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					Undiscovered Landscapes
& ancient cities of
the Mediterranean
aboard the all-suite, 100-Guest Corinthian
april 20 - 30, 2013
Dear National Trust Traveler,
The ancient Romans called the Mediterranean, “Mare Nostrum,”
Our Sea. And during the days of the Roman Empire, the Romans
made it theirs. Along all the shores of the Mediterranean the Romans
established colonies, founding new cities built in a splendid Roman style,
or embellishing existing cities with grand Roman monuments. Led by
a team of expert study-leaders (see page 5), our custom-made voyage
from Andalusia to Sicily aboard the elegant small cruise ship Corinthian
will explore ports, sites, and landscapes that are not included in other
cruises, and are rarely visited independently by travelers. Visitors to
these sites are so few, we will practically have them to ourselves.
Set at the edge of the sea, with mountains in the distance, the remains
of Tipasa are one of the most picturesque in the Mediterranean. Follow
the ancient paved streets to the remains that include the amphitheater
and theater, several villas, the forum, and Tipasa’s most impressive
landmark—the mausoleum of Cleopatra Selene II, the daughter of
Cleopatra and Mark Antony.
Hippo Regius is significant as a Roman and a Christian site. Under the
Caesars it was a major governmental center. Then, early in the fifth
century, it received a new bishop, St. Augustine, one of the Church’s
most influential theologians second only to the apostle St. Paul. The
site is rustic, with wildflowers and wild rosemary growing between the
ancient stones, and sheep grazing along the edges of the site. Hippo
Regius’s theater is the largest in Roman North Africa. And some remains
of Augustine’s cathedral also have survived.
The ship for this voyage is Corinthian. This gracious, comfortable, and
elegant ship accommodates only 100 guests in 50 suites—all of them
exterior. The ship’s features include a spacious restaurant as well
as an outdoor café, two lounges, sun deck with Jacuzzi, and a gym,
library, and spa. An elevator serves all decks.
During the warm, sunny days of spring, join us aboard Corinthian as
we rediscover the fabled ancient coast of the southern Mediterranean.

Scott Gerloff
Director, National Trust Tours

Right: The beautifully preserved ruins of Djemila
Cover: Constantine
You Are About to Discover the
Private Cruising Experience
                                                                      that, too. The greatest civilizations of the ancient world arose
                                                                      along the shores of the Mediterranean. You’ll come to know these
                                                                      magnificent civilizations, not as part of a noisy throng, but in a small
                                                                      group on private excursions, where you can interact with your guide
                                                                      as well as with your fellow travelers.

                                                                      In designing this itinerary, we looked for places that the mega
                                                                      cruise ships ignore or cannot access. Indeed, visitors to most
                                                                      of the sites we will explore are so rare, we will have them to
                                                                      ourselves. And we also seek out the unexpected. For example, you
                                                                      will be struck by the majesty of Djemila. Here is a well preserved
                   Admiring the bounty at a fruit market in Palermo   Roman city in an incredibly beautiful setting that exists beyond the
                                                                      workings and rhythms of the tourist industry.
There is an intimate quality to the Mediterranean. The quaint
islands, the small ports, the seaside villages, the enchanting        If you wish to discover a different part of the Mediterranean
ancient sites—they are all best appreciated aboard a small,           few travelers have ever seen, join us on this unique voyage
private cruise ship with an assembly of like-minded travelers.        aboard Corinthian.
In an intimate group, you can experience the culture of the places
you visit, and also have the freedom to explore at your own
pace the remains of an ancient city or the galleries of a great art
museum. You have time to stop and chat with the residents,
taste their food, sip their wine, shop in their markets.

Of course, going hand-in-hand with the intimacy of the
Mediterranean is the grandeur of the place, and you’ll experience

Intricate mosaics and tilework abound in Tangier                      A folkloric dancer in Algiers

[4] For reservations or information, please call us at 888-484-8785
Ultimate                                                         Travel with and Learn from a
                                                                 Team of Experts
                                                                  Our voyage is accompanied by an experienced team of lecturers
                                                                  and expert local guides who are intimately familiar with our
                                                                  destinations. Through lectures and discussion, they will introduce
                                                                  you to the cultures and history of these unforgettable lands.

                                                                                 Paul Bracken, Professor of Management
                                                                                 and of Political Science at Yale, has written
                                                                                 extensively on global business, international
                                                                                 relations, defense, and intelligence. He is a
                                                                                 consultant to corporations and private equity
                                                                                 funds, serves on advisory groups for the U.S.
                                                                  Government, and is a member of the Council on Foreign
                                                                  Relations. Professor Bracken’s lectures will focus on political
                                                                  and social transitions, economic development, and the new
                                                                  power arrangements in North Africa.
At the ruins of Djemila                                                          Ambassador Ronald E. Neumann served as
                                                                                 a Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Bureau of
A Small Shipboard Community of                                                   Near East Affairs (1997-2000), where he was
                                                                                 responsible for developing the North African
Like-Minded Travelers                                                            Economic Initiative for Morocco, Tunisia,
Meeting and mingling with your fellow travelers is one of the                    and Algeria. Before that assignment, he was
greatest pleasures of the voyage. Returning travelers write       Ambassador to Algeria (1994 to 1997) and Director of the
to us again and again about this. Your traveling companions       Office of Northern Gulf Affairs (1991 to 1994). Neumann has
are well-traveled, friendly, accomplished in their careers,       also served as Ambassador to Bahrain and to Afghanistan.
and have interesting stories to share. They enjoy exploring                      E. Roger Owen, A. J. Meyer Professor of
places, learning about them, and making new friends.                             Middle East History at Harvard University,
Aboard Corinthian, you are not an anonymous tourist in a                         previously taught Middle East political and
crowd of strangers; you are a welcome member of a small                          economic history at Oxford University. His
shipboard community.                                                             books include State, Power and Politics in
                                                                                 the Making of the Modern Middle East and
The Flavors of the Mediterranean                                  A History of the Middle East Economies in the Twentieth
                                                                  Century. He has written a regular column for the Arabic
Olive oil, dark leafy greens, succulent fruit, fresh fish,
                                                                  newspaper, Al-Hayat, since the late 1980s and, occasionally
crusty bread, luscious yogurt, a little meat, a little cheese,
                                                                  for the Al-Ahram Weekly (Cairo) since 1999.
a little wine—these are the staples of the Mediterranean
diet, one of the most flavorful and varied in the world,                        Dr. Hector Williams, lecturer for the
and also one of the healthiest. While you are exploring the                     American Museum of Natural History and
local sites, our shipboard chefs will go to the local markets                   the Archaeological Institute of America,
to replenish the ship’s pantry with whatever is fresh,                          is Professor of Classics and Classical
                                                                                Archaeology at the University of British
seasonal, and locally produced. On our menu you can
                                                                                Columbia, Vancouver. Since 1968, his
expect to find produce from local farms, wines from local
                                                                  archaeological fieldwork and research have taken him on
vineyards, and fish plucked straight from the sea.
                                                                  extended trips to Greece, Turkey, North Africa, Italy, Malta,
                                                                  and the Near East; and he has lectured on numerous
                                                                  voyages in the Mediterranean and Black Seas.

                                                                        w w w. P r e s e r v a t i o n N a t i o n . o r g / t o u r s [ 5 ]
Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sunday, April 21
Arrive in Malaga and transfer
to embark Corinthian. (D)

Monday, April 22
TANGIER, Morocco
Founded by the Phoenicians in
the seventh century b.c., Tangier
was subsequently held by the Romans, Vandals, byzantines, and        Great Mosque and the deconsecrated Sidi bel Hassan Mosque, now
Visigoths, followed by the Arabs in 709, who used it as the base     housing a museum with mosaics, carvings, and pottery. (b, L, D)
for their invasion of Spain. Spend the afternoon exploring the       Wednesday, April 24
medina, a classic Moroccan town of narrow lanes and stepped          AT SEA
passages, dominated by its old citadel, or kasbah. Also visit the    Enjoy lectures and Corinthian’s amenities as we sail to Algiers. (b, L, D)
Dar el Makhzen, the former palace of the sultans, now a museum
                                                                     Thursday, April 25
of antiquities and crafts, and the Old American Legation, a former
                                                                     ALGIERS | TIPASA | ALGIERS
palace given to the U.S. government in 1777 to house America’s
                                                                     Tipasa’s ancient temples and ruins overlook the Mediterranean
first embassy. (Morocco was the first country to recognize the
                                                                     to dramatic effect. Visit the Villa of Frescoes, a Roman mansion;
independent United States.) (b, L, D)
                                                                     second-century A.D. Judicial basilica; fourth-century christian
Tuesday, April 23                                                    basilica; the site’s museum; and the Tombeau de la chretienne,
GHAZAOUET | TLEMCEN | GHAZAOUET, Algeria                             burial place of Mauretanian King Juba II and his wife, cleopatra
Drive to Tlemcen, one of Algeria’s finest cities, noted for its      Selene. Enjoy an afternoon tour of Algiers, Algeria’s capital. (b, L, D)
cultural and architectural heritage. Experience the 11th-century
                                                                     Friday, April 26
                                                                     BEJAIA | DJEMILA | BEJAIA
                                                                     From bejaia, take an excursion through impressive countryside to
                                                                     the well-preserved Roman ruins of Djemila. The site includes the
                                                                     Triumphal Arch to Emperor caracalla, built in A.D. 216; Grand baths;
                                                                     market; and Old Forum, featuring stunning friezes and a third-
                                                                     century altar. Also visit the museum, with its collection of superb
                                                                     mosaics and other artifacts. (b, L, D)

                                                                     Saturday, April 27
                                                                     SKIKDA | CONSTANTINE | SKIKDA
                                                                     From the port of Skikda, drive to constantine, often called the “city
                                                                     of bridges,” due to the numerous picturesque bridges connecting
                                                                     the mountains among which the city is built. The city, atop a
                                                                     plateau at the edge of a deep ravine, is home to multiple museums
                                                                     and historical sites, some of which we will have the opportunity to
                                                                     visit, including the Palais du bey, located in constantine’s well-
                                                                     preserved and historic casbah. (b, L, D)

[6] For reservations or information, please call us at 888-484-8785
Exploring the ruins of Tipasa, alongside the Mediterranean Sea

   Sunday, April 28
   ANNABA | HIPPO REGIUS | ANNABA                                 Algeria in Antiquity
   From Annaba, visit the ancient site of Hippo Regius,           Roman colonists began settling in what is now Algeria in
   which bears the marks of Phoenicians, Romans, Vandals,         large numbers in the first century a.d. The soil was very rich,
   and byzantines, among others. Explore the Roman                so much so that Roman farms in North Africa produced about
   Forum, the largest and oldest in North Africa, and the         one million tons of grain annually. About a quarter of the
   baths, dedicated to Septimius Severus. Also visit the          harvest was exported to Rome.
   modern-day basilica of St. Augustine, which crowns the
   hill overlooking the site. (b, L, D)                           Agriculture and trade brought new wealth to the region,
                                                                  setting off a building boom in the towns of Tipasa, Djemila,
   Monday, April 29
                                                                  and Constantine. These magnificent Roman sites rival the
   AT SEA | PALERMO, Sicily, Italy
                                                                  most magnificent ancient sites in the Mediterranean. Algeria
   Enjoy a morning at sea. In the afternoon, arrive in Sicily’s
                                                                  has been all but inaccessible to travelers from the West for
   capital, Palermo, whose tattered, pink majesty and lively
                                                                  many years; even now it rarely appears on travel itineraries.
   people make it one of the Mediterranean’s most enchanting
                                                                  As a result, you’ll find that the Roman sites are uncrowded
   cities. Explore Palermo, including the incredible cappella
                                                                  and unspoiled.
   Palatina, the royal chapel built by Roger II between 1132
   and 1143. It is a wonder of byzantine-Arab-Norman artistry,
   with dazzling mosaics, an exquisitely carved wooden
   ceiling, and inlaid marble floors and walls. Alternatively,
   drive to Monreale to visit its Norman cathedral, covered
   with a magnificent series of mosaics. Return to Palermo
   and spend the night aboard ship. (b, L, D)

   Tuesday, April 30
   Disembark in Palermo and transfer to the airport for
   return flights to the U.S. (b)

                                                                          w w w. P r e s e r v a t i o n N a t i o n . o r g / t o u r s [ 7 ]
Corinthian Sets the Standard
for Private Cruising
In an era of mega cruise ships that carry thousands of passengers,
Corinthian is a delightful alternative. More like a private yacht than a
cruise ship, Corinthian accommodates only 100 guests in 50 suites.
Corinthian’s limited guest capacity, fine facilities, and distinctive
style of operation attract like-minded travelers who return again and
again to enjoy its custom-crafted itineraries and a style of cruising
that is rarely found today.

All of Corinthian’s suites face outside, providing views of the sea
and landscape. Several have a private balcony. There are expansive
open deck areas and attractive facilities, including a gym, spa,            Dining on deck
library (with Internet access), beauty salon, boutique, two lounges,
a sun deck with Jacuzzi, and an outdoor cafe. An elegant restaurant
accommodates all guests in an open, unassigned seating.
An elevator serves all decks. A resident physician attends a
well-equipped infirmary. Limited Wi-Fi is available throughout
the ship.

Served by 67 seasoned officers and crew, Corinthian complies with
the latest international safety regulations, including those of the U.S.
Coast Guard, meets the requirements of the Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention/U.S. Department of Health and Human
Services, and is outfitted with the most current navigational and
communications technology. Corinthian is equipped with retractable
fin stabilizers and a fleet of Zodiac inflatable craft for forays ashore.


[8] For reservations or information, please call us at 888-484-8785
                                                                                        Veranda Suite

Restaurant      Category C Suite

Nautilus Club                 Sun Deck

                                   w w w. P r e s e r v a t i o n N a t i o n . o r g / t o u r s [ 9 ]
PrOGrAM                                                  DeCk PLAN
INCLusIONs                                                                                                             603 601

  cruise aboard the all-suite,
■                                                                                                                      604 602

   100-guest Corinthian                                                                                                                   Phoebe Deck
■ complete program of tours
                                                                                                                    519 517 515 511 509 507            505
   and excursions
                                                                                                  Beauty Salon/
                                                                                                  Massage Rm
                                                                      Sun Deck/
                                                                      Outdoor Café                       Elevator

                                                                                                                    518 516 514 512 510 508            506
■ Welcome and farewell cocktail
                                                                                                                                          Cleo Deck
   receptions aboard ship
■ All meals aboard ship, including house
                                                                                                                      431 429 427 425 423 421
                                                                                 Nautilus Club

                                                                                                           Elevator                                     Bridge

   wine, beer, and soft drinks with lunch                                                                             430 428 426 424 422 420

   and dinner                                                                                                                             Leto Deck
■ Open bar aboard ship
                                                                                                 Shop             Reception
                                                                                                                              345 343 341 339 337 335
■ Enrichment program of lectures
                                                                     Lounge/Lecture Hall

                                                                                                                              344 342 340 338 336 334
   and discussions by accompanying
   study leaders                                                                                                                          Ariadne Deck

■ Professional Travel Dynamics                                                                               Restaurant                 251 249 247

   International tour staff                                                                                 Elevator

                                                                                                                                     252 250 248 246

■ complete pre-departure materials
                                                                                                                                          Athena Deck
■ baggage handling and transfers

   abroad on the designated program          C r u I s e A N D L A N D r AT e s |                                                          per person , double occupancy

   arrival and departure dates               All accommodations aboard Corinthian are suites. They face outside,
■ Port and embarkation taxes
                                             affording sea views, and include a bedroom with two twin-size beds that can
                                             convert to a queen-size bed, sitting area, mini-refrigerator, safe, spacious
■ Gratuities to porters, guides,
                                             closets, climate control, telephone, TV, DVD/CD player, Internet connection,
   and drivers                               and bathroom with marble vanity, shower, and other amenities.

NOT INCLUDED: Airfare; visa and
passport fees (if applicable); luggage and    category                                                            description                                          rate
trip cancellation insurance; meals, soft
drinks, and alcoholic beverages other                    Deluxe suites on Ariadne and Leto Decks with windows
than those specified above; personal              E      and sitting area. 215 sq. ft. Suites *342 - *345,*428,*429                                                   $7,990
                                                         *PARTIALLY OBSTRUCTED VIEW
expenses such as laundry, telephone
calls, faxes, and e-mail service; and                    Deluxe suites on Ariadne and Leto Decks with window and
                                                 D       sitting area. 215 sq. ft. Suites 334 - 335, 433
gratuities to shipboard personnel
                                                         Deluxe suites on Athena Deck with portholes
AIRFARE: Airfare is not included in the          C       and sitting area. 275 sq. ft. Suites 246 - 252

cruise and Land Rates. Please contact
                                                         Deluxe suites on Ariadne Deck with windows and sitting
your preferred airline, travel agent, or         B       area. 225 sq. ft. Suites 336 - 341
the Travel Dynamics International air
desk operated by Valerie Wilson Travel,                  Deluxe suites on Leto Deck with window and sitting area.
                                                 A       235 sq. ft. Suites 420 - 427, 430 - 431
Inc. (VWTI) for airfare information and to
reserve flights. consultants are available
                                                         Deluxe suites on Cleo Deck with forward windows and
Monday – Friday from 9:00 am – 5:30              AA      sitting area. 285 sq. ft. Suites 505 - 506
pm (EST) toll-free at 1-877-711-9896.
Please have your tour code (13203) and                   Deluxe Veranda Suites on Cleo Deck with private balcony
                                                 VS      and sitting area. 245 sq. ft. Suites 507 - 519
dates handy for reference.
                                                         Deluxe Penthouse Suites on Phoebe Deck with private
                                                PHS      balcony and sitting area. 260 sq. ft. Suites 601 - 604

                                                          VS & PHS suites are provided with private butler service and
                                                                          other exclusive amenities.
                                             SinglES: Single accommodations are available in select categories at a
                                             supplement to the per person, double occupancy rates. Single rates, per person:
                                             Category E: $9,590; Category C: $11,750; Category A: $14,030; Category VS: $23,445.

[10] For reservations or information, please call us at 888-484-8785
Payment Schedule: a deposit of $1,500 per person is required to reserve your space on
the tour. For your convenience, you may charge your deposit to your american express,
Visa, discover, or mastercard. Final payment is due 90 days prior to departure. credit cards
are not accepted for final payment. however, personal checks are accepted for both
deposits and final payment.
cancellationS & ReFundS: all cancellations are subject to a $400 per person fee.
cancellations received 61-90 days prior to departure will be assessed a penalty equal
to 50% of the total program cost per person. cancellations received within 60 days of
departure are subject to 100% cancellation penalties.
inSuRance: We strongly recommend the purchase of trip cancellation insurance, which
is available for coverage of expenses in conjunction with cancellation due to illness or
accident. Baggage insurance is also recommended. in the event that you must cancel
your participation in a travel program, trip cancellation insurance may be the only source
of reimbursement.
itineRaRy: the itinerary, accommodations, and arrangements are subject to change at
the discretion of travel dynamics international.
ReSPonSiBility: Please read carefully the following terms and conditions, which
constitute the sole, legally enforceable agreements between the passenger and travel
dynamics international and the tour’s sponsoring organization. the passenger is also
advised to review his/her separate ticket passage contract with the vessel’s owner/                 Palermo’s old architecture
operator, which will constitute the sole, legally enforceable terms of carriage for this
tour and is available on request from travel dynamics international. travel dynamics
internationalandthetour’ssponsoringorganizationactsolelyasagentsforthepassenger                      r eG Is Tr ATIO N                                                     nthp 13203
with respect to all transportation, hotel and other tour arrangements. in that capacity, we           Enclosed is my check or credit card no. for $________ ($1,500
exercise all reasonable care possible to ensure the passenger’s safety and satisfaction,              per person) as a deposit to hold ____ place(s) on Undiscovered
but, we neither assume nor bear any responsibility or liability for any injury, death,                Landscapes & Ancient Cities of the Mediterranean. I understand
damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity arising in connection with the services of
                                                                                                      that final payment is due ninety (90) days prior to departure and is
any ship, airplane, train, automobile, motor coach, carriage or other conveyance, or the
actions of any third-party, involved in carrying the passenger or in affecting these tours.           payable by check only.
We are not responsible for damages, additional expenses, or any other losses due to                   Please make check payable to and mail with this registration
cancellation, delay or other changes in air or other services, sickness, weather, strike,             form to: National Trust for Historic Preservation
war, civil disturbances, acts or threats of terrorism, travel warnings or bans, termination
                                                                                                      Attn: National Trust Tours,
or suspension of war risks or other carrier insurance, quarantine, acts of God or other
causes beyond our control. all such losses must be borne by the passenger, and tour rates             P.O. Box 418530
provide for arrangements only for the time stated. in the event of cancellation, delay or             Boston, MA 02241-8530
rescheduling mandated by any of the aforesaid causes beyond our control, the passenger                888-484-8785 or 202-588-6300
shall have the option of accepting in lieu of the original tour such rescheduled tour or    
other substituted tour(s) as may be offered by us, or else, receiving a refund of as much
of such advance tour expenditures as we are able to recover on the passenger’s behalf
                                                                                                      p AmEx p Discover p Visa p MasterCard
from carriers, third-party tour vendors, etc., but, we shall not have any obligation or liability     No. _____________________________________ Exp. ____________
to the passenger beyond the foregoing. We reserve the right to make alterations to the
tour’s itinerary and to substitute hotels, ships, or lecturers if this is required. We reserve        3- or 4-Digit Security Code ______________
the right to cancel, delay, or reschedule any tour prior to departure, and, so long as this is
                                                                                                      Please select cabin category in order of preference:
not due to any of the aforesaid causes beyond our control, the passenger shall be entitled
to a full refund of all monies paid to that point if he/she so desires. no refund shall be made       PHS__ VS__ AA__ A__ B__ C__ D__ E__
for any unused portion of any tour. By forwarding their deposit(s), the passenger certifies           o Twin Beds o Double Bed o Single Occupancy o Share (Cannot be guaranteed)
that he/she and/or their dependents, minors or others covered thereby do not have any
                                                                                                      o I (we) are NTHP Member(s); my membership no. is
passengers. We reserve the right to decline to accept or to decline to retain any person as             ______________________________.
a member of any tour should such person’s health, condition or actions adversely affect               o I (we) are not members. Please enroll:
or threaten the welfare or safety of other passengers or impede the tour. Baggage or                    o $20 single membership o $30 family membership
valuables brought on the tour shall be transported, handled or stored at the passenger’s
risk entirely, and, we shall bear no liability or responsibility for any damage or other loss
thereto. Passenger tickets are not transferable and are not subject to alteration by the
                                                                                                      Dr./Mr./Mrs./Ms.   First       Last
passenger. no suit shall be maintainable against the carrier, or vessel, for any losses,
accidents, damages to person, property, personal injury (including death or other types
                                                                                                      Dr./Mr./Mrs./Ms.   First       Last
of bodily injury) of the passengers, unless written notice of the claim, with full particulars,
is delivered to the carrier or its agents at its office at the port of sailing or at the port of
terminationwithinsixmonthsfromthedaywhensuchincidentoccurred.innoeventshall                           aDDress
any such suit or any claim against the carrier or vessel for any losses, accidents, damages
to person, property, personal injury (including death or other types of bodily injury) of the         City/state/Zip
passenger be maintainable unless such suit is commenced within one year from the
day when the incident causing such losses, accidents, damages to person, property,
                                                                                                      teLephone (Day)                   (evening)
personal injury (including death or other types of bodily injury) of the passenger occurs,
notwithstanding any provision of law of any state or country to the contrary. Resolution of
any disputes arising hereunder shall be brought within the united States district court for           e-MaiL
                                                                                                                               Each participant must sign below:
the Southern district of new york, pursuant to the applicable general maritime law, and
                                                                                                            I/We have read the “General Information” section and agree to its terms.
applying the applicable general maritime law and Federal maritime statutes.
RateS: tour costs are based upon current airfares, tariffs, and currency values. While we
do everything possible to maintain the listed prices, they are subject to change.                     signature                                                                        Date
Fuel SuPPlement: travel dynamics international reserves the right to charge a fuel
supplement, without prior notice, if the nymeX oil price exceeds $85 per barrel. this
supplement may be charged even if the cruise fare has been paid in full.                              signature                                                                        Date

ShiP’S ReGiStRy: malta                                                  cSt #204 3599-40 tdi

                                                                                                               w w w. P r e s e r v a t i o n N a t i o n . o r g / t o u r s [ 1 1 ]
                                                                                        PRSRT STD
                                                                                        U.S. Postage

                                                                                       Travel Dynamics
                                                       1785 massachusetts avenue, nW          Int’l
                                                       Washington, dc 20036

    & ancient cities of
    the Mediterranean
           aboard the all-suite,
           100-Guest Corinthian
               april 20 - 30, 2013
                                     nthp 13203


                                   For more information on
                                     National Trust Tours,
                                  please visit our website at
                                   or phone 888-484-8785

Hippo Regius

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