We had a Guest Speaker - Eric Schinfeld President, Washington

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					CBIFFAWS Dinner Meeting
October 23, 2012
Marks Restaurant

In attendance:
Debbie Logan - Coppersmith
Richard Mueller - Total Freight Logistics
Spencer Hutchins - CDS Global Logistics
Kathleen Moore - Lululemon
Jim Dickeson - Lynden International
Michael Benjaminson - Robert E Landweer Inc
Gary Ryan - Airport Brokers
Sylvia Scherer - International Brokerage
Mark Toulson - Livingston Int'l
Paul Kwiatkowski - Roanoke Trade
Jennifer Miyano-MIQ Logistics
Ken Miyano-Vantec
Anne-Marie Bush-Veritrade
Myrna Bendanillo- SeaTac Express
Jaki Ferenz-Avalon Risk Management
Lacey Watson-International Brokerage
Debbie Torres- Thunderbird Trucking

Reminder of upcoming events:
November 12th, Washington Trade Conference- Westin Hotel
     Featured Speakers: Governor Christine Gregoire, Senator Maria Cantwell,
Commissioner Meredith Broadbent, Senator Patty Murry, Brad Smith-Microsoft

November 13th, CBIFFAWS Luncheon meeting - Old Spaghetti Factory, Tukwila
     Featured Speaker: Peter Friedman- Our Man in DC

December 4th, CPB Trade Luncheon - Anthony's Home Port, Des Moines

January 10, 2013 CBIFFAWS Holiday Dinner - Salty's on Alki

WESCCON update:
Very well attended. Over 340 registrants. It was held in San Diego at the Lowes
Coronado Hotel.
       Featured Speakers: Thomas Winkowski - Acting Chief Operating Officer, Peter
Friedman- Our Man in DC, John        McLaurin - President of the Pacific Merchant
Shipping Association, Paul Bingham - Wilbur Smith Associates (leader of economics)

The first import session was standing room only and the walls had to be expanded for
future sessions which were consistently full. Export sessions were also very well attended
and we expect those numbers to increase and exports becomes more highly regulated.
Session topics included: Authorized Economic Operator's, C-TPAT and Mutual
Recognition Programs; Centers of Excellence and Expertise; Customs Contract Conflicts;
Roll of the Broker; Air Cargo Security; ACE update; FMC Regulatory Actions that could
effect your business; Broker Management; Update on AES, Census Regulations and the
Outbound Manifest; FDA review of Regulatory Changes and Recommendations on
Proposed Rules; Export Control Regulation Reform; Right to Make Entry and CPB
enforcement; Export Compliance Programs

In addition to the speakers and sessions there was a golf tournament, tennis tournament,
black & white cocktail party (some still wore costumes), and a Saturday evening indoor
beach party (due to weather).

Avalon provided WESCCON scholarships to each of the 5 West Coast Ports and our very
own Lacey Watson from International Brokerage was the winner from Seattle.
Congratulations Lacey!!

As far as the rest......"What happens at WESCCON stays at WESCCON"

Gary Ryan is meeting with, as well as speaking to, various brokers in our area who are
not attending meetings or registered as members. We are trying to boost up membership,
so please do your best to help out. Speak with those you know and see if you can bring
them to a meeting.

This November meeting is open to all, members, as well as non-members and associate
or possible future associate members. It's a great time to show up or bring a friend. NOW

STACA is apparently a thing of the past. Their web site is down, they have not hosted
any meetings or parties. We have been told there is a Linkedin site, but no activity from
them at all.

Programs: suggestions given as to what we may do
We are looking into setting up a Port tour of Seattle. It would have to be in groups of 12
or less. We could schedule a few tours if there is interest.

Possible meeting with someone from Mercer. Tell us how a warehouse views brokers as
well as Customs.

Peter Friedman - Booked for November 13th luncheon.

State of the Port meeting.

Speaker meetings can get approval for CCS points. We are trying to see if we can get a
list of local CCS's so we can help them earn their points.
Role of the broker webinars are on their web site. If you were not able to attend the live
webinars, we suggest you watch them on line as they were very informative.

There will be a change to the 5106. We will need to validate importers, but Customs will
vet them.

ISF enforcement - still not seeing any penalties.

Next years Golf Tournament will be on August 13th. Details to come.

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