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									                                                            Rutgers University
                                                   Aspirant/Candidate Compliance Form

                            This form must be signed by all attendees at your interest session/ recruitment event.

Organization ___________________________                                          Date of Interest Meeting         ____________________

Grade release waiver: I wish to waive my rights granted to me by the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act of 1974 and permit Rutgers
University/OFSA to release academic information about me to this sorority/fraternity. I understand this waiver will be in effect until I notify
OFSA that I no longer wish to allow such information to be released.

Hazing Compliance Acknowledgement: I have received a copy of the OFSA New Member Rights and Responsibilities packet, which contains
the university hazing policy and the New Jersey State Law regarding hazing. The sponsoring chapter reviewed the contents of this packet with me
during this meeting. By signing this statement, I agree to comply with the policy, local and state laws, the policies of the sponsoring organization
and the policies of the inter/national body to which the sponsoring organization belongs.

Date        Aspirant/Candidate’s Name                     Email                  Signature             RUID Number                 GPA Info
               (please print clearly)                                                                                             (O use only)

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