PowerPoint Presentation by giK95fE


									                        PowerPoint Presentation

Name (s): ______________________________________________

                                                          Points   Points
Element      Criteria
                                                          Possible Earned
             Presentation addresses the critical points
Content      for the topic in no more than 3 slides per   20
             team member. Sources are properly cited.
             Presentation includes images (not clip art)
Images                                                   20
             from the Internet that are properly cited.
             Presentation design is aesthetically pleasing
Aesthetics   and visual elements support (rather than      20
             detract from) the learning experience.
             All members of the group contribute equally
Acceptable   to the final slide on Acceptable Use
Use          Guidelines. Guidelines include primary      20
Guidelines   elements that address Copyright, Fair Use,
             and Ethical Issues.
Letter to    Letter identifies legal/ethical/security     20
Mrs. Jones   issues and provides an accurate and
             complete explanation of laws and policies
             that apply to each.

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