting company which was inspired
by the group messaging service TXTmob.

The major turning point for the Twitter project was in 2007 at the South by Southwest (SXSW)
festival which witnessed a ballooning in usage, jumping from 20,000 tweets per day to 60,000.

The instant messaging phenomenon caught the imagination of bloggers who relished the idea
of messaging, blogging and even sending streams of telegrams. Funding into the Twitter project
came easily with investors pumping in millions which sent the pioneering concept soaring to
new heights.

Many companies use the Twitter platform to market their products and services, and it may be a
matter of time before we witness the strategic incorporation of e-commerce into the social
networking giant's prominent features.

The Twitter interface makes use of the Ruby on Rails framework and Starling (a Ruby queue
server) handled messages from 2007 to 2008, but Scala written software now handles the task.

Integrations with the Twitter's API are possible as regards other web services and applications,
and in order to search the system you need to use words, hashtags or phrases prefixed with a
#, while the @ sign followed by username permits users to transmit messages directly to each

Five getaway numbers allows users to interact through short codes for Canada and the United
States, New Zealand, India and the Isle of Man based number for international use, and the
Vodafone network customers can access it using a specialized United Kingdom short code.

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