Introduction to 6th Grade English Language Arts and Reading: by G0vW5w3


									                                                                                                          Welcome to 6th
Introduction to 6th Grade English                         Write for a variety of purposes
Language Arts and Reading:                                 including creative, classificatory,
This course places emphasis on the                         persuasive, expository, journal and
comprehensive study and continued mastery
of grammar, composition, and vocabulary.               
                                                           analytical writing.
                                                           Study and use grade level and SAT
                                                                                                          Grade English
Students will develop higher-level cognitive
skills through journaling, composition, and            
                                                           Vocabulary in a variety of forms.
                                                           Master mechanics such as spelling,
                                                                                                          Language Arts
other activities to begin creating independent
and critical thinking skills. Some literature is
                                                           capitalization, punctuation, and usage
                                                                                                           and Reading
included in the curriculum as a complement                Be introduced to, practice, and utilize
to and reinforcement of skills taught in                   various sentence structures and
reading classes.                                           eliminating fragments and run-ons.
                                                                                                               Mrs. Celeste Everts
                                                          Master the use of correct oral and                      Room 128
Literature Selections:                                     written communication skills.
During the course of the year, we will use a              Present work through projects using
variety of text. The following selections will             various forms of available technology.           Phone: (817)-202-1300
be used either partially (excerpts) or in their           Research selected topics and                           Ext. 1369
entirety:                                                  incorporate a variety of sources while
Esperanza Rising                                           learning the research process.
Because of Winn-Dixie                                     Organize and deliver speeches to the                        Email:
Skinny Bones                                               class.                              
Sixth Grade Sleepover                                     Engage in activities that will focus on
                                                           study skills, critical thinking, decision
We will also use a variety of expository texts,            making, and organization skills.                        Tutoring Times:
poetry, drama selections, short stories, and a                                                         Monday:        during Jacket Time
variety of literary nonfiction.                    Supplies Needed for 6th Grade English               Tuesday:       during Jacket Time
                                                   Language Arts and Reading:                          Wednesday: during Jacket Time
The specific selections being used each week           1 (one) 1-subject spiral notebook              Thursday:      during Jacket Time
in class will be listed on the lesson plans on         Notebook paper (wide ruled)                    Friday:        during Jacket Time
my classroom website. I will also have all             Pencils                                        I am also available every Monday
major grades (and most minor grades) listed            Ruler/Map Colors/Glue Stick (which             afternoon from 3:45 to 4:15
in Skyward for parents and students to review             will be used in other classes as well)
a week prior to due dates.                                                                                         Conference Times:
                                                   These materials are essential to your success
                                                                                                       Monday: 12:37 p.m. to 1:37 p.m.
                                                   in the 6th grade ELAR classroom. I will
                                                                                                       Tuesday: 12:37 p.m. to 1:37 p.m.
                                                   provide any other materials needed
                                                   throughout the year.                                Wednesday: 12:37 p.m. to 1:37 p.m.
Curriculum Focus for 6th Grade English                                                                 Thursday: 12:37 p.m. to 1:37 p.m.
Language Arts and Reading:                                                                             Friday: 12:37 p.m. to 1:37 p.m.
The students will…                                                                                     (Before and after school appointments
                                                                                                       available upon request)
6th Grade English Language Arts and
Reading Classroom Expectations:                   6th Grade English Language Arts and
     Be on time to class everyday                Reading Grading and Homework Policy:
     Bring your materials to class
     Be respectful to everyone in the                  All essays will be graded using a
       classroom                                         rubric(e.g., rubric is developed from
     Be responsible                                     the STAAR Writing Rubrics from the
     Make smart choices
                                                         TEA website)
                                                        All short answer questions will be
Student Agreement                                        graded using a rubric (e.g., rubric is
I have read the description and syllabus for
                                                         developed from the STAAR Short
6th Grade English Language Arts and Reading.             Answer Question Rubric from the TEA
I am familiar with the course expectations,
and accept its academic challenges. I agree             Daily grades will consist of Bell Ringer
to organize my time and efforts to                       Activities (e.g. Daily Oral Language,
successfully complete the course. Due to the             Grammar Practice, Vocabulary,
increased rigor and challenge of this course, I          Journal entries, Interactive Notebook)
will notify the teacher, request help, and              Homework will only consist of
attend tutorials if I fall behind in class               activities that the student was unable
assignments or have difficulty with
course content. I understand that my
                                                         to complete during class (e.g., this
                                                         will most likely be comprised of           We are proud
success in this course is primarily my                   writing-based assignments)
responsibility.                                         Students will have the opportunity to
__ _________________
                                                         complete test corrections. Test
                                                         corrections will consist of: (1) the       We are family
Student Signature Date                                   student explaining in written form
                                                         why their initial answer was incorrect
Parent Agreement
I have read the description and syllabus for
                                                         as well as why he/she chose that
                                                         answer, (2) the student picking            We are Wheat
this 6th Grade English Language Arts and                 his/her revised answer and explaining
Reading course, am familiar with its                     in written form why that answer is
requirements, and agree to support and                   correct, including textual evidence,
encourage my son/daughter in his/her                     and (3) all test corrections must be
endeavors in the course. I will notify the               completed at school either before
teacher immediately of any concerns I have               school, during Jacket Time Tutoring,
relating to the class or my child’s progress.            or after school.
_____________________________________                   The teacher will comply with all
__ _________________                                     District grading/homework policy
Parent/Guardian Signature Date                           guidelines as listed on the District
                                                         webpage (

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