Letter of Intent by KBg23W


									TO:            LWDHC Board
FROM:          Ron Bolek
DATE:          1-20-2013
RE:            Letter of Intent

This letter is written as confirmation of my intent to run for the Board of Lincoln-Way
District Hockey Club for the 2013/2014 season.

I am just finishing my two-year term, and if re-elected, intend to only serve a one year
term since my son will be a graduating senior. In the past, I served as co-Treasurer for
Lincoln-way East /North Board and currently as the Vice President in charge of Hockey

I have played hockey for over 30 years and believe it is excellent opportunity for young
athletes to participate in a team sport that teaches them team work, discipline and

Over the past year we have successfully integrated two clubs into one, fielded three teams
that are moving in the right direction and improved the coaching staff.

It is my desire to continue this trend and, if elected, to strive to make the Lincoln-Way
District Hockey Club a great organization not only for this year but into the future by
continuing to build a foundation for success.

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