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Evergreen Carpet Cleaners offers customer options that include green products and procedures. Expertise in every type of fiber cleaning is a plus hen dealing with exotic and expensive products.

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									Evergreen Carpet Cleaning Firm Offers Emergency Care

Santa Monica, CA, 08-February-2013 - Evergreen Carpet Cleaners of Santa
Monica is happy to provide details about the services offered by this
respected and experienced firm. Everything from tile floors to exotic
upholstery fabrics can be addressed by professionally knowledgeable
technicians. With more than ten years of experience, the professionals
can safely and effectively clean and restore floor coverings and other
fabric surfaces.

Emergency services in the event of an episode in a home or business can
be crucial to avoid loss of the carpets or upholstery. Often, prompt
action is the only way to save the rugs, carpets, furniture and drapes
from destruction. The company offers its emergency team to swing into
action night or day, holidays and weekends as well.

Guests are encouraged to "Visit our website". And check out the
dedication to product care in a responsible and green-based world. The
services provided by the company recognize the need for actions and
products that do not destroy the beauty of Santa Monica and its
neighboring communities. The products used on everyday and exotic fabrics
and floor coverings alike are not harmful to the beaches, air or water
supply of the area.

Even on ordinary carpets, quality products help to protect the fibers and
fabrics. Evergreen is determined that only the best quality items will be
used in the operations. The fabrics will look better and last longer. In
addition, the environment is better off.

More info concerning ecologically aware methods and products available
through Evergreen Carpet Cleaners can be seen when following the
invitation "Visit our website" at
http://www.evergreencarpetusa.com/carpet-cleaning-santa-monica.html. When
more questions are raised by this press notice distribution, the contact
information is provided below.

Adam Atari

Evergreen Carpet

481 Ocean Drive, Santa Monica CA 90404

Contact Telephone Number: (310) 570-6941

Email: info@evergreencarpetusa.com

Website: http://www.evergreencarpetusa.com

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